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Chen Yufeng pay close attention to
Zhejiang University software engineering graduate student, the main research direction for the mobile Internet, the current development of a number of iOS and Android projects, the upcoming iOS project on the line, has been on the line 3 Android Project. Currently works for Baidu, as iOS development engineer.
Li Puzhi pay close attention to
Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.

[Web front end JS- page in the page expert

Recently in the writing of a page, with JS written a page Effect HTML code &laquo; Href= Javascr "<a...

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[database] MongoDB 3.2 version of the WiredTiger storage engine performance test expert

MongoDB 3.2 version of the WiredTiger storage engine performance test Author: chszs, without the permission of the main. The permission is required to indicate the author and the blog: 3.2 was recently released, which uses WiredTiger as its default storage engine. For five years, MongoDB from the birth to the popular, development can be described as quite rapid. MongoDB 3 began to support the "plug and play storage engine" feature, so in the 3.2 edition...

Mongodb performance testing WiredTiger Storage engine

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Programming language Computer interface double color dot matrix - changing expression animation

Using assembly language to achieve an animation by double color dot matrix, here is the change of expression. The basic idea is to write a different frame, and then show. The color change is 290h: 288h: red yellow. Segment data DB 00h 00h, 00h, 00h, 18h, 18h, 00h, 00h, buff1 00h 00h, DB, 18h, 24h, 24h, 18h, 00h, 00h Db...

assembly language animation Microcomputer interface Double color dot matrix

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Programming language Data structure heap implementation priority queue (Java)

The queue is characterized by advanced first out. Usually the queue compared to queue up to buy things, we are all very orderly, to the people in the queue to buy things. However, the priority queue is different, it does not follow the first rule, but according to the elements of the queue priority, the priority is the largest of the first to be removed. This is very much like a heap of features: the root node always removes the highest priority. Key: priority queue, is to look at the priority, who has a higher priority, who will get the right. Non queuing order! The article explains the concept of the heap heap priority queue, for now: / / maximum...

data structure Java priority queue Heap priority queue

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[Internet] Java open source blog 1.3.0 Solo release - Docker support expert

1.3.0 Solo officially released, thanks for all the friends who have been concerned about B3log! You can start with a command (no need to install the database, the deployment container), but also through the war way to deploy the container, connect MySQL. This should be the most easy to run in the history of the blog system, welcome to download experience, also welcome to Star/Fork! In 1.3.0, we formally supported the Docker mode, and have been synchronized to the Docker central library. ...

Java blogger Open Source Docker

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[integrated] Windows simple introduction to the first use of a computer to use a friend expert

This article is pure white article, the reason for writing this is because some time ago sister into the university is also a computer professional, but before all did not use a computer, so have to write a note; the reason to share is to give just contact with the computer's friends to wake up, lest go too many detours. ...

Windows Computer Instructions

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Mobile development Development of SDK Android (Unity3d) expert

Android project interaction and SDK increased Guide: (full version) usually in treatment minus and Android natvice docking, has two schemes:. U3D project interaction part of the program: A. use minus with JNI and use jar scheme directly, principles or in the minus packing APK. The process is to build the project directory, in the minus of complete package of c# and Java to interact, underlying NDK part completely ignored, directly with minus the JNI interface Ja...


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Programming language Data structure - stack implementation

The heap is a two fork tree, all of which can be compared with the full order semantics. The storage required to use a heap to store the following rules: 1 elements can be compared: the elements of the data set can be compared, is to achieve the Comparable interface;. 2 node maximum / minimum: the elements of each node must be greater than or less than the child nodes of the node; 3 pile is a complete two fork tree. There are two kinds of piles: the largest and the smallest. The priority of each node is less than or equal to its sub node; the maximum heap is the opposite of each node...

