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Bao Jianqiang follow
Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
Yao Qiang follow
Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

[mobile development] Android plug-in base (4), dynamic start plug-in in the Activity expert

Android plug-in base (4), dynamic start plug-in in the ActivityAuthor: Zheng Haibo - Mo Chuan, how to dynamically start the Activity plug-in? First of all, we analyze the Activity to start the plug-in to do those ready? 1 plug-in Activity class loading That's the problem with ClassLoader. By the first lesson of the MultiDex can know, we can dynamically load APK, and then the plug-in class loaded into the current ClassLoader which. So that,...

Android Plug-in unit Classloader Apk

[mobile development] Ctrip DynamicAPK plug-in framework source code analysis expert

Ctrip DynamicAPK plug-in framework source code analysis and Engineering: Mo Chuan plug-in core idea 1.aapt transformation respectively to different plug-in project distribution of different packageId, and then compile the resources of each plug-in. R file generation, then ID and host project of the R document together and. Requirements: as a result of the ID will eventually merge all the resource files, so that all the resource names are not the same. 2 run ClassLoader to load the Bundle and MultiDex ideas are the same, all the plug-ins are loaded into the...

Classloader Plug-in unit Ctrip

[Internet] C++ study notes (some new features summary 2) expert

Class member variable initialization C++ 11 introduces a simple member variable initialization method that can initialize a member variable like a common variable. Test class { Public: A int = 1; B int = 2, C = 3; }; Special member functions of the class including constructor, destructor, copy constructor and assignment operator. When we do not give a specific implementation of these special member functions. The C++ compiler will implement a default version for us. Sometimes, that's not what we need. ...


[programming language] Translation of "Modern C++ Effective" - clause 4: to understand how to view derived types expert

Clause 4: learn how to view the types of people who want to understand how the compiler derives the type of person that is usually divided into two camps. The first camp is a pragmatic one. They usually come from the process of writing the program (for example, they are still in the process of debugging), they use the compiler to find, and believe that this can help them find the root cause of the problem. The second is an empirical, and they are exploring the derivation rules described in Clause 1-3. And from a large number of scenarios to confirm the results of their prediction ("for this code, I think the type of derivation will be..." But sometimes they just...


[Web front end JS why can not correctly handle the decimal operation? expert

First look at the following procedures: sum var = 0; For (I var = 0; I < 10; i++) { Sum = 0.1; }console.log (sum); above the program will output 1? In your need to know the 25 JavaScript interview questions in a text, the eighth question simple to say why the next JS can not correctly handle the problem of decimal arithmetic. Today to pick up the old problem, a deeper analysis of the problem. But first that is not correctly handle the decimal arithmetic...


[Web front end The development of Flux expert

On flux developed some time ago, wrote articles about react to file: react: the component life cycle, compared with the said react component life cycle. Said React, it is easy to think of Flux. Today with React introduction and practice of the course of a text in the demo for example, a simple talk about the development of Flux. Flux is what Flux is a front-end architecture for Facebook users to build client Web applications, which complement the React by using a one-way stream of data...

Front end Flux React

[comprehensive] STL_ algorithm _ filled the new value (fill, fill_n, generate, generate_n)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All containers apply Fill (B, e, V) //[b, e) filled V Fill_n (B, N, V) //[b, b+n) filled V Generate (B, e, P) //[b, e) according to the p method of filling Generate_n (b,...

STL_ algorithm Fill_n Generate Fill Generate_n

[Web front end Proficient in CSS "reading notes expert

Recently read the CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions ", the contents of the book is good, beginners can to get started, experienced people can also be used to check leakage fill a vacancy, the above for browser compatibility and common bug solution worthy of reference. Selector of stacking and special for the same element, may there will be multiple rules. In order to solve the conflict between the rules, CSS will use laminated to each rule is assigned a importance: 1, marked! Important user style 2, marked! Important's author style 3, the style of the author 4...

CSS Solution

[comprehensive] STL_ algorithm _ exchange (swap_ranges)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All containers apply Swap_ranges (B, e, B2) / advantages: local exchange, can be exchanged in different types of containers between Note: the following two methods are also exchange algorithms 1, swap () member function container 2, assignment /**------

STL_ algorithm Exchange algorithm Swap_ranges STL

[mobile development] Android security jourrney review blog expert

Summarize the learning experience of nearly one year, with the Chinese new year as the node. Time from 2015 to today, the end of 2015. 1, re learning the again to the Linux kernel source code scenario analysis on volumes, Maud parade with, and record the learning process and wrote the blog. 2, re learning the again to the Android source code scenario analysis ", Luo Shengyang with, and record from start to the home screen shows the entire process. 3, learning a small java virtual machine source code, debug and modify the source code in error, finally can run...

