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CSDN geek headlines function

What is the geek headlines?

Geek headlinesIs to share the quality of technical articles, in-depth exchange of technical topics of the community. Here gathered a group of people who love to study technology, willing to share technology, I hope you can become one of them. In Geek headlines, everyone is editor.

The advantages of geek headlines function

Quick release link

Use the "Chrome", "Firefox plug-in", "Browser Bookmarks", can quickly share links, reduce the process of paste copy.

 Everyone is editor in chief

Everyone is editor in chief, everyone has the right to say, publishing technology, information, program life and other articles can be directly entered into the CSDN home and APP side, to facilitate readers to share information quickly. Compared with the blog, blog to recommend to the administrator can enter the home geek headlines, as well as in the APP see.

Use App CSDN, look at the headlines anywhere, anytime, anywhere to share the headlines

You are welcome to download App CSDN, look at the headlines anywhere, and share their own findings of the headlines!

Get C coins

Successfully published articles, comment articles, top / step articles, articles were commented / is the top step can get the contribution value. Contribution value can be upgraded to C currency reward. C currency can be converted to download points, available points, but also in the CSDN shopping mall Oh ~.

Geek headlines activities

Geeks headlines, every month has with donation activities, irregular topic in winning activities, as long as you share the topic of valuable, share the diversity of the original site, a valuable comments, the more, monthly contribution award may fall on your hands Oh

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[img=][/img] I'll see if I don't talk.

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CSDN professional top post group to come to the top post, [img=][/img]

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[quote= quoted 4 floor laiang8283 reply: " CSDN professional top posts group came to dingtie, [img=][/img][/quote][img=][/img] this must front top stick

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CSDN professional top tie group came to top posts [img=][/img]

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300 points ah [img=][/img]

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Sent the article, but C currency [img=][/img][img=][/img]

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Passing, help, then

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CSDN is always late

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Unknown to go away

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I support the beauty, to get [img=][/img]

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[quote= quoted 13 floor yixiaof reply: " Support the beauty, I came to brother points [img=][/img][/quote][img=][/img] pay attention to you for a long time.

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I'll ask the knot.

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