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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Alibaba Android development engineers, love to learn and share the new business. GitHub address:

Mobile development JAVA basic two - reflection (1): basic class of peripheral information access Expert

To hold on to the dream, the process, the hardships, the memory of the happiness. And if I do that last word, rather than stick to the foot. Today, we begin to talk about the reflection of the knowledge, in the application development, if the pure do, take a frame what, the opportunity to use reflection, but if you want to do a public class or public module to other people, the possibility of using reflection is greatly increased. Besides the reflection sounds is pretty cock name, today we know him completely. First, the introduction of reflection, we first look at the JVM is how to write our class...

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Mobile development CS6 Dreamweaver latest official Chinese version of the official Chinese Version (32, 64) Expert

Hao Meng's main contribution to the work, respect for the work of the author, please do not reprint. If this paper will be helpful to you, welcome to donate to the author, Hao Meng main support and donations at random, focusing on mind ^ ^ I to donate: click on the donation cocos2d-x source code download: I send game official download: video game preview: RzHHd game development blog: game transmission source:

Dreamweaver 32 64

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The implementation of the AI algorithm in the development of chess game

Chess game development question exchange QQ:325131039 (don't advertise) Chess game development technology exchange group: 490287966 (do not send advertising) PS: reproduced from an ancient god, this blog is only suitable for like me reading rookie, masters please don't spray ah, thank you! "Artificial intelligence" (Artificial Intelligence) AI. It is a new technology to study and develop the theory, method, technology and application system of the theory, method, technology and application of the intelligent theory, method, technology and application of the system...

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Mobile development CS6 Photoshop latest official Chinese version of the official Chinese Version (32, 64) Expert

Hao Meng's main contribution to the work, respect for the work of the author, please do not reprint. If this paper will be helpful to you, welcome to donate to the author, Hao Meng main support and donations at random, focusing on mind ^ ^ I to donate: click on the donation cocos2d-x source code download: I send game official download: video game preview: RzHHd game development blog: game transmission source:

Photoshop Photoshop CS6 Adobe

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[Web front end H5 mobile terminal date of birth Expert

Now need to add the date of birth of the micro channel public number H5 page, if the direct use of the computer version of the birth date plug-in, it will appear very soil, and not good. On the Internet to find some information to write a demo, the demo share to everyone. Specific effects are as follows: Implementation code is as follows: Name= viewport "<meta" content=...

Date of birth Plug-in unit Mobile terminal H5

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[integrated] Computer vision EigenFace and PCA

[computer vision] feature face EigenFace and PCA tags (space division): [image processing] Copyright notice: This article is the main original article, reproduced please specify the source Description: This paper mainly wants to make clear the face recognition to the real use of the first method: feature face method. Here is the 1 dimensional PCA method, the image is transformed into a row vector or column vector, although the destruction of the geometric structure, but the processing is more intuitive and convenient. The first step is to build a sample collection contains...

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[Web front end CSS based learning seventeen: CSS layout positioning

Before we start learning the CSS layout, we will first come to understand the concept of document flow. Document flow is the layout mechanism of HTML, and the block level element is a line, Line elements do not account for one line. The form is divided into rows from top to bottom, and in each row in order from left to right of the element. CSS locating and floating overview CSS positioning properties allow you to locate elements. CSS provides a number of properties for positioning and floating, the use of these properties, can be set up column layout, A portion of the layout and the other part of the overlap, but also can be completed for many years...

CSS CSS layout Positioning mechanism Web front end Relative positioning

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[integrated] Embedded platform LDD Expert

X86 platform with LDD can be very convenient to view the dependence on the library, but in the embedded Linux environment, the CC=$(CROSS_COMPILE) gccLDD=$() readelf (CROSS_COMPILE) SDKDemo_video readelf (CROSS_COMPILE) -d Section at offset 0x1a88 contains Dynamic 22 entries: T...

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[Internet] Ali cloud server hexo environment to build

The last step is to explain the cloud server to buy and connect the cloud server, as well as the operation of the file. This paper mainly on the use of hexo to build their own static blog, in the server to establish their own hexo blog environment, and finally reached the remote access, and remote git push to github. The next step will be to install the web container tomcat. ...

