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How long did not write a few words? About two years. I don't know what I do. Blog CSDN supports markdown syntax, be sure to try Recently in the collation of what to do, the chrome of the way notes plug is very difficult to use, often the text of the collection is empty. Remember to have a method that has a bookmark column, do not remember how to use the word cloud notes to collect the contents of the browser. Asked the next degree Niang, record, spare. 1 open the browser ethics cloud notes Webpage clippings, following: Http://note.youdao.com...
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Regular expressions to determine the prime number (prime) code

A regular expression on magical Abstract -- the inspection primes the regular expression, regular play to extreme (reverse quotes + non greedy mode), a good idea to see, can be used for reference. Original: http://coolshell.cn/articles/2704.html Java to achieve a demo, for research purposes only: Class PatternMatchesPrimeNumber public { Static void Mai public...
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To create the Java Virtual Machine Failed

Has been developing with Java Eclipse, suddenly such a day, can not be started, splash Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine eclipse.ini configuration file to find the following fragments: --launcher.XXMaxPermSize256M-showsplashorg.eclipse.platform--launcher.XXMaxPermSize256m: - launcher.XXMaxPermSize128M-showsplashorg.eclipse.platf...
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Using putty instead of cygwin client

Often programmers in the development of Linux platform, may often use cygwin in simulated Windows Linux development environment, but there have been using experience of the user may have to DOS console as a cygwin client held a grudge. Use the CMD console is too inconvenient, at least, he even copy and paste shortcut keys are not supported, angry. On a whim, putty Linux client is very convenient, can operate the cugwin client with the putty? The original idea was, I start the SSH service in cygwin, then putty (or secureCRT) SSH client login. <br...
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1: patriotism is the last refuge of a rogue. - Samuel Johnson 2: patriotism is actively killing and being killed for a trivial cause. -- Bertrand Russell 3: patriotism is the above principles for the worship of a real property of the overbearing. - George Jan Nathan 4: you will never have a quiet world unless you get out of the country. Patriotism is a kind of harmful, mental disorder. Patriotism is to make you believe that the country is better than all other countries, only because you are here. - George Shawburna 5: Patriotism: a bunch of time can be any ambition...
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Common API Open document resources in the Internet

The so-called open API (OpenAPI) is a common service type of web application, web service providers will own web services packaged into a series of API (Programming Interface Application, application programming interface) open for third party developers to use, this behavior is called open web site API, the open API is called OpenAPI (open API). Website provides open platform after the API, can attract some third party developers on the platform to develop commercial applications, platform providers can get more traffic and market share, the third party developers do not need a huge hardware and technology investment can...
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Batch script for calling axis 1.4 final from WSDL to generate the Java class

Each time in the console using WebService generate Java WSDL code, to find the script, modify, remember and remember. Recently this project is more and more, took the time to write a script, save as wsdl2java.cmd, and save to Windows/system32, after the call, directly in the command line to execute the following script: http://localhost:8080/MyService/GetMessageService.asmx false com.dot618.myservice SRC wsdl2java parameters: parameters...
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You should be aware of the 8 Java's leader

Below will introduce 8 Java leader characters, they created the framework, products, tools or books, and will be donated to the Java community, changed the way Java encoding. 8 Tomcat & Ant founder James Duncan Davidson, founder of Tomcat and Ant. Duncan was born in Texas, USA in July 29, 1970. Mainly focus on OS X Mac, Java and XML technology. He frequently lectures at various conferences around the world, ranging from open source to efficient Java development. Dunca...
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Good use of SkyDrive

115 network disk http://u.115.com/invite/6bbadca4 characteristics: 1 dynamic growth space; 2 support directly from the client to upload download, HTTP support; 3 support more than 1G of permanent space and use the longer the space is larger; 4 support content sharing; 5 grade 3 users (very good up to) support for FTP upload and more. Jinshan network disk http://k.wps.cn/register/? Invite=0yl249 features: 1.
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Java direct access to demo's Excel

Today, a friend asked, can you use Excel as a data source access to JDBC? Consider before writing a Java access to the access example, a little modification, the test can be used. Test examples, build a excel. In Sheet1 write the following two lines: the phone number 13900000001java code are as follows: the import java.sql.*; public class javaExcel{public static void main (string args[]) throws Exception{class. Forname ("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcD...
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How to "kill" the trend antivirus Network Edition

Is a trend of anti-virus, anti-virus software, but I will kill him. Why? 1 occupied system resources, eat CPU, especially when the upgrade; 2 timing antivirus, the machine is almost impossible to operate; manslaughter 3 false positives and the .exe, md5.exe, see a a; virus did not see a, registered machine, coding and decoding software a stay; 4 can not be directly closed. To what bird password. 5 of course can not directly to uninstall, or to what bird password; directly off, sorry, please input password. ...
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Eclipse configuration JNDI connection pool

Before using JEE Eclipse to develop the web project, according to some of the online statement, configuration, found very troublesome. And each time the project is re loaded, the configuration is lost. According to the experience of using tomcat, try the following methods can solve the configuration, all with the workspace of the project can jdni for use at any time. Ensures that the Eclipse configuration of the Tomcat runtime, when creating a web project in Eclipse,...
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Admin Tool BIEE modeling 13 golden rule

1, physical layer (Physical Layer): 1) are connected through the Foreign Key, instead of "Complex Joins". 2) model for star structure. 3) the connection mode of the connection pool is Native. 2, object semantic layer (business model and mapping layer): 1) named logical table with prefix identification: a dim, fact; 2) column is a true reflection of business meaning, non database field name. 3)...
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Configuration of 2.2.0 VirtualBox using the host network

When 2.1.4 VirtualBox upgrade to 2.2.0, suddenly found that the virtual system can not use the host's network access, Google, and found a lot of people encounter this problem, but there is no solution, and even some people think it is Bug VirtualBox, in fact, otherwise. After the study found that the default is no longer Bridge Network 2.2.0 way, to NAT, then we will change the network back to the original 2.1.4 network can be a bridge. 1 first of all, with the right mouse button click on the "online neighbor", choose...
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Trial commons-jexl

Trial commons-jexl download address: http://commons.apache.org/jexl/ test code: import org.apache.commons.jexl.*; public class demo {public static void main (string [] args) throws exception {/ / create an expression of ob...
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Jbuilder development environment configuration connection pool common mistakes and Solutions

1, create JDBC driver Cannot of class for connect URL problem: jdbc driver can not find, but the class value of the null, so, it can be concluded that Tomcat is not found in the Resource Server.xml configuration information. Possible reasons include: (1) no configuration Resource; (2) Resource...
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Finally came out again.

The heart feeling, Speechless choke...... ...
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Ajax RSS

RSS function createXMLHttpRequest () {if window.ActiveXObject {xmlHttp = new if ("Microsoft. Xmlhttp");} else if window.XMLHttpRequest {xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();}...
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Oracle realize PDU encoding

Oracle PDU encoding 54powerman ucs2 coding functions create or replace function UCS2Encode orgString VARCHAR2 return VARCHAR2 is result VARCHAR2 (255); DST VARCHAR2 (60); TMP VARCHAR2 (2); POS integer; begin dst:=;...
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Axis2 using WebService client instance

Compared to 54powermanAxis2 and Axis, the method of asynchronous invocation is increased, and the use of code is more convenient. This paper uses an example to describe how to use Axis2 to create a WebService client code. 1 ready for the environment (1) to download Axis2, and extract. Official website: http://ws.apache.org/axis2/ (2) set up the environment variable AXIS2_HOME= SET after extracting the directory bin directory, try not to have the space or the Chinese PATH=%AXIS SET...
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