[comprehensive] The algorithm and data structure of learning resources collecting large conscience recommend expert

Data structure and algorithm design is a required course for CS related professional, but also the focus of IT company written interview. Online information is numberless as the sand, I list some I think is worthy of recommendation of resources, for readers to learn there is a demand. The first is a number of network resources, and then some books reviews and recommendations. Continue to update, but I only keep the most mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, worthy of recommendation. ...

[mobile development] Captain, we are in the Club full stack venture expert

Hello friends in morning and evening, I am club team responsible person Zhong Chao and practitioner of "full stack enterprise" concept, in the team responsible for products, research and development and design. Club is my second entrepreneurial projects, had founded the leading cloud merger is responsible for the work of the product, and later to the company was the end of the first enterprise mergers and acquisitions. In the celebrations of the times before, is responsible for the YY YY voice, "end of the first version of the audio and video media technology research and development. Spare time to do the Apple official recommended independent game. Club is a community based on interest polymerization products, 36 krypton NEXT selected as the 2015 annual best interest in social product. After the line has been on the line in October 2015, millet, china...

Entrepreneurship Club Full stack Seven Internet captain

[programming language] De novo knowledge of java-17.7 actuator (Executor) expert

In this chapter we will discuss the first topic of the Executor thread pool. 1 what is the thread pool? (the following explanation comes from thread pool is a multi-threaded process, the process will be added to the queue, then the thread is created automatically start the task. Thread pool threads are background threads. Each thread uses the default stack size to run in the default priority, and is in the multi thread unit. If a thread is hollow in the managed code...


[comprehensive] About air conditioning installation outside the frame of the other charges expert

This is the developer of the world, should be related to the program, also used to record the point of nothing to do; but from the other point of view, the programmer is not it? Does not need to live? Do not all aspects of the management of all aspects of the trivial trivial? Just bought an air conditioning, the results received a phone call that the machine may need to support the other charges! Now the buildings there are arranged outside the machine platform, and some do not, but this I order you before the distribution to tell me, don't wait to equipment that! There are several points of view to discuss: 1, thousands of pieces of air conditioning you have bought, but also the dozens of pieces of the cost of the stent? Buy now...

Programmer cooperation responsibility experience User experience

AdapterView components of the UI and its sub class (five) ListView components and ListActivity

Listview component is a display component, the AdapterView of base class inheritance, front has introduced the using arrayadapter respectively. Simpleadapter, extended BaseAdapter to provide a list of items Http:// Http:// LisView, in which to listview is defined in the XML file, and then file pass...

Listview ListActivity

System operation and maintenance About jiffies and time_after around time_before. expert

System with many variables are used to record a monotonically increasing reality, typically has two, one is the sequence number of the TCP, and the other is a jiffies, but because the computer representation of numbers are finite limitlessness, so any digital cannot do completely monotone increasing, they just around and around in circles, like a clock like, domain is the limited numbers, go round and round. In fact, no matter is the sequence number of TCP or jiffies, are a class of problems is around the problem. As we watch the clock, 1 points at 11 points before it, or after 11 points? In fact, this problem does not...

[programming language] C++ development of face gender recognition tutorial (12) - to add gender recognition expert

After before a few blog to explain, we have successfully built a MFC application framework, and the realization of the basic image display and face detection procedures. In this post we want to add to the gender identification code. On gender recognition, before has earmarked two blog space to explain, will not repeat them here. See specific: C + + development face gender recognition tutorial (5) by FaceRecognizer achieve gender identification and C + + development face gender recognition tutorial (6) - - gender identification by SVM. First, the classifier training in the face of...

MFC Opencv Gender identification

[mobile development] AdapterView components of the UI and its sub category (four) Gallery Gallery controls use

Heard Gallery, and now have not used, the API uses ViewPaper instead of the, after school special research ViewPaper now about Gallery, is not stopped the meaning of the picture display Gallery is used to display a series of horizontal scrolling items. Gallery component can be horizontally to display a list of images, when click the image after image, this image list will move one grid left, when click the image of an image, the image list will move to the right. You can also drag the way to the left and to the right...


System operation and maintenance Practice Web 3D ArcGIS expert

ArcGIS product family of Web 3D features many users look forward to for a long time, from the beginning of ArcGIS version 10.3.1, ESRI put a strokes, the long-awaited web 3D function, and finally no longer hold the pipa semi concealed. That in the end how to create and publish the 3D scene it? Below to record the process of today's test. ...

ArcGIS 3D Web

[programming language] Unique Paths II LeetCode

LeetCode problem solving Paths II Unique original title if there are obstacles on the road, the robot from the beginning to the end of how many different paths, can only go to the right or down. 0 said the road traffic, 1 said there is a barrier. ...

