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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Alibaba Android development engineers, love to learn and share the new business. GitHub address:

[integrated] Thinkpad open flight mode can not connect the wireless network Expert

Solve the ThinkPad open flight mode to connect to wireless network 1, the installation of the power management driver, power management software and fast key drive 2, according to the Fn+F9 shortcut keys, open the computer flight mode 3, as a result, the red fork fork in the wireless network, unable to connect to the network query data, show that you can use shortcut keys Fn+F5 or Fn+F8, but try over the can not solve; later I press the Fn+F12. The network connection back to normal.

ThinkPad Network

Programming language No hole to escape the pit --new a pointer array, and create a dynamic two-dimensional array Expert

In practical work, there is a class A, now need to use multiple A objects, this is the time, the first thought is the pointer array. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pointer array and array pointer First of all, the pointer array and array pointer difference is a commonplace talk of an old scholar: It is not convenient to see the Chinese, look at the English Description: pointer array: of pointers array, that is used to store the array of pointers, that is, array elements are pointers Array pointer: point a...

Two dimensional array C++

[integrated] How to solve the Thinkpad connection WiFi often break Expert

How to solve the ThinkPad connection WiFi often disconnected, on the official website of the ThinkPad download AccessCon[gic765ww].exe find matching model computer, download 2, the installation AccessCon[gic765ww].exe after the completion of, and then restart the computer 3, open access connections, switch to the advanced, the find toolbar in the global settings ", the second hook cancel tick...

ThinkPad Wi-Fi Computer

Programming language De finally java-10.6 (3) - exception of loss Expert

In this chapter we discuss the use of finally to cause the exception of the loss. This is actually a very casual mistake, we are generally not guilty of. Com.ray.ch10 package; Class Test public { Static void main throws (args String[]) Exception2 public { {try New Exception1 throw ("Exception1")...


Programming language De finally -finally (2) java-10.6 to do what Expert

This chapter we discuss what finally is used to do? Reply resources to the original state. Such as database connection, file flow, graphics, etc.. Because there is no destructor in Java, but the garbage collection mechanism, inside the try is to be operated in a local variable, so the memory will be released, but most of the time we in the try out already defined the variables, and then use the assignment inside a try, such as according to link library, document flow, graphics, etc., must now be using finally to make them return to the initial state. Here are a few examples: (1...


[Web front end ZTree call is set to use Expert

Polyphonic polyphonic 1, downloaded from the official website of the ztree ztree package, ztree's official website is: Http:// Http:// introduced ztree required dependencies, for example (JS jQuery oneself, introduce): page language= "Java" to a number java.util.* "pageEncoding=" UTF-8 "% > include file =" co...

Programming language Display variables and wrap messageBox

This paper summarized some problems in the process of using messageBox today, ". Please refer to the use of messageBox format: The Delphi Application.MessageBox function usage, 1 display variables directly on the dry cargo (code): vars:string; .... S:='archive failed'; Application.MessageBox (PChar (s), the 'wrong', MB_ICONERROR); / / window identification can contain multiple, for example...

MessageBox Display variable Wrap Delphi

Programming language Ab initio finally java-10.6 (1) - Characteristics Expert

We'll talk about finally in this chapter. Features: finally can always be executed. Com.ray.ch10 package; Class Test public { Void test throws () Exception private { New Exception throw (); } Static void main public (args String[]) { Try {...


Programming language Namespace STD using's bad habits that have never escaped. Expert

The use of a namespace is intended to be a name for the identifier to be localized to avoid naming conflicts. In C++, variables, functions, and classes are all large. If there is no namespace, the names of these variables, functions, classes will be present in the global namespace, which will lead to a lot of conflicts. For example, if we define a function toupper () in your own program, this will override the toupper () function in the standard library, because the two functions are in the global namespace. Naming conflicts would also occur in a program using two or more third party libraries. ...

C++ Namespace

Programming language De java-10.5 stack trace and re throw exception Expert

This chapter discusses the stack trace and the re throw exception when the exception occurs. There are 1 ways in which the stack trace is printed (1): (two) the original code com.ray.ch10 package; Class Test public { Static void main public (args String[]) { {try New Exception throw ("cause"); } catch (Except...


