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At 1 a.m. Beijing time on June 6, the annual Apple Developer event WWDC 2017 kicked off in San Jose, California, USA. 5300 developers from 75 countries gathered together. The oldest developer is an 82 year old woman from Japan, and the youngest developer is only 10 years old, so if you haven't started coding, There's still a lot of time. It's not too late.

Keynote viewing address:https://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2017/

This year's WWDC mainly released six aspects: tvos, watchos, high Sierra, IOS, iPad pro and homepod. Let's analyze the specific contents in detail below.


Tvos has reached a partnership with Amazon. Apple introduces Amazon app into tvos, so that users can watch Amazon TV dramas and self-made dramas through Apple TV. Of course, Apple TV users also enjoy Amazon's membership services. However, this has little to do with Chinese users. Apple TV has not entered the Chinese market.


Watchos has been updated to the fourth version, and the notification interface on watchos 4 has been modified into a card design similar to Google now. The notification card will be personalized pushed according to the user's schedule, and provide notifications and suggestions on driving routes, photos, news, exercise numbers, etc.

In addition, in terms of sports, watchos 4 increases the linkage with gym equipment to obtain more accurate sports data from fitness equipment through NFC.

In terms of music, the apple watch can automatically sync the user's apple music playlist and play it without connecting to the iPhone. Meanwhile, the combination of Apple Music and airpods wireless headphones will also bring users a better music listening experience.

This time, watchos 4 added three theme dials of toy story; At the same time, the contents of the new kaleidoscope dial will change with the movement of the wrist, and the dial screen can also be customized through the user's photos.

The official version of watchos 4 will be launched this fall.

macOS High Sierra

High Sierra has become the new name of MacOS. Its system speed is much faster than that of the previous generation. In addition, Apple released an updated version of safari. Under the new system, the performance of safari browser will be more perfect, 80% faster than chrome's browsing speed. "It can be said that Safari is the fastest desktop browser in the world". In addition, Safari will provide an intelligent defense system, which can automatically filter spam advertisements, and "privacy tracking will become history".

High Sierra uses a new APFs file format, which is faster, especially in file replication.

MacOS serria's album has also been updated with more powerful editing functions. You can fine tune the color and contrast of photos, and you can edit photos without PS. The drawing speed of metal2 rendering engine is 10 times higher than that of the previous generation. The finder window will support metal2.0, making the picture more flow and efficient. At the same time, it supports the external graphics card of the third party, which is realized through the lightning three interface. It is worth mentioning that metal also supports VR function.

The new system high Sierra will release the developer version to developers at the end of June, and Mac users can update the official version in the autumn.

At the same time, at this year's conference, Apple also updated the IMAC series. The updated IMAC screen brightness can reach 500 nits and supports 10 bit color gamut. In terms of configuration, the latest i7 core processor is adopted, the space is increased to 2TB, equipped with updated SSD and faster GPU, which is 80% faster than the previous generation.

The updated IMAC also supports VR video and games. Apple specially introduced the new 27 inch iMac, which is designed for VR development, mainly thanks to the upgrade of GPU. It is worth mentioning that Apple announced at this conference that its products will support HTC vive platform, which also marks Apple's formal embrace of VR industry.

In addition, Apple has also brought a new IMAC pro. Apple has stuffed advanced workstation level hardware configuration into the narrow space of this IMAC pro. In Apple's words, this is the most powerful IMAC Pro desktop all-in-one computer in history. It supports Intel eight core Xeon processor, 8 / 10 / 18 core Xeon processor and AMD Vega image processor. It has 110 billion times of computing power and 16GB of video memory. With 4tb SSD, 4 lightning interfaces and 10GB Ethernet card, it can be said that the overall performance is very strong. The entry-level version costs $4999.


IOS 11 is coming! The operation interface of IOS 11 has changed a lot this time, but there are not too many highlights. Cook teased his opponent, saying: "at present, 86% of IOS devices have been upgraded to IOS 10, while the upgrade rate of Android 7.0 is only 7%".

This year's IOS 11 is another important turning point for apple from flat to perspective. Its control center, lock screen and message interface are redesigned. You can see more message notifications by clicking on the lock screen interface. Different from IOS 10, the functions of its control center become block display. Using 3D touch pressure sensing technology, it can even adjust the brightness display of the flashlight, and also add functions such as personal hotspot switch and homekit home control.