The server Tomcat Hexo Website construction

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[Web front end Ajax Extjs request when the session failure automatically jump Expert

When session failure, we can intercept both the filter to the landing page, but the request if it is Ajax request, the page will not be redirected, this is because the Ajax return is data, can not return to the page. Ajax asynchronous request different from other requests, the in the request header contains a X-Requested-With:XMLHttpRequest, following two figures the difference. We can judge a request by using it in filter. If it is, we can return a sessionsta...

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Architecture design Hibernate+Freemarker control implementation Recommend

To the front end of the class Page implements Serializable Pagepublic { Static final long serialVersionUID private = 1L; List contents private; Int pageSize private; Int totalSize private; Priva...

Paging FreeMarker Hibernate

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Architecture design Analysis of the initialization process of C3P0 connection pool two Expert

Last time we talked about C3P0PooledConnectionPool, and finally said that many of the operations on the connection of the BasicResourcePool have been delegated to the C3P0PooledConnectionPool to handle, then the following is a grand out of today's protagonist - BasicResourcePool and its helper - BasicResourcePoolManager. But wrote a half day feel BasicResourcePoolManager's structure and...


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[integrated] Choose an English name for yourself Expert

English: Source: meaning: Aaron Alan the majestic mountains; inspired. Abbott Abbott; the great spirit. Abel Abe Latin life. Abner Abner Hebrew wisdom; intelligence. Abraham Abraham, the father of the hebrew. Adair Adair Scotland, Ireland is as strong as a tree. Adam Adam the best in all the land of a man, male Addi...

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Mobile development IOS development of similar micro channel upload Avatar Demo Expert

Effect diagram: Code: tablvew in front of the image selector - (void) tableView: (UITableView *) didSelectRowAtIndexPath: indexPath (NSIndexPath *) tableView {/ / picture selector *imgPC [[UIImagePickerController = alloc] UIImagePickerController...

IOS IOS development WeChat Class Uitableview

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[integrated] Industrial 4 times, how to prepare for the future of the children's education? Expert

After the last article, we have seen an article about education, and when the new moon is different today, it has brought us a high quality of life. Today. Even if you live in seclusion in the remote valley, via video, also can face to face with the overseas friend dialogue; you to finance, not to go to the financial center; you are going to have a meeting, also should not to the venue; today and one of the non professional teachers "Mathematics class, but from over 200 countries around the world hundreds of millions of students to listen to, he gave the world told 5 billion class, also includes more than 30 million teachers to attend; today, an otaku can...

Education Age

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Programming language MCU: C language stopwatch (start, end, reset)

Stopwatch counting function, use the timer and external interrupt. Number 8 key on behalf of the start / end of the C number, the number of keys on behalf of the reset to 0, in order to demonstrate the convenience, the upper limit is set to 15 seconds. Code in detail: #include WEI=P2^7 sbit; DUAN=P2^6 sbit; L1=P3^4 sbit; Char code dofly_DuanMa[11]={0x3f 0x06,0x5b, 0x4f, 0x66,0x, unsigned...

Single chip microcomputer C language Stopwatch Timer Interrupt

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[integrated] Programmers do not know the English vocabulary (7) Expert

Small Tucao: last night in the company to work overtime, make oneself a headache for a night, get up in the morning is still very painful, good morning can not go to the company. A headache is still due to the high pressure! Company products and other on-line, but also with the test to modify the bug, and it happens that the problem of the place is always my cause, good, and finally realized the programmer's pressure. Before the irony of other people, what can work overtime, so don't get done! Now finally understand the truth, the product demand is not to do the task can be done, but also to do on-line, can guarantee that there is no problem, can really use...

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Mobile development Swift 2 (Day 41) - inheritance of class Expert

Original article, welcome to reprint. Please indicate: Guan Dongsheng blog Swift in succession can only occur in class, cannot occur in the enumeration and the structure of the body. A class can inherit from another class of methods, properties, subscript etc. characteristics, when a class inherits from another class, inheritance jiaozi, inheritance is called the parent class (or classes). The method, property, and index of the parent class can override the method, attribute, and index of the parent class. In order to understand the inheritance, to see such a scene: a oriented object programmer Xiao Zhao, in the programming process to describe and handling of personal information, he defined the person class, as follows.

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Architecture design Understanding of Spring transaction <tx:annotation-driven/> (Controller can use @Transactional) Expert

When using SpringMvc and configuration file we often see annotation-driven such annotations, its meaning is to support annotation, general according to the prefix TX, MVC can also out very straightforward understanding of the role. Is to support transaction annotations (@ transactional annotation), is to support the MVC annotation, spoken parts in an opera is to make the controller in MVC all annotations can be used. First, will have an attribute to specify which transaction manager, such as:. Then transaction management...