Heap data structure Heap implementation

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[Web front end Web front end internationalization expert

Web internationalization of the front end of the internationalization of is now an important part of the development process of Web applications,

Web front end internationalization I18N JQuery JQuery.i18n

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Mobile development The use and skills of iOS crash debugging

In the iOS development and debugging process as well as on the line, the program will often crash. A simple crash is OK, the complex collapse of the need to analyze the Crash file to analyze the Crash file in the iOS development is more common. There are a lot of blogs on the Internet now, but most of the quality is uneven, or some details have not noticed. Today I write a blog summary of the use and skills of the crash test, if there are any errors or omissions, but also please pointing, thank you! ...

IOS debugging BUG Han Junqiang's blog IOS development

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Programming language 3Sum LeetCode

3Sum LeetCode of the problem to find a list of all and three of zero. No duplicate of the three tuple required. ...

LeetCode algorithm Python summation

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Programming language Vector series --emplace_back c++ caused by the reference failure expert

The will for struct or class why emplace_back are superior to push_back, but there are still some details not mentioned. Today, we talk about the failure of a reference to the emplace_back. Direct line code: #include #include #include Namespace STD int; main using () { Ive vector...

Vector C++

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Programming language [javase class]-6.5 class type parameter and anonymous object

This section is for us to speak of class type parameters and anonymous objects. Let's keep on using the car class. Car class { Int num; / / this is the number of attributes of tire String color; / / this is the color attribute String brand; / / this is the brand Void (start) / / start behavior { System.out.println ("car has started"); } Void (run) / / this is running { Sy...

Se Java Class type parameter anonymous object

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Mobile development QWidget set Qt background color Recommend

QWidget is the base class for all user interface objects, which means that the same method can be used to change the background color for other sub classes. Qt in the context of the setting, the following three methods. 1 using QPalette 2 using Sheet Style 3 drawing event Generally I do not have the QSS set up the window background, also do not recommend the use of. (this is for the window, if it is a sub component of course). Because the window uses the QSS settings, if the child parts do not use the same way to set, the default is to inherit the style of the parent window. ...

Qt Qt background Qt background color Qt style QPalette

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Architecture design Single case mode and thread safety problem expert

Recently seen in comparison to Struts1 and Struts2, said Struts1 controller is a single case, the thread is not safe; Struts2's case, there is no thread unsafe problem. Then I think of the HttpHandler used before... These classes, as if the thread safety problem of a single case, is indeed ubiquitous. But just know that this is not safe, and no serious analysis. Next, carefully analyze. A modified single mode code I first write a singleton class code: / * * *...

Thread safety Struts2.0 Struts MVC

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System operation and maintenance By reading Enterprise Asset Management User Guide Oracle, I understand the initial understanding of eAM Oracle expert

By reading the Oracle Enterprise asset management user guide, I to the Oracle eAM preliminary understanding Oracle eAM is part of the Oracle EBS suite to solve the asset intensive organization of integrated and conventional equipment maintenance requirements. Track all maintenance costs and work history on the device level to measure performance and optimize maintenance operations. EAM provides tools for the reconstruction of assets and inventory of materials to create and apply for maintenance organization...

Oracle EBS EAM Guide user

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Programming language Vector series of c++ in series - know why emplace_back is better than push_back? expert

On a blog, said vector struct, we first construct a struct object, and then push_back. That code, the reason why we can not use emplace_back, is because we do not have the definition of the struct. Emplace reconciliation? Put out the meaning. This time we don't take struct as the element of vector, we put a class as vector elements, write down the code: #include #include <...

Vector C++

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Mobile development Qt custom search box Recommend

On the search box, we often contact. For example: browser search, Windows explorer search, etc.. Of course, these are not for the Qt to achieve the pressure, as long as the idea is clear, to get a minute. Sketch Effect Detail analysis Coding Details analysis of the source code download details to achieve the following steps: Combined implementation, input box + button Event correlation Get the input text, text search In order to be more humane, easy to use, here are some details need to pay attention: The text in the input box is not out of the button. When the input box is not text, it must be given to the friendly...

