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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Alibaba Android development engineers, love to learn and share the new business. GitHub address:

Programming language Suixianglu (not interrupt context switching really do) Expert

[Disclaimer: copyright, welcome to reprint, please do not for commercial use. Contact e-mail: feixiaoxing] Remember when reading, operating system of the teacher tells us that in the CPU processing interrupt is not context switching. As for the reason, it is said that the impact of the interruption, the impact of performance. To go down a deeper level, there is No. Of course, to the teacher, we are sure of course. Later when their port ucos2 real-time system is found, the original return from interrupt when...

Programming language LeetCode 35 Insert Position Search Expert

Given an ordered array and a target value, if the target value can be found in the array, the index is returned. If not, return the index of the location where it should be inserted. You can assume no duplicate entries in the array. Here are some examples. A sorted array and a target value return, the index if the target is found. If not return, the index where it w Given...

Leetcode Search Indexes Insert Position

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Programming language LeetCode 34 for a Range Search Expert

Given an array of integers, find the starting point and end point of a given value. Your algorithm complexity must be lower than O (logn). If the target is not found in the array, return [-1, -1]. For example, given [5, 7, 7, 8, 8, 10], the target value is 8, return [3, 4]. A sorted array of integers Given, The starting and ending position of a given find...

Leetcode Search Range Vector Target

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[LeetCode] Sorted Array Merge

Topic: Two sorted integer arrays nums1 and nums2 merge, nums2 into Given As one sorted array. nums1 Note: May assume that nums1 has enough space size (that is greater or equal to You N + to) hol m...

C++ Leetcode Merge

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Cloud computing OpenStack Keystone Learning Expert

Author: Haifeng Http:// This two weeks to re learn to organize the knowledge of the Keystone OpenStack, the result is the mind map of the students can be in the new window to open the picture link or save the picture to the local to see the clear content...


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Mobile development Cocos2D in the texture (textures) interpretation

Panda pig, original or translated works. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source. If you feel bad writing, please tell me, if you feel good, please support a lot of points praise. Hopy. At the same time, do not remove this declaration. If there is any dispute, there is no relationship with the blog owner, the person who published the translation. Thank You for Your Cooperation Your image file (PNG, PVR) is converted to OpenG after loading GPU...

Cocos2d Texture Textures

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[LeetCode] Largest Element in an Array Kth

Topic: The kth largest element in an unsorted array. Note that it is the kth largest element in the sorted order not, the kth distinct element. Find Example For, [3,2,1,5,6,4] and K Given = 2, retur...

C++ Leetcode Largest Element Kth The beauty of programming

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Programming language Contestants Division poj3140 (tree DP)

Division Contestants Time Limit: 2000MS   Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 9004   Accepted: 2583 Description The new ACM-ICPC Regional Contest a, special MONI In...

Tree DP

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Programming language [LeetCode] Depth of Binary Tree Minimum

Topic: A binary tree find, its minimum depth. Given Minimum depth is the number of nodes along the shortest path from the root node down to the nearest leaf node. The Answer A very boring question. Need to pay attention to is: the leaf node is itself not N...

C++ Leetcode Tree Binary Depth

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Programming language Together C talk chestnut bar (sixty-sixth back: C language --DIY string comparison function)

Kanguan, everybody is good, the last time we said is DIY string connecting function example, this time that the pilots of our example is: DIY string comparison function. Digression, get to the point. Let's C talk! We in front of Zhang Huizhong introduced a string comparison function, time is not long, but some of the reader have forgotten, in order to deepen the reader on the string comparison function of impression, we are prepared to DIY string comparison function. Just do it by yourself! We are in front of the chapter in a total of two string comparison function: st...

StrCmp Strncmp String comparison

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Mobile development The configuration of Spring in web.xml of MVC Expert

The configuration of Spring in web.xml of MVC...

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Programming language [LeetCode] Squares Perfect

Topic: A positive integer n find, the least number of perfect square numbers Given (example for, 4, 1, 9, 16,...) sum to N. which Example given, n For = 12, return 3 because 12 = 4 + 4 + 4; given...

C++ Leetcode Squares Perfect

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[integrated] Visio drawing flow chart - remove the default left column (small) Expert

Recently in the use of Visio rendering process chart, you want to remove the default column on the left, looking for a long time, and later on a word to resolve the colleague, it is as a separator, as long as you can remove. Setting methods are as follows: = only need to remove the "cross functional flowchart" below the option "show delimiter" tick, can be realized, as follows: very simple, Jane and we remember. ...

Visio Display separator Cross functional flow chart

[integrated] Bzoj-3144 Xinjiang nut cake

D.: The 3D lattice gives a R*P*Q, for a function f (x, y (1) The sigma v[f (x, y)][x][y] minimum, and the two adjacent F value difference should not exceed D; R, P, Q The solution: It seems like a good question, but even if you tell me it's a network flow, I don't believe I can run 64000 points; But in fact = = =, the maximum of the data is 303030.. So the results are all very fast; The building plan of this problem is the first limit in a row can only choose one, then from the up and down a chain, every...

Bzoj Network flow Minimum cut

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[Web front end CSS based learning Eighteen: CSS layout of the floating

In the CSS layout, it is said to be floating, floating, floating, or left or right, until its outer edge touches the box or the other. Box frame. As the floating frame is not in the ordinary flow of the document, the block boxes in the ordinary flow of the document behave like a floating box does not exist. The definition and usage of float attributes Float attribute: floating element set Possible values: None does not float, in the document flow, default Lef...

CSS CSS layout Web front end Float attribute

Mobile development [share] Studio Android dedicated file conversion tool: the ANSI file to the bulk of the UTF-8 file for no BOM Expert

[share] Studio Android dedicated file conversion tool: the ANSI file to the bulk of the UTF-8 file for no BOM When you compile the java file under the Studio Andoird, it is often like the following error: Error: (29, 43) "Luan: UTF-8's can't record Cong'll just Qian Hao't Shi sewing? Here, to share a tool: ANSI file bulk to save as no UTF-8 BOM file: The following code with a notepad for the AndroidStudioJava encoding.Vbs, double-click to use:...

Java Studio Android Code