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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Alibaba Android development engineers, love to learn and share the new business. GitHub address:

Architecture design The conventional functions and modules of the custom system (cfcmms) - 020 (4 custom grid scheme into arbitrary layer headers)

The conventional functions and modules of the custom system (cfcmms) - 020 (4 custom grid scheme into arbitrary layer headers) In the current system grid header is to group the, but only a layer, and now I want to change it into can be divided into a plurality of layers. This header like:...

Cfcmms Extjs6 Routine function and module customization system Development experience

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[Web front end A lightweight library segment- SVG rendering and animation of the stroke path Expert

Today to learn together a implement SVG stroke path rendering and animation of the lightweight class library [segment], we from easy to get started, the use of detailed, resources and cases, source code interpretation aspects are introduced. ...

Animation Segment

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[Web front end High performance animation "box-shadow" attribute Expert

This article from "to animate box-shadow" with "silky smooth performance] [How (" compiled and come, no problem in English, the students read the original text. ...

Animation Performance

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Mobile development IOS to send text messages / send e-mail to achieve the realization of Han Junqiang's blog

OpenURL to open the program in the short message function, need to use the key words: "sms:", and the back of the phone to send you can; Shortcomings: 1 this method will jump out of the program we are running, open the system's SMS interface, but when the user closes the message, can not return to the program. 2 this method we can only define the number of mobile phone number to send text messages to send text messages;...

Mail Short message Han Junqiang's blog IOS development MessageUI

Programming language Eighth chapter functions and closures

Local function, first class function, function word quantity, closure, repeat parameter, tail recursion...

SCALA Closure Function

Mobile development OS X Mac encountered FileVault encryption exception can not upgrade the system's solution Expert

Captain APP Mac Mike encountered a problem with the OS X FileVault, which was unable to upgrade the Club encryption system. Through this paper provides a solution to the earliest published in APP Club...

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Mobile development Analysis of GPU data upload mechanism of Chromium hardware accelerated rendering Expert

In WebGL, the GPU, Render and Browser are sent to the GPU process by the command buffer. Simple parameters of the GPU command are transmitted to the GPU process through the command buffer, but the complex parameters, such as texture data, may be too large to be accommodated in the command buffer, and thus pass through the other mechanisms to the GPU process. In this paper, we analyze the mechanism of WebGL, Render,, GPU, GPU,, and Browser. ...

Android Chromium Bucket Token Asynchronous texture upload

Programming language PHP7 RC7 Release PHP5.6 comparison 20000 quick sort data performance experience and early adopters of new syntax Expert

Recent PHP7 of the Zend already in the final stages of repair bug, has been updated RC7, for Zend official statement PHP7 performance about compared to the version of the PHP 5 series is improved by more than 2 times, an increase of some new grammar, abandon the PHP5 some performance impact factors, the main increase with the following features. Improved performance: PHP is up to twice as fast 7 as PHP 5.6 performance than the 5.6 increase 2 times...

Programming language Not escaped the pit - beat all divisor of zero

There is such a need for the project, the need to get a picture of width and height, and then the ratio of the display of this picture. First is to get a picture of the path, and then calculate his width and height, and then calculate: resize_width int = 160; Resize_height int = 160; If (image_width > image_height) { Resize_width = 160; Resi...


System operation and maintenance Linux (IPC) programming practice () programming practices (seven) shared memory using V -System shared memory (API)

On a blog post referred to the system call MMAP by mapping a common file to achieve shared memory. V System, then, is introduced in this paper. Shared memory is the shared memory communication between processes in the process of mapping files in a special file system SHM. That is, each shared memory area corresponds to a file in a special file system shm. The implementation process is to call shmget, then call shmat. For each shared memory area, the kernel maintains the following information structure, defined in the header file. V //System shared memory basic data structure...

IPC Linux V System Shared memory Shmget

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Programming language The same form of the same form as the use of new and delete is not avoided.

New creates a class object with no new distinction: new creates a class object that requires a pointer to receive, an initialization, and a number of uses. New create a class object to use the delete destruction New creates objects that are directly used for heap space, while the local object is not defined by new New object pointer use widely, for example as a function return value, function parameters and each learning C + + programming know paired to use new and delete, or new application memory using the delete release, the new [] for the memory by a delete...