Qt Qt search box Qt custom search box QLineEdit Qt search

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Architecture design Architecture design: communication system (17) - Service Management (analysis) and Dubbo's

The retrospection of the article (the architecture design: inter system communication (15) service governance and Dubbo preceding "), we by way of example explained Ali Dubbo service governance framework using basic. From this section, we will explain the principle of the design of the main modules of the DUBBO, which helps the reader to understand how DUBBO works. (because of the content of this chapter, including the knowledge preparation, DUBBO framework, DUBBO analysis of the module, so I will cut the content into a number of articles)...

Dubbo architecture design system communication

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Programming language Study on ---Harr-Like features of image algorithm expert

This paper introduces the Harr-like features of the calculation, it is simple, with the need for friends to share! ...

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Architecture design Struts2 overview and comparison with Struts1 expert

Struts2 overview 1, is still a MVC framework based on the request response 2, Struts2 is not an upgrade of Struts1 3, Struts2 and Struts1 system structure is very big difference between 4, Struts2 uses another MVC framework WebWork core design 5, Struts2 more excellent: loose coupling design.. Struts1 with Struts2 in contrast to 1, the action of Struts2 action must inherit; struts1 is singleton, thread safety issues; control...

Struts Struts2.0 MVC frame Java

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[database] [translated from MOS article] how to find Director Server OGG use of the database and user name?

[translated from MOS article] how to find Director Server OGG use of the database and user name? ...

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Mobile development OAuth authorization flow chart wise remark of an experienced person

In fact, we are in the development, often need to solve some of the user's specific data, such as: you can choose to use the microblogging landing, the use of QQ login and so on, and then we get the user's Avatar, nickname, etc.. These are related to the content of OAuth authorization OAuth licensing has so few characteristics: The OAuth protocol provides a secure, open, simple standard for the user's resources. OAuth authorization will not make the user's account information to reach third OAuth allows the user to provide a token, rather than the user name and password to access them in...


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Detailed image algorithm based on ---Adaboost algorithm expert

This article reprinted an article about Adaboost algorithm article, very clear, at a glance, to share with you! ...

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Mobile development Pod install the third party framework

May be some friends in the development, the need to use the third party framework, are directly dragged into the project, and then introduce the need for the first file, start operation. In fact, also can do the project. However, because the third party framework is generally dependent on some of the framework of the system, so you import the third party framework, the compiler, but also to import some of the system framework, resulting in some of the more tedious work. So the use of pod to install, the third party framework, it is more convenient. For example, we need to use the following third party framework: AFNetworking SDWebImage...

frame work

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Programming language Together C talk chestnut bar (seventy-seventh back: C language instance LS --DIY command continued)

Kanguan, everybody is good, the last time we said is DIY cat command example, this time that the pilots of our example is: DIY the LS command continued. Digression, get to the point. Let's C talk! ...

Ls command Get file details Linux

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Programming language 5.4.1 VS2013+Qt expert

Qt applications can be developed using Creator Visual, you can also use Studio Qt. This paper demonstrates the configuration process of 5.4.1 VS2013+Qt. ...

Studio visual QT SDK

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Programming language Vector series --creating vector of local structure vector, of structs initialization c++ expert

Before you have not used vector, now write a brief code: #include #include Main int () { St int {a struct;}; Std:: V vector; V.resize (4); For (std:: vector:: I size_type = 0; I <...

Vector C++

[Internet] Linux notes (updated with December 18th) Recommend

Linux notes 1.UNIX and Linux operating system overview BSD and System of the University of California at Berkeley, V AT&T branch of the achievements of the brilliant achievements of the UNIX played a vital role. The stability of the UNIX system plays an important role in the two reasons: easy to modify the end user program Each item in the UNIX operating system is a file or a process 2.Linux help The Linux man (pages) storage location is: /usr/share/man 3 directory browsing...

Linux note UNIX operating system

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Programming language Bzoj1266 [AHOI2006] school route route

The shortest path with minimum cut ~ + Red traces follow my life...

Bzoj network flow shortest path

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