High moral map positioning failure, 10: positioning service to start the failure solution

Question: In the use of High German map, according to the official api code to write demo, invalid location service and prompt failure to locate the. 10: positioning service failed to start. As follows: Solution: Add in AndroidManifest This is the location of the required services, the use of more than 2 of the need for this. In fact, demo has been written in the official, but the new general after the addition of permissions will not pay attention to An...
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Error using Genymotion debug INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATI

When we installed Genymotion the Android application deployment to the above debugging, the console will error: installation: install failed CPU ABI INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE. This is because system lacks the Google play market a variety of Google services application, in fact, is because of copyright issues, from version 2.0 started Google Apps have to remove the virtual equipment to provide Genymotion...
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XML Android animation preliminary analysis (activity interface between the jump demo)

The Android simply set activity interface jump animation about simple activity to interface between the jump, and use some of Android's built-in animation. This chapter is small mention how to write their own some of the animation for the jump. Or a routine included: (end with source code)     To write their own animation, we must first of some of the properties of the animation has a certain understanding: Interpolator: is used to modify the animation effect, the definition of the rate of change of animation, you can make...
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Android simply set the Activity interface of the jump animation

Animation this knowledge is relatively deep water, mainly in the custom animation but Ooyu Fumiaki, and the technology will be the need to see the design ability. Of course, these are not the focus of the author's blog, the author is basically only talk about technology, this blog will talk about a simple set of Activity jump animation. (in fact, it is called some of the system's built-in animation, does not involve writing their own animation. Effect: (the code is actually very simple, do not upload the source code. Problems may be encountered: After the input "R.anim." is not automatic...
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Android custom AlertDialog and Activity transfer data between each other

Main realization function: 1, from the TextView Activity to get the string set to TextView AlertDialog and EditText 2, the value of the EditText AlertDialog set to TextView in the Activity effect      Novice in the definition of the question on the AlertDialog I guess there are two main: 1, how to customize the AlertDialog to layout...
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Android to achieve the personality of the ViewPager switch animation real PageTransformer

1, overview Before writing a blog post: Android custom ViewPager to create a variety of picture switching effect. Have brothers put forward, ViewPager comes with a setPageTransformer for setting switch animation ~. This blog post, will be: 1, describes how to use the setPageTransformer settings to switch animation; 2, custom PageTransformer to achieve personality of the switch animation; 3, the method in the following SDK11...
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Android application development - eye care reminders - summary article

Design intention: In the study of the first line of code service that chapter, related to the content of alarmmanager. And then I was just concerned about how the programmer to protect the eyes of the problem. So they do a demo, for every hour around to remind one, and later around the friends see I have this reminder from time to time, feel more fresh, said you to the creative alone do an app. In view of the personalized software, I am in this application is also added to add their own pictures, set to remind the text and other functions. Friends said that the personalized vibration is a bright spot. ...
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Android notification bar Notification integration of comprehensive learning (a DEMO allows you to fully understand it)

In the Android application layer, involving many application frameworks, such as service framework, activity management mechanism, the broadcast mechanism and framework of the dialog box, the title bar frame, the status bar frame, the notification mechanism, the actionbar framework and so on. The following is about the notification bar framework (Notificaiton), which is frequently used in the notification mechanism, and it is applicable to the notification of interaction events. It is a list of notifications that can be expanded at the top level. It will remind you from time to time what the software should be updated, and what people send you micro channel messages, etc.. ...
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Spinner setSelection Android invalid total display the first item

When doing two spinner linkage, spinner2 based on the choice of spinner1 fill the data, and then use the setSeletion (2) to set the default. The results showed that: spinner2 is always the first to show, but the actual choice is indeed the location of position 2. Solution method: Old code: Spinner.setAdapter (adapter); Spinner.setSelection (2)...
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Android DrawerLayout sliding menu +nineoldandroids animation

Reference blog: Http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/lmj623565791/article/details/39257409 Http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/lmj623565791/article/details/41531475/ DrawerLayout, in fact, the foreign predecessors of the blog has been very good, but in the ViewHelper animation settings, the predecessors did not have too much description of the author, the author of such...
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Android DrawerLayout high imitation QQ5.2 bidirectional sliding menu

1, overview Before writing a Android the qq5.0 sideslip menu effect of custom controls incoming, coincides with the qq5.2 and add the a menu on the right side, just look DrawerLayout, official things and I are comparative sense of interest; on the other hand, this stuff with really convenient, and write a simple demo, high imitation qq5.2 two-way sideslip, share to everyone. First look at the effect chart: DrawerLayout is really easy to use, the following together to see the use of ~ ...
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Android first project completed! Stage summary

In this year by the end of November is considered finished Guo Lin predecessors of the the first line of code ". After according to the guidance of the instructor, I began to start our first project. At the end of 12 to achieve the initial plan. My job is to rewrite the project Android side code, and make the interaction with the server. Tutor in thinking will give some guidance, but technology in addition to seniors wrote before the semi finished product code, there is no reference. Because the project is not open source, so I can not be attached to the source of the. But some of the main Android end functions, I have written articles scattered in my...
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SetOnItemClickListener ListView invalid reason detailed analysis

preface Recently in the process of doing the project, in the use of listview when you encounter a set of item monitoring event in the absence of the callback onItemClick method. My case is that there is a Button button in the item. So no callback. Baidu found there are two solutions, are as follows: In 1, checkbox and button corresponding to the view plus android:focusable= "false" False "android:clickable=""...
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The use of toolbar Android

Android 5.0 has eliminated the actionbar. Instead is something called the toolbar, the toolbar is similar to a control, placed in the layout file, can be in the layout file directly to add attributes, also can set properties in the wake of the code findviewbyid, and add other textview or ImageView and other controls in the toolbar of the XML document, use is very flexible and can be speaking and a layout file makes no difference, in order to be compatible with the low version of the model,...
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SwipeRefreshLayout Android drop-down refresh Google official components

Listview, Scrollview, recyclerview and so on if the update is relatively fast data, no drop-down refresh is particularly dull. So Google on the launch of the swipeRefreshLayout this simple but practical components (know that APP is the use of this oh). The author is still mainly to the novice to provide a simple demo learning, the results are as follows:    Code is particularly simple, it is not described. MainActiv...
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