[Web front end Easily learn JavaScript five: JavaScript variables and data types

For a programming language, it must contain variables and data types. Today, we'll look at the variables and data types of the JavaScript scripting language. Relative In other Java, C++ and other advanced programming language, JavaScript is very simple. Variable JavaScript variable is loose type, the so-called loose is used to save any type of data. A variable is a container for storing information. Defining variable To use the VaR operator (VaR is the keyword), followed by a variable name (variable...

JavaScript Web front end JS data type JS variable

Architecture design Why use service web Expert

Use service web has the following benefits: the existing functionality on the network on a service web is a set of code that can be used for remote calls HTTP, that is, you can use HTTP to activate. Service web allows you to expose your existing code to the web. Once publicly on the network, other applications can use your program's function. Interoperability service web allows different applications to talk to each other, and share data and services. Other applications...

Service Web Service web benefits Service web advantage Why use service web Soap

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Programming language Java-10.4 capture from scratch all the exceptions Expert

We have this chapter to discuss the capture of all exceptions. In fact, it is very easy to catch all exceptions, just direct Exception catch. Class Test public { Static void main public (args String[]) { {try New Exception throw ("cause"); } catch (E Exception) { } ...


Mobile development Android to prevent repeat clicks of small tips

Set the time mark in the click, the time difference between the 2 hits, the time interval SPACE_TIME, make a judgment: when the time difference of 2 clicks is greater than SPACE_TIME to start clicking. Demo source code is as follows. ...

Android Double Click Skill

Programming language Time_t function of C/C++

Wordpress blog link: Recently turned to the preface of "expert C programming" to see the time function T, even temporarily devoid of concept, just understand is a function of the time, which to have the study of the C / C + + blogger is simply a mockery, this machine is tested, probably something like the following: #include #include #include #include #include Nam using...

C C++ Time_t

[Internet] From the average programmer to the valuation of a billion company boss, he only took 1 years! Expert

He has used a year of time from the general technical staff to the valuation of the company's executives, which is far from you? ...

Super Table Entrepreneurship Chen Kunji Internet Programmer

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Mobile development IOS development - to get rid of those disabled methods (continuous updates)

IOS platform in the rapid development of various interfaces are constantly updated. With the release of iOS9 and a group of old method does not recommend the use of, if you call these methods, operation result is no problem, but warned "***is deprecated: first being deprecated in IOS 9.0 - handleutility *******". Like as shown: . In the actual project development. We want to uphold a conviction is to put a warning as an error to deal with, and solve a warning...

Objective-C IOS development

Programming language Nginx+Tomcat to achieve a single IP, multi domain, multi site visit Expert

Recently helped a friend do the two sites, budget, very, very small. Small to two sites can only be run on a 512M memory network server (tomcat+mysql, because memory is too small, only the two website is deployed in a Tomcat), each web site have their own domain name, preliminary consideration the nginx reverse proxy, the two domain name mapping to the corresponding application. So there is the problem of configuring the nginx multi domain list server, IP, and Tomcat, which is different from the application of the multi domain list server. Nginx introduction of the nonsense is not much to say, here to the configuration file...

Programming language KNN implementation of Python

In Python to achieve k nearest neighbor algorithm (KNN) is a commonplace problem, the Internet also has a lot of information, but here I decided to record my own learning experience. 1, configure the numpy Library Numpy library is Python for matrix operations of the third party libraries, most of the mathematical operations will rely on the library to carry out the configuration of the numpy library, see: Python configuration third party library Numpy and Matplotlib of the winding road, the configuration is completed after the numpy library into the current...

Python Machine learning KNN

R & D management Unit test Expert

Never engaged in unit testing, feel good mystery! But the so-called test driven outsize, without writing code, write the test first; garden blog and God said, the so-called demand analysis should be specific for test case. Anyway, unit testing is good! So always wanted to engage in a. But I do not understand the Internet, this two days to seize the rare opportunity to explore it, like something. First record, then on the basis of the starting point. What is unit testing? I feel unit testing is automated testing. To write some related methods to call the method we need to test, run it again. Test project...

