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Four years of Linux driver development experience, a year of cloud computing development experience, a strong interest in cloud computing openstack deployment and cloud storage.
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Graduated from the Institute of communication and information engineering, Shanghai Univer, engaged in research and development of streaming media and video coding and decoding, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AVS/AVS+/AVS2 and other video coding A decoding standard of experience and understand more in-depth study; familiar with FFMpeg and other audio and video source processing engineering. The research field includes video coding standard, video processing and streaming media technology, Mobile Internet technology, etc..

[programming language] Java thousands of asked the basic concept of _01 (016) _32 bit and 64 bit computer what is the difference expert

Click to enter more Java for thousands of asked 1, 32 and 64 bit machines have what distinction, we often say the 32-bit and 64 bit computers is refers to the computer CPU digit. Of course very early and 8-bit, 16 bit CPU, Intel "s 80x86 series, 8080 8-bit, 16 bit 8086, 8088, 80186, 80286, and 32-bit CPU first began in 80386 and 64 bit is familiar EM64T and AMD's x86-64. Of course, there is a big difference between the different vendors in the same number of CPU internally, but...

32 bit computer 64 bit computer 64 bit instruction set Detailed x8664 64 bits and 32 bits

[Internet] [a] dry cargo WAF tournament Xiangjie & full range around WAF

Preview 0x01 Last week to a giant companies to undertake the challenge, competition period of 48 hours, the title is successful penetration in security treasure under the protection of the five generic CMS range, including forums, mall, resource website From the layout view range is obviously in the test for security treasure attack defense ability of several different types of cms. Such a game mode is different from the common CTF online model slightly different, strong taste strong. Conventional CTF in the Web title above the main study is the vulnerability of mining and utilization, the difficulty is generally highlighted in the discovery of the difficulties and benefits...

[Internet] Tucao domestic major companies loophole reporting platform

Now the domestic public platform, more and more. Dark clouds, it is estimated that everybody knows that mentioned platform vulnerabilities and almost instantly thought of is the dark clouds, other not, Witkey public test, sky hole patching, TSRC, ASRC, BSRC. Sebug feel now no, too many negative news. Now the fire is estimated, clouds, cloud core white hat, powder, spray too much, so we have fire. Witkey public test is also good, submit loopholes, also can make money, but also legitimate. Which vulnerability information release platform at home and abroad? High quality, update in time...

[Internet] [Apache] Shiro Shiro architecture of identity authentication (Authentication) expert

Shiro Apache is a powerful and easy to use Java security framework, provides authentication, authorization, encryption and session management functions, can provide security for any application. This paper mainly introduces the identity authentication in Shiro function, reference to the official documents from Shiro Apache, the original document address: This article follows the following process: first introduce the identity authentication in Shiro, and then through an example to illustrate the specific (based on mav...

Shiro Apache Java Safety certification

[mobile development] 7, Studio Android command line tool expert

Command line tools are divided into SDK tools and platform tools. SDK tool SDK tool follow the SDK installation package installed and updated at any time. Device Virtual tool 1, Virtual Device Manager Android With a graphical user interface, you can create and manage AVD in a Android virtual machine. 2, Emulator Android QEMU based device virtual machine, allowing you to debug and test in real-time Android operating environment...

Emulator Android Android QEMU SDK Studio Android

[database] In the MongoVUE found that the insertion time and the actual time difference of 8 hours?

In the process of using Mongodb, we found a problem, that is, we insert the Date type will be found to save the data in the mongodb is late for 8 hours, which is why? I think everyone in the use of client tools such as MongoVUE, will also find out the data query is also 8 hours late? The following simple description of the reasons for the next. ...

[programming language] 35 static link library and dynamic link library

35.1. function library of previous life and this life 35.2. static library and dynamic library 35.3. library function 35.4. math library function 35.5. their own production of static link library and use 35.6. to make their own dynamic link library and use...

function library Static library and dynamic library String library function Mathematical library function

[programming language] Java asked thousands of detailed _08JDK (015) _JVMTI provides what function expert

Click to enter _ more _Java 1, which asked thousands of JVMTI function JVMTI see here: what is JVMTI Write JVMTI program to see here: how to write agent JVMTI program JVMTI function is very rich, including the virtual machine in the thread, memory stack / stack, class / method / variable, event / timer processing, code debugging and other functions, here we introduce some commonly used functions. Debugging function is one of the basic functions of the JVMTI, which mainly includes the setting breakpoints, debugging, etc., in the JVMTI, set up...

Detailed JVMTI JVMTI function JVMTI interface function Custom JVM JVMTI development

[mobile development] IOS runtime application

One, what is run time (Runtime), run time is the pure C language of the development of the apple (run time is often used in the development of the underlying technology) Two, the role of the operation? Can get all the member variables of a class Can get all the properties of a class Can get all the methods of a class. Exchange method implementation Can dynamically add a member variable Can dynamically add a property Can dynamically add a method Three, case: run time to get the member variable name 1, analysis <Foundation/Foundation.h #import...