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System operation and maintenance A common diagnostic method of "not even License Manager ArcGIS" Expert

In the Desktop ArcGIS problem library, there is a class of not doing the core technical problems, but it may be ranked one of the most common problems. In short, the license server can't even do it?! "The diagnosis of the next problem is the following. This paper applies only to the Administrator ArcGIS License Manager ArcGIS ArcGIS Desktop 10.x ArcGIS, for...

ArcGIS The server Permit

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Programming language Python crawler -- the problem of climbing to the top of their concern Expert

Different from the site of the site is crawling, and now it is necessary to climb to their own personal attention to things, so you need to do analog login. The principle of the simulation is to log on to the site, to get the cookies information stored in the browser, after filling with the request to send. ...

Crawler Python Know almost Climb to know

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[database] DB2 database commonly used debugging test database statements Expert

Connect to database [name] user [operation username] using [password] are connected to the database specified by the database does not contain detection of brackets reorgchk on table EAS.T_User user whether recombinant recombinant select tabname all EAS.T_Userreorgchk EAS.T_Userreorgchk update statistics on table all detection is in need of. Colcount status from sysca...

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Programming language Mybatis simple SQL use Java notes rather than XML configuration

So please keep in mind that this principle: mybatis simple SQL use Java notes rather than XML configuration! ...

Mybatis Mapper Java notes

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[Web front end Analysis of the accuracy of JS to float point operation

What is the problem with the JS for the floating point operation? For example: 10-9.99 =?. According to common sense 10-9.99 should be equal to 0.01, but after the results of the JS operation is not 0.0099999999999999 but 0.01... Such as 0.7+0.1 is equal to how much, according to common sense should be equal to 0.8, while in the JS operation, the result is 0.7999999999999999. So how can we solve this problem? ...

JS float Accuracy problem Javascript

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Mobile development (5.2) uboot -- power saving mode (time outside)

(5.2) uboot -- power saving mode (time outside) This article will analyze the power saving mode of uboot...

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System operation and maintenance UCloud data ark evaluation report Expert

Ucloud data ark evaluation report test environment: cloud ucloud host CentOS6.5 2C4G a test object: ucloud data ark three, testing companies and departments: Guangzhou cloud shift information technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D center cloud platform I Division operation group (Jiangchuan) four, test content: Data ark of data backup and recovery five, test process and results: basic operation 1. The data of the ark of the test; to create a host (Udata_test test), the creation time.

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[integrated] Analysis of data analysis platform for chemical enterprises Expert

Data collection module should be mainly from the region, aging, Department of several dimensions of the comparative analysis should be accounts receivable situation, easy to understand the real-time not withdrawal from circulation of funds, to remind the relevant personnel notified amount of money. The project is mainly according to the requirements of the Transfar chemicals, receivables are comprehensive statistical analysis, the purpose is through the analysis of historical data, from found valuable information and to help the leaders to make decisions, give clerk real-time warning. ...

Chemical enterprise Data analysis Receivable analysis

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Mobile development UIDatePicker (date time selection box)

1, basic usage: UIDatePicker * datePicker = alloc] init] [[UIDatePicker; AddSubview:datePicker] [self.view; only the two lines of code will be able to display a date from the moment of choice:...


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[Internet] EPI Research Report: the country's English level and innovation ability are closely related Expert

In our recent report, we have scored 70 countries in English, which covers nearly 100 English language learning research object. Then the results obtained and the world development index (WDI) were compared with reference. Finally found a country's English level and innovation key indicators have a high degree of contact. Especially in the following areas......

Innovation Alibaba Internet Jack Ma

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System operation and maintenance Statistical analysis of the data - exploration data Expert

Prior to the execution of the statistical analysis, browse, familiar, and check their own data is essential. Drawing and inspection data is a necessary stage in the process of statistical analysis, we can obtain some prior knowledge from these work, and guide the follow-up work. Stage 1 rendering data through the ArcMap layer rendering scheme, we can get the first impression of the data. For example, using a single symbol render insight into the sampling point density distribution, the classification rendering understanding sampling point high value low value distribution, and so on. Stage 2 check data after the data is drawn, the use of exploratory space...

Statistics Interpolation ArcGIS Spatial analysis

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