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CSDN forum is the use of its own platform advantages, developers need to carry out the needs of the industry experts and developers of interactive activities. By invited expert guest CSDN forum, within a period of a week's time, for the majority of developers to solve relevant field technical problems. At the same time, as a career over, also for new workplace in career development encountered confusion gives his suggestions.

Do you have technical questions about a professional field? Do you want to be an expert on the CSDN community? Come and join us in our activities!

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1450836447_77646 The community question answering (December 22 - December 30) we invited the "Object-Oriented sunflower: thought, skills and practice," a book author Li (ID: Yah99_wolf Wolf) for everyone to answer about oriented object technology problem. [details]

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Not limited to professional field, is not limited to the technical direction, as long as you are an energetic and willing to share developer, as long as you are willing to with their own strength and experience to help many practitioners to common learning and common progress. We welcome you to visit the community question answering, if you have the intention, please fill in the following, we will promptly get in touch with you.

A review of the recent activities in the community quiz

Twenty-eighth phase
Activity time:December 14, 2015 --2015 December 22nd
Q & a specialist:Xiao Wenji


The community question answering (December 14 - December 22) we invited the "cocos2d-x 3. X Games Development of combat" a book author Xiao Wenji ID: xiaowenji613 to answer you question about cocos2d-x 3. X game development.

Xiao Wenji: Xiao Wenji, in IOS and Android platform mobile application development, teaching for many years, has presided over, participate in a number of large mobile game development, and is the commercial game in the camp, the starfighters "the princess battle" "Xianling environment", and with the gang teacher co best-selling book "notes of the crazy IOS (Part 2)". [learn more]

Twenty-seventh phase
Activity time:November 23, 2015 --2015 December 4th
Q & a specialist:Huang Wenhai


The community question answering (November 23 - December 4, we invited the "Java multi thread programming practical guide (design pattern)" a book author Huang (ID: Viscent_huang Midlands) for Java multithreaded programming problem to give you answer, welcome users ask questions actively, and experts together to discuss.

Huang Wenhai: Started in 2004 to engage in software development, in recent years engaged in software project management. In the course of its work has accumulated rich experience in technical guidance and enterprise internal training experience. Has published over a dozen technology, project management articles on InfoQ Chinese station and developerWorks IBM. [learn more]

Twenty-sixth phase
Activity time:October 26, 2015 --2015 November 3rd
Q & a specialist:Zuo Chengyun
Personal interview


The community question answering (October 26 - November 3, we invited the "code programmers interview guide: IT enterprise name algorithm and data structure problem optimal solution," a book author Zuo Chengyun ID:chengyunzuo to answer you question about the code the programmer interview.

Zuo Chengyun: Bachelor of Science in computer science and technology University of Chicago, master of Science in computer science and technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. IBM software engineer, Baidu software engineer, brush title 5 years of algorithms love. 2014 full time to do the programmer algorithm and data structure training, code interview training, brush and other related work. Programmer code... [learn more]

Twenty-fifth phase
Activity theme:Android heros
Activity time:October 13, 2015 --2015 October 21st
Q & a specialist:Xu Yisheng
Personal interview


The community question and answer (October 13 - October 21) we invited the Android Qunying biography of the author Xu Yisheng (ID:eclipse_xu we answer you question about Android development.

Xu Yisheng: Worked in Shanghai TCL communication in customization of the Alcatel Alcatel Android mobile phone system, at present the inaugural Shanghai Hujiang Android development RD department project team, responsible for Shanghai app function of pre research. Active in the CSDN technology blog young engineer, won the CSDN certification experts, the article style you... [learn more]

Twenty-fourth phase
Activity time:September 22, 2015 --2015 October 10th
Q & a specialist:Zhao Qiang, Liu Yi, Wu Bin


The community question answering (September 22 - October 10, we invited the "white school operations," a Book of the three Liu Yi ID:liuyi78956 Wu Bin ID:wubin7895 and Zhao Qiang ID:zhaoqiangxb for everyone to answer about the game operation, marketing, data analysis problems.

Zhao Qiang, Liu Yi, Wu Bin: Liu Yi: Westhouse game data analysis responsible person, responsible for group travel business analysis; former dragon company data analysis, senior manager, has participated in the dungeons, 91 assistants, Android Market Project, in terms of network games, mobile app data analysis and a user study with a large number of actual combat experience. Zhao Qiang: the head of the Western Hills home tour operator, has worked in... [learn more]