R & D management The difference between the work area and buffer the power of open source in --Git Expert

With the impact of the Github continues to expand, more and more small partners to open source. In the use of the git in the process, there are a lot of friends rather vague concept of git in the work area and buffer, this to git working area and buffer area difference slightly some explanation, hope can for some friends and solve some doubts. Working area: the directory you see on the computer, such as the file in the directory git (except for.Git). Or you need to create a new directory file, and so are the work area. Version Library (Repository): the workspace has a hidden directory.Git, this does not belong to the workspace, which is the version of the library. And there are a lot of things in the repository, which is the most important...

Git Github Version control Open source

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R & D management What is a centralized version control system and a distributed version control system? Expert

What is a centralized version control system and a distributed version control system? Centralized version control system: version library is centralized on the central server, when we actually work, with their own computer, so we must first connect to the central server, from where to get the latest version, and then write or change the code, after finishing the work, you need to push yourself to the central server. Centralized version control system is the need to work, if you can, in the local area network, the bandwidth is large enough, fast enough, if the Internet, if the speed is slow, it is very depressed. Distributed version control system: for large data (Hadoop) or large database of friends, "distributed" this concept must be very familiar, in this not to do...

Version control system Distributed Git SVN

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You must have an object before you do it.

We in life often hear two words, then the object in the end is what the stuff, we'll check Wikipedia. Baidu answer too Xuan, here we only discuss the object programming language, specifically the JavaScript object; Understanding object The value of a reference type (object) is an instance of a reference type. In Js, a reference type is a data structure that is used to organize data and functions. It is sometimes referred to as a class, but it is not appropriate. Although JS is technically an object-oriented language, it does not have a pass...

Web development Javascript Object Function

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Mobile development React Native Android to load the correct pose of the picture resources Expert

The use of React Native Android in this article refers to the use of the details of the problem, also referred to the use of any method can not load the app internal picture resources, the code is this way in the official document is also written in Image, but in another page document is inconsistent with the Images, estimated that this page document just joined shortly that is right app internal picture loading posture should be...

Android React Native Image App inner picture

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Programming language Research on Java reflection Expert

This paper describes in detail the mechanism of reflection in Java, and describes how to generate the object, call the function, obtain the field, and set up the field. Finally, some examples are given. ...

Java Reflection

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Programming language Several bottle plugins Expert

Preceding the bottle plug and view decorator conflict ", said the problem is I met in writing the plug-in. For ease of using bottle to write a set of plug-ins. Initially used by the time is to put all the functions are written in a plug-in, feeling a bit cumbersome, not suitable for flexible combination, so the spin off to rewrite the way it is now. Contains beaker.BeakerPluginparams.ParamsPluginlogin.LoginPluginbeaker.BeakerPluginBeaker...

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System operation and maintenance To analyze the data of the statistical analysis (a). Expert

Prior to the execution of the statistical analysis, browse, familiar, and check their own data is essential. Drawing and inspection data is a necessary stage in the process of statistical analysis, we can obtain some prior knowledge from these work, and guide the follow-up work. Stage 1 rendering data through the ArcMap layer rendering scheme, we can get the first impression of the data. For example, using a single symbol render insight into the sampling point density distribution, the classification rendering understanding sampling point high value low value distribution, and so on. Stage 2 check data after the data is drawn, the use of exploratory space...

Statistics Interpolation ArcGIS Spatial analysis

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Programming language Sixth chapter function object

Key points of a function object...

SCALA Function

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Programming language Hibernate inheritance relationship mapping method (a) - share a table

For the following relations: Com.hust.PO package; Class Person public { Integer ID private; String name private; Integer age private; String sex private; Integer getId public () { ...

Inheritance Hibernate Shared data table

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[Web front end CSS based learning Sixteen: CSS box model to complement the border-radius attribute

CSS box model has a lot of content and properties, CSS has been updated and new properties, today we come to talk about the new CSS3 box model The contents of the border, that is, the border-radius attribute. Border border-radius attribute set elements to add rounded corners, no frame can also add fillet effect. But if you show it, you must increase it. Add back scenery or border. Possible values: xpx; corner is xpx, the radius of 1/4 circle xpx. ...