More stickers are added to IMessage. IMessage information in icloud can be synchronized to other devices at any time. Another big update is apple pay. By the end of this year, apple pay will support individual to individual payment. Apple pay can be transferred through IMessage, which is as convenient and fast as wechat transfer.

Like every previous system update, Siri is also the focus of IOS 11 update. She can use a more natural voice, add a male voice, use a better visual interface, have multiple search systems, and support English translation into Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Even scanning wechat QR codes can be operated through Siri. In addition, Siri has become smarter and added artificial intelligence. It can predict user behavior and remind users, such as helping to automatically search news.

The new camera feature will support hevc video coding. In terms of photos, JPEG is also replaced by high efficiency image format (heif) image format. While improving the image storage quality, the storage capacity is reduced by half.

Memory albums are more powerful. They can also be made into small movies, and live dynamic photos can be edited. Carplay has a brand-new user interface, which automatically turns on the undisturbed function when driving. If you receive a message, it will automatically reply to the other party that you are driving; If there is a particularly urgent message, it will pop up.

IOS 11 will also add augmented reality (AR) - Apple has launched a new ar framework: arkit. Some simple ar data processing can be realized through arkit and camera. The AR function of ios11 is very powerful. With special sensors, it can turn an ordinary table into an illusory game scene. This function will provide special updates for Chinese customers, such as QR QR code, SMS extension, traffic camera reminder, Shanghai dialect detection, 10 key Pinyin input method.

In terms of homekit smart home application, it supports speakers smart speaker access. In addition, it has also been optimized and adjusted in terms of music interface. It is worth mentioning that Apple map has also upgraded its more powerful indoor navigation. Taking shopping mall navigation as an example, it can be accurate to every floor, and the main airports will be covered in the future.

As usual, the official version of IOS 11 will push updates and upgrades with the release of the new iPhone in September this year.

iPad Pro

The weight of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is inconvenient. The screen is equipped with an ultra narrow frame. The true tone display technology is added, which has a wider color gamut, ultra-low reflectivity, improves the maximum brightness and supports HDR video. It also adopts a new promotion technology with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is known as "smoother, sharper and faster response", and can better cooperate with the applepencil stylus, The delay is only 20ms, and even the refresh rate can be dynamically adjusted according to the load to save power consumption. For example, it can be reduced to 48Hz when watching video and 24Hz when displaying still photos.

In terms of performance, the new iPad Pro adopts a10x chip, which has been greatly improved in all aspects. The new iPad Pro has a 10 hour battery life, uses a usb-c interface, a 12 megapixel camera, and supports optical anti shake and 4K video recording.

It's not like a tablet at all. It adopts the 12 megapixel rear lens of the same iPhone 7, supports optical anti shake, f / 1.8, 6p lens, 4 flash lights and 4K video shooting. The front lens is 7 million pixels and supports fill light. IOS 11 launched drag and drop function for iPad pro, further liberating productivity. The drag and drop function is used with split screen to make the iPad Pro more like a PC device, just like the window of the desktop operating system.

The new iPad Pro has a maximum endurance of 10 hours and will be launched next week. The starting capacity has been increased to 64GB.


As for the smart speaker homepod benchmarking Amazon echo and Google home, it has two color versions of space gray and white. It adopts a cylindrical shape design similar to a trash can, but it is shorter and fatter. It is 7 inches high (less than 18 cm), equipped with apple A8 processor, 7 tweeters and a large low-frequency speaker. It can automatically identify the space and adjust the volume to fill the whole space with music.

It has built-in Siri, which can control playback pause and other functions through the "Hey Siri" function. More importantly, you can communicate remotely without talking next to Siri. It uses the same intuitive and simple setting method as airpods. Just pick up the iPhone and put it next to the homepod. In a few seconds, it can be set up and start playing music.

The homepod costs $349 (about 2374 yuan) and is expected to land in the domestic market next year.


On the whole, this year's WWDC 2017 keynote feels like a hardware conference, but it is not difficult to interpret Apple's future technology layout for the application of artificial intelligence and VR / AR in the whole process.

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