Automated testing Unit test X

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Programming language WPF works in the Xaml file to add a number of CS files Expert

In the WPF project we add a Window or UserControl will build 2 files, xxx.xaml.cs. and xxx.xaml and the general CS file in the XAML file. There is such a scene, we all know that the class Partial is CS, we use Partial to put different functions into different CS file. But the default CS file is not in the XAML file. The solution is simple: open the csproj file and find the CS file. Add De...

WPF Xaml CS Self heart

Programming language LeetCode 33 in Rotated Sorted Array Search (search in a rotating sort array) (*) Expert

The translation assumes an array in which we do not know the axis of rotation. For example, 124567 may become 4567012. Give you a target value to search, if you find the index to return it, otherwise -1. You can assume that no duplicate elements exist in the array. A sorted array is rotated Suppose Some pivot unknown to you beforehand. at (i.e., 124...

Rotated Sorted Array Leetcode Search

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Programming language QQ login function implementation of the site access - - official document handling Expert

Background recently for the first time using QQ login function, the problems encountered during, the Internet to find a lot of information, most of them are the official handling, and no real dry, may be of personal problems, encountered all kinds of trouble, tossing a few days, eventually straightened out, here record and to share with you, hope to be helpful to everyone. Since the official document has made a very clear on how to use the API interface, so here I just record my development process in some of the problems encountered in the process and note, please refer to the official documents: http://wiki.connect.qq...

QQ login QQ site access

[integrated] A large two software engineering students - focus on what Expert

[message] He teacher Hello, I am software engineering professional sophomore students, not a lot of professional learning in our school this semester, have finished. Refer to the school's training program, the next semester began, almost all of the professional course of study. Database principle and algorithm design, composition principle of computer, operating system, computer network, there are similar to software process management, software testing technology study hours for more than 48 hours, plus a lab courses and curriculum design, compilation principle seems no classes, now in the brain feels have mess, do not know where the focus should be placed? Also please he teacher pointing fans...

Software engineering

Programming language LeetCode 32 Valid Parentheses Longest (the most effective bracket) (*) Expert

Given a string containing only "(or") ", to find the length of the most effective bracket subset of the. For the "()", the most effective bracket subset is "()", the length is 2. Another example is () ()), whose length is the "()", which is 4. A string containing just the characters Given '(' and ')', The length of the longest val find...

Leetcode String Stack Longest Valid

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Linux create a specified user specified directory permissions Expert

Specify user specific directory permissions #useradd the-d /usr/www low-m tempuser#passwd tempuser#chown tempuser - R /usr/www view 1 - D user #cat /etc/passwd#cat / etc / passwd |cut - F: 1, Linux in view all users (1) in the terminal. Actually only need to view / file etc/passwd will line the. (2) the third parameter.

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Programming language GTK+ --03

(a): write in front of this section, mainly through a window instance to achieve the overall understanding of GTK+. Our example is relatively simple, is to realize the two buttons and a label and button on the display is the plus and minus, labels the initial value is 0. Each press time button, label number increases by one. Each time you press the reduction of a button, label in the figure will be reduced 1 is such a function. Inside the design to the problem: signal slot mechanism, layout is Layout, etc.. (two) Created with Rapha: the whole idea of E L 2...

GTK+ Signal slot

Programming language Java thread life cycle Expert

Java thread of life cycle of the author: chszs, not by the main permission is not allowed to reprint. It is necessary to indicate the author and the blog home page: for multi thread programming, understanding the life cycle of the thread is very important, this article will explain it. The existence of a thread of the state thread has several different states, as follows: New state Ready state Running state Dead state Runnable Non state 1, New state New state is the thread has been hit...

Java Thread Multi thread

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Programming language Poj3107 (tree DP)

Godfather Time Limit: 2000MS   Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 5586   Accepted: 1950 Description Years Chicago was full of gangster fights and strange murd Last...

Tree DP

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[integrated] Java digital image processing: programming skills and application of interactive publishing network Recommend

This is the computer class quality "recommended" Java digital image processing: programming skills and practice " Part introduction Why write this book My understanding of image processing was originally from the need to do the graduation design paper, after graduation thesis, I put all the knowledge about image processing to one side. One day in 2011, a friend asked me a few simple image processing problems, in the process of answering the question, I found myself in the image processing of the enthusiasm has been burning, from that moment I decided to re study...

China-pub Computer Java Image processing Programming

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