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If you want to be better in the future, welcome to help open source "

The heart of every programmer, are eager to own code to run throughout the world, his name in the open source community dominated. However, if you think your leaving the source field is too far? No, immediately participate in our survey, tell us how you participate in open source, we can tell you the integrity of the current situation of China's open source. Your one small step, a big step for China's open source. Participate in our research, more opportunity to extract Apache free T-shirt and CSDN exquisite gift, once a year, and so on!
CSDN and open source community jointly launched "2015 China open source community participation questionnaire survey report", seeks for the China open source community, open source ecology, open source developers of doing a comprehensive diagnostic investigation.
The survey respondents will cover developers, community members, with researchers, students, government and enterprise management personnel, the contents of the questionnaire covers four parts, including: personal information, work condition, the open source community and developer technical investigation involving the open source community various topics. For example, you or your company, because the use of open source operating system or open source software, resulting in a sense of insecurity it? Do you think "community" and "code", who is more important? Among them, also includes a lot of controversial topics, such as open source software should be free? Open source software can have a business model...... Etc..
Through the statistical investigation and analysis of about 50 questions, we hope to restore the true status of the current Chinese open source community, so as to provide authoritative reference for the later.
And as a member of the open source community participation, your voice and opinions will become an important piece of the puzzle, together to build a China open source community real appearance. We would like to see your support, so we would like to invite you to participate in our survey.Https://

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Well, feel good, support, immediately to fill in the questionnaire. [img=][/img]

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Prize survey [img=][/img]

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[img=][/img] Clap...

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[img=][/img] can check my blog, if someone gives me a recommendation.

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No one for the hair [img=][/img]

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Support open source Please enter a string with a length of at least 6.

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[img=][/img] support

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In order to thank the open source community members for the support of this questionnaire, we will launch a lottery, please pay attention to our Sina Weibo @CSDN and @ open source and micro signal to draw.

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Pick up the points.

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[img=][/img] Support for a look.

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Support for a look!!!

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[img=][/img] 1!

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Support, support!!!

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[img=][/img] good look

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