LeetCode Python algorithm dynamic programming

[mobile development] The seven is the singleton design pattern of expert

Interview and asked to many young Android development design patterns he has what is, basically will be referred to the singleton pattern, but for the single mode cases also have a smattering of knowledge, in the Android development we often use singleton pattern, so we still have to know more about the singleton pattern to. To ensure that a class has only one instance, and provides a global access point to access it. * *...

Design pattern Singleton

[mobile development] Binding Guide Data - Google official document translation (under)

This blog is Data Binding Guide's official document translation in the first half, if not read the translation can look at Data Guide Binding - Google official document translation (on) A, data object Any java simple object that does not contain a business logic (POJO) can be used for data binding, but the modified POJO cannot make the UI update. By data binding, it can make the data objects feel the change of the data. There are three different mechanisms for sensing data change, visible objects, visible fields, and visible sets. ...

Android Binder Google Binding MVVM

[programming language] The use of 5.4.1 algorithm to achieve the optimal stack queue expert

A priority queue is typically use a stack algorithm to achieve, priority queue major difficulties are the following points: 1) sort of stability: how two gifted class to achieve the same return first add the task? 2) in the comparison of the tuple, if (priority, task) on the phase at the same time, there is no comparison of the order of the. 3) if the priority of a task is changed, how do you move it to a new location on the heap? 4) when the task is deleted, how do you find it to be deleted, and delete it from the stack queue? In order to solve the problem in front of three, using the two elements of the list to achieve, this list package...

Python Milang algorithm Heap sort

[programming language] C++ study notes (some new features summary 1) expert

C + + learning notes (some of the new features sum to 1) although I have used C + + has very many years, but has been in line with the principle of enough on the line, no special in-depth learning C + + syntax, so many advanced features of C + + didn't know. Just recently found a book from the Internet, "C++ 14 Syntax Reference Quick", a very thin book, only more than 100 pages, but covers the basic characteristics of all C++. Some of the essays that I see this book excerpt down I had not noticed the knowledge point. The text of the...


[mobile development] Reliable functional testing for --Espresso and Dagger2 expert

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. A reliable functional test means that at any time, to obtain the test results are the same, which you need to simulate (mock) data. The test framework can use the Android recommended Espresso. simulation data can be Dagger2, a dependency injection framework. Dagger2 has become an essential tool for many Android developers, is a fast dependency injection framework, developed by Square, and to do a special optimization for Android...

Mystra Android Espresso Dagger Data binding

[programming language] CAS single point landing expert

First, Tomcat configuration SSL1. to generate key server in order to change to the directory command, in the%TOMCAT_HOME% command line to enter the following commands: -genkey -alias tomcat_key keytool -keyalg RSA -storepass changeit -keystore server.keystore -validity 3600 User name input domain name, such as localhost (development...

[mobile development] Splash performance optimization of the Android page should be designed like this expert

At present, the application of SplashActivity in the design of the market will start a SplashActivity, as a welcome interface, why this design? Personal summary has three advantages: 1, you can give the user a better experience for example: can be changed by the background of the dynamic picture, or welcome XXX back, Sina Weibo is this interaction. 2, can reduce the start time of App from the last blog to know the time of APP startup is mainly in the Application initialization and MainActivi...

Android performance optimization Splash

[comprehensive] The concept of 3D animation and interactive technology test in Software School of Zhejiang University expert

First: Augmented Reality Technology AR:-- fusion of 3D animation, stereo vision and image processing; - modeling, rendering, position calibration, image fusion; 2. OpenGL is a method for creating a real-time 3D graphics programming interface. 3. 3D the term a is describing or display of objects with 3D dimensions: width, height, depth - 3D computer graphics, in essence, is flat; 2D image, displayed on the computer screen, providing depth (or the third dimension) illusion; + 2D perspective = 3D perspective illusion of depth. ...

animation three-dimensional OpenGL

[programming language] Accumulation of daily (Running) monthly tired (ZSSURE): Cancel OpenAccess, Delete of Task and DeepCopy of fo-dicom, expert

I recently read an article on the structure of conscience long your architecture is a step by step how to corrupt? And the zizijuju road out of the many practitioners, start-ups, as well as bat will encounter problems, careful reading feel both live and work in many situations, a volume from the growth process, which is faced with the problem of how to manage, gradual optimization or reinvent the wheel? ...

Fo-dicom OpenAccess Task DeepCopy

[programming language] Ab initio knowledge of Callable Future, java-17.6, and FutureTask expert

In this chapter we will discuss the usage and relationship of FutureTask, Future, and Callable. Between 1 (1) callable is runnable package asynchronous computing tasks (2) future to save callable asynchronous operation results (3) FutureTask package future entity 2.Future we here detailed introduction about future, because it is relatively complex, the first to look at his source code: public interface future...


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