Dreamweaver Web front end development Box model Rounded attribute

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[Web front end HTML+CSS+JavaScript (1) Recommend

Learning web technology is inevitable to contact CSS, JavaScript, HTML. These things are necessary tools for learning web programming design. This blog is to introduce the relationship between the three and the three. Let beginners have a macro understanding of web technology. [HTML] HTML is the main language Webpage design. Its full name is (markup language hypertext), it is the meaning of the hypertext markup language. It can even be written in any text editor, only...

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[integrated] Change the five step investment law learning experience Expert

Change home (Reformer), focused on the analysis of entrepreneurial projects, to help equity investors to the good first pass! Change a trump card program dismantling, and through weekly micro channel voice and web site content, form, vigorously improve the level of investment in the equity investors. As a change at the top of the fans, the recent serious complete listened to the Lesson 17, "" five step method investment lean 'investment, let you from amateur to professional! " Prior to the site to learn the content of the text, this is a serious to participate in the micro channel class, to learn the next. Feel, this lesson, very good...

Change home Five step investment method Investment Equity raise public Private equity

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Mobile development How to implement A* routing algorithm (eight) in Cocos2D games

Panda pig, original or translated works. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source. If you feel bad writing, please tell me, if you feel good, please support a lot of points praise. Hopy. At the same time, do not remove this declaration. If there is any dispute, there is no relationship with the blog owner, the person who published the translation. Thank You for Your Cooperation Take the upper left corner of a chestnut. The cat wanted from the origin (O) to the lower left corner of the...

Cocos2d A star Algorithm Pathfinding

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[integrated] Accidents are inevitable logic Expert

1) two child policy two child policy essence is used to alleviate the population pressure. Of course, it is in order to good real estate, effect there is not it? There is, of course, a little, but this policy has produced a very unexpected thing, that is, the great pressure on the employment of women. Very interesting, but in reason; in fact, a lot of policy formulation to design according to human nature, but not too many concessions to morality. For example, housing provident fund, the state certainly want everyone to pay provident fund, the majority of employees also feel that their own fund to their own advantage, of course, is not the moral of the people standing in the high ground of the enterprise is also called the fund, but essentially to the end...

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Mobile development IOS development Post request error: Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 Error text JSON did not start with array or...

As a result of the recent development of the project, a few days did not come to write blog. I've had a little bug to share with you. Recently in the development of iOS, the client needs to use the HTTP POST to request the server. Need to send the XML format, of course, is also received XML. We are ready to use the AFNetworking to achieve. For the use of AFnetworking and Cocoapods package management, please refer to my other blog: iOS project development, the use of AFNetworki...

Objective-C IOS development XML

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Architecture design Use Roo Spring to build projects Recommend

Use Roo Spring to build projects Structure overview Overview Architectural Key technology Technologies Critical Solid layer Layer Entity 1 initialization 2 installation of persistent tool 3 Create entity 4 create field Network layer Layer Web 1 establish Web layer 2 create controller Service layer Layer Services Layer Repository Maven JSON...

Spring Spring-roo

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[integrated] Tell me about my first job. Expert

This weekend is too busy, and it is moving and changing system, not ready to any knowledge, so I do not intend to write the technology, and tear me this short first job. After all, to leave, how much should be summarized. In March, 18 confirmed that the graduate students can not read, and began to look for work. Home in Xi'an, Xi'an in the working plan, I from the school vacated a week time to Xi'an to find a job, because the time is too tight, this period only encounter a relatively large size of the company is Wuhan Fiberhome is central enterprises, but is in the HR face was painted. At that time, I felt very left...

Work Life

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Programming language "Go language portal" how to install the Go language programming environment in Windows Expert

This paper outlines Go language learning portal first, "Go language entry" how to install the Go language programming environment under Windows. Mainly about Go language compiler environment installation and development environment configuration based on Notepad++ (Go language, syntax highlighting). Download and install the package download address: download the Windows version of the site, click on the link to open the page may not start to download; the address bar will show the full download address, such as: https://golang.o...

Go language Introduction Install Programming Environmental Science

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