[mobile development] From a thorough understanding of the Android source code to understand the weight attribute

Recently looking at an antique book "50 Hacks Android", and the first book of the first Hack is the use of weight attributes to achieve the reality of the middle of the view". In fact weight is a simple, but very powerful property. But we do not have to understand the realization of the principle and use of the details of the real depth. Today we will go to the good studies from the shallower to the deeper, this thing from the source. To see where it might have been overlooked. In the case of the above book, it's a very simple demand, please achieve...

Android Weight Source analysis

2015.07.28&nbsp; STC15 MCU learning...

After all, countless failures...... Finally all the channels of the NRF24L01 are fully adjusted. Before the transfer is more than 1 pairs, and now more than one can also. In the debugging process, summed up some experience. Overall, the NRF24L01+ module is the most troublesome register configuration problem, and get the configuration of each register, the module is connected. The channel is also set up in the form of a register of the figure, you will fail to communicate, so in preparation for the NRF24L01 must be ready before the preparation of good information. If you fail, don't worry, come on one point one, and eliminate all possible faults, such as...

ARC turn to the description of the official document translation Apple

ARC is a compiler feature that provides automatic management of memory for OC objects. ARC allows developers to focus on the relationship between the code and the object of interest, without taking into account the object's retain and release. Original address outline ARC to add code in the compile time, to ensure that the object is available. Conceptually, ARC follows the rule of manual reference counting, adding the appropriate code for the developer to compile time. Xcode4.2 (OS Mac 10.6, 10.7, and iOS4 and iOS5) support ARC, weakly referenced in 10.6 and...

[architecture design] Solution of distributed system transaction consistency expert

In distributed systems, it is not possible to meet the "consistency", "availability" and "fault tolerance" of the three. The transactional consistency of distributed systems is a technical problem, and all kinds of solutions are better or worse. In the field of OLTP systems, we are in a lot of business scenarios are faced with the need for transactional consistency, such as the most classic Bob to Smith transfer case. Traditional enterprise development, systems are often in the form of a single application exists, there is no across multiple databases. We usually only need to use the development platform specific data access technology and framework (such as Spring, JDB...

Distributed affair Distributed transaction architecture

[architecture design] WebGL technical reserve Guide

WebGL is part of the draft HTML 5, you can drive Canvas rendering 3D scene. Although WebGL has not been widely used, but has great potential and imagination. This is the product of my knowledge of the process of learning WebGL, take some time to sort out and share with you. Sample WebGL is cool, there are demos card: Looking for Ozzy Racing game Rowing boy (Goo Engine Demo) Target of this article The intended readers of this article are...

Webgl technology Canvas three-dimensional application

[mobile development] 6.5, Studio Android Device Monitor Android expert

Device Monitor Android is an independent tool, can be used for debugging and analysis of Android applications. Device Monitor Android does not need to install and integrate in a IDE, such as Studio Android, provides the following tools: 1, DDMS 2, for OpenGL ES Tracer 3, Viewer Hierarchy 4, Systrace 5, Traceview...

Hierarchy Android IDE Studio Android Android Application

[programming language] Seven kinds of classic sorting algorithm most Raiders

Classic sorting algorithm in the interview occupies a large proportion, but also the basis of. Including bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, Hill sort, merge sort, quick sort, heap sort. Hope to help students in need. All programs using JAVA to achieve. This blog is all the sort of realization of the default from small to large. A bubble sort BubbleSort Introduced: Bubble sort principle is very simple, it repeatedly visited the numbers to be sorted out, a comparison of two elements, if they are in the wrong order put they switched over. Step...

Sorting algorithm

[programming language] ACM learning experience

ACM learning experience STL: the perfect art STL consists of four parts: algorithm, container, iterator, imitation function. The algorithm (algorithm) algorithm defines a set of operations and implementation of independent learning, but also the core of ACM. C++ algorithm library contents are all some of the more basic algorithms, including mobile, conversion, traversal, delete, filter, etc.. The C++ algorithm library itself is based on abstraction, which makes these algorithms can be reused in different structures. A pit is the place when I finished high school C...

[programming language] Java asked thousands of detailed _08JDK (014) _ how to write JVMTI agent program expert

Click to enter the _Java 1, more _ thousands asked how to write JVMTI agent program to JPDA here: what is JPDA Learn JVMTI see here: what JVMTI is We need to use C++ to write the agent program, JVM in the following interface functions: jint JNIEXPORT JNICALL Agent_OnLoad (*jvm JavaVM, *options char, void, *reserved) J JNIEXPORT...

Write JVMTI Write agent Custom agent Custom JVMTI AttachAPI

[mobile development] IOS development - Section 04 - Network - 01 - NSOperation & Network Infrastructure

1, Cell image download program 2, custom Operation3, SDWebImage4, summary 5, network based 6, URL7, HTTP protocol 8, NSURLConnection9, analog login screen...

