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Azure Windows Getting Started Guide Series 18: Cloud Computing Security download
You before reading chapter has many services for windows azure do understand, believe the technical characteristics of a lot of let you full of hope and eager, but as a rational IT practitioners, in your heart there must be such a question: Windows azure Zheduo floating clouds in the sky is really safe?? And then we will take you through this chapter...
Azure Windows entry guide series 17: the use of virtual networks to achieve interconnection download
Virtual networks can be used with other Azure Windows services (such as virtual machines). For example, you can use the virtual network to establish a connection between the Azure Windows virtual machine. This method is ideal in some cases: for example, if you want to run the SharePoint Microsoft field in Azure Windows.
Azure Windows entry Guide Series 16: to enhance the content of the transmission speed and stability download
CDN is mainly used to cache the web site used by the images and scripts, and Azure web services can be seamlessly integrated with the CDN Azure service. Through the CDN cache, the user can get the required content to solve the Internet network congestion situation, improve the user access to the site and application response speed.
Azure Windows entry Guide Series 15: the management of the message passing cloud download
To start using the service bus queue in Azure Windows, you must first create a service namespace. Service namespace provides a range container for addressing service bus resources in an application.
Azure Windows Getting Started Guide series 14: big data in the cloud.Pdf download
Hadoop Apache is a software framework for supporting large data management and analysis, developed by the Apache foundation. The main goal of Hadoop is to provide a reliable, efficient and scalable storage and processing method for "big data" in the distributed environment.
Use Server SharePoint 2013 Internet website in Azure download
Use Server SharePoint 2013 Internet website in Azure.
Design example: Internet in the Azure site download
Design example: Azure design example: Internet in the Azure site. Internet web site.
SharePoint disaster recovery to Azure download
SharePoint disaster recovery to Azure.
Azure Windows Getting Started Guide Series 1: understanding of cloud computing download
Cloud computing's ultimate goal is to provide computing, services and applications to the public as a public facility, so that people can use the computer resources such as water, electricity, gas and telephone. Microsoft believes that the future of the Internet will be a cloud + end of the world.
Azure Windows Getting Started Guide Series 2: why choose Azure Windows download
With Microsoft enterprise strategy from the device + services to the mobile first, cloud first change, Azure Windows in the overall status of Microsoft's product line is increasingly important. Azure Windows public cloud platform has become one of the three important components of Microsoft's cloud operating system vision, this platform will change the traditional data center environment, support them to open...
Windows Azure tutorial series 3: the first use of Windows for Azure download
By the addition of a Chinese version of windows azure online direct payment of public preview 1 yuan trial account plan can be on the platform as a service (PAAS) environment in the development of extensible applications and services; through the SQL database, blob storage and table table, management of different types of data. Experience the infinite charm of cloud computing.
Azure Windows entry Guide Series 4: create a virtual machine download
With the popularity of virtualization technology, many enterprises have begun to use of server virtualization technology in their IT environments in a large number of deployed virtual machine to run their business applications, from the initial low load of DHCP server, file sharing server, to now the enterprise portal site, mail, and even the database server, are gradually being virtualized.
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