IOS development NSOperation SDWebImage network NSURLConnection

[database] Cassandra concurrent technology introduction

Abstract this paper mainly introduces the Cassandra thread technology, Cassandra implementation is based on Java, so the use of thread technology is also provided by the JDK package thread class. Cassandra is a distributed database, the entire concurrent architecture is based on the envent-driven Architecture Architecture (staged) which can make use of queue to decompose the complex event driven into various stages. Java Concurrent Executor framework Http://

Cassandra Concurrent Concurrent Java data base

[architecture design] Web application component trade-off

1 Basic Concepts What is the Web application? The so-called Web applications, refers to those who use Web technology to build, but show the form but with the desktop or mobile terminal native applications similar products. This type of product is characterized by a logical and complex interaction, usually a single page type. Mainly include: Interactive accounting for a relatively high page system to a variety of Hybrid technology to build applications, including the Web part Most can be equated with the so-called "single page application", which can be used to build a single page Web application. Component...

Web application Angularjs Javascript frame Component based

[architecture design] Application of Web based on the advanced components

Management and control platform In the last one we mentioned the general idea of the component, which is mainly about the way we need to control the whole development process after this. From a variety of perspectives, in the face of a larger scale front-end development team, it is necessary to establish such a development phase of the collaboration platform. What are we going to do on this platform? 1 HTML fragment Why do we have to manage the HTML segment? Because there are interfaces to use them, when these fragments are more, you need to have a place to manage them, you can retrieve, preview them, but also to see...

Front end development Web application file system Angular Component based

[architecture design] Components of Web applications

Basic train of thought 1 Why do you want to be a component? Regardless of the front or back, is a part of the entire software system. Software product is also a product, its research and development process also must have its purpose. The vast majority of software products is the pursuit of profit, in the case of product target determination, the cost has two ways to optimize: reduce the deployment costs, improve development efficiency. Reduce the deployment cost, the industry study very much, such as in recent years very popular IOE, is very typical, high performance products from some of the higher cost of migration to the open source to replace product cluster, and...

Web application Component based network MVC

[R & D management] Candence basic knowledge 1 (CADENCE from schematic to PCB steps)

Requirements Description: Candence basic knowledge The content of: from the principle to PCB specific steps From: time poem From: Principle diagram 1 build a project Like other drawing software, OrCAD manages all kinds of design files with Project. Click start...

Candence schematic diagram PCB Specific steps

[programming language] LeetCode 263rd questions (Number Ugly) expert

LeetCode 263rd questions (Number Ugly) A program to Write check whether a given number is an ugly number. Numbers are positive numbers Ugly whose prime factors only include 2, 3, 5 example For, 6, 8 ar...


[programming language] Observer - mode detailed design mode (15)

Observer model source: Observer mode should be one of the most widely used and most influential mode. Because (MVC) structure of the observer is an example of the Model/View/Control in system architecture design has a very important status and significance, MVC implementation of the business logic and representation layer decoupling. In Doc/View, MFC (document view structure) provides the framework for implementing MVC (there is one from the design pattern (Observer module)...


[programming language] Java asked thousands of _08JDK explain what is _JVMTI (013) expert

Click to enter more Java for thousands of asked 1, JVMTI is what JVMTI (JVM tool interface) is a joint probabilistic data association (JPDA) system in the bottom and the native programming interface provided by the Java virtual machine is an updated version of the jvmpi (Java virtual machine profiler interface) and JVMDI (Java virtual machine debug interface). JPDA system to see here: JPDA is...

Custom Java debugger Detailed JVMTI JVMTI instance Custom JVMTI JVMTIagent

System operation and maintenance Independent double (N) congestion window of TCP unilateral acceleration expert

Let TCP to work in line with the way it? Maybe you've heard of MPTCP, maybe you heard P2P download is how the world for me and I am the world's people. If I will be a TCP flow split into multiple TCP flows, theoretically transmission speed will have greatly improved, because TCP congestion control algorithm is must carry the fairness convergence characteristics (or paper not by...), TCP feedback system will allocate a ticket for each join the flow, feedback system won't tube you guys is not a bunch of children, it only according to the head count, packet is not, so...

TCP unilateral acceleration congestion control Fairness Assembly line optimization

[comprehensive] Key 20 hours, quick to learn any skill expert

The key for 20 hours, quickly learn any skill "is a wonderful book, even if you think the name take all the congregation, you still can not help but open to see what it's about. ...

skill C++ Java Android IOS

[mobile development] A brief analysis of the request framework of Volley Network -- Android network request framework (three)

GET 1.Volley request Post 2.Volley request ImageRequest 3.Volley loading picture request ImageLoader 4.Volley loading picture request NetWorkImageView 5.Volley loading picture using 6.Volley submit JSON data...

Volley Android network request framework Volley loading picture Post Volley request

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