Build the VPN server of the pptpd protocol on the AWS EC2 cloud host.

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Registered account

  1. Landing on AWS website:

  2. Click to create a free account

    Registration interface

  3. Create a cloud host

    Cloud host

  4. Select the rhel7.2 version


  5. Monitor port 1723

    One thousand seven hundred and twenty-three

  6. Download the private key

    private key

Connecting the cloud host

Window Edition
1. download and install putty-0.67-installer.msi
A plane ticket:Http://
2. open puttygen and convert the private key format to PPK
private key
3. Click Save private key to export the private key and save it as PPK format
4. open putty, connect the ec2-user@ public network IP, select the private key
Putty connection
Here's a picture description
After 5. connections are successful, execute sudo -i to switch to root users
Here's a picture description

Linux Edition
Modify the private key permissions, SSH to the cloud host. After the connection is successful, the sudo -i is switched to the root user

[root@localhost Desktop]# Chmod 400 test.pem
[root@localhost Desktop]# SSH -i "test.pem"
The authenticityOfHost' (Fifty-two point two four.90.64"" 'can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprintIs OneB:b8:ab:Seventy-five:EightA:08:Twenty-two: bc:Twelve: b4:Forty-seven:ZeroC:NineC:OneC:c5:NineA.
Are you sure you wantTo ContinueConnecting (yes/no)? Yes
Warning: Permanently added',Fifty-two point two four.90.64'(ECDSA)To The List OfKnown hosts.
Last login: Sun JunTwelve 08:06:Nineteen Two thousand and sixteen From Sixty-one point four eight.34.60
[ec2-user@ip-One hundred and seventy-two-Thirty-one-Forty-five-Fifty-three~]$sudo -i
[root@ip-One hundred and seventy-two-Thirty-one-Forty-five-Fifty-threeNext week#

Build VPN server side, RHEL 7.X version

  1. Check whether the host supports PPTP, and returns the result for yes to pass through:

    Modprobe ppp-compress-18 and echo yes

  2. Check to see if the TUN is opened and the result is cat: /dev/net/tun: File descriptor in bad
    State. It means passing.

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 cat /dev/net/tun ~]#

  3. Install EPEL extension Yum source, availableHttp:// the applicable version in it

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 Yum install -y ~]#Http://

  4. Install PPP, pptpd

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 Yum -y install PPP pptpd ~]#

  5. Install iptables (if the system does not need to be installed)

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 Yum install -y iptables ~]#

  6. Install VIM

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 Yum install -y VIM ~]#

  7. Edit the /etc/pptpd.conf file, set up the VPN local IP and the IP address pool assigned to the remote VPN client:

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 VIM /etc/pptpd.conf ~]#

  8. Edit the /etc/ppp/options.pptpd file, set up the DNS assigned to the client, and use Google as follows:

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 VIM /etc/ppp/options.pptpd ~]#

  9. Edit the /etc/ppp/chap-secrets file, set the account and password:

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 VIM /etc/ppp/chap-secrets ~]#
    Account pptpd password *

  10. Edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file to open the route forwarding.

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 VIM /etc/sysctl.conf ~]#
    Net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1
    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 sysctl -p ~]# # reload configuration file is the configuration file entry

  11. Start pptpd and set up to boot from start to start

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 systemctl enable pptpd ~]#
    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 systemctl restart pptpd ~]#

  12. Set the iptables firewall forwarding rule, where eth0 is a network network card, and is a network segment ready to use, consistent with step 7

    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 iptables -F ~]#
    [root@ip-172-31-1-128 iptables NAT -A POSTROUTING ~]# -t -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

Configuring the VPN client, win7 system

  1. Open the network sharing center and set up a new connection or network
    Here's a picture description
  2. Connect to the workspace
    Here's a picture description
  3. Create a new connection, use my internet connection (VPN)
    Here's a picture description
  4. Fill in the cloud host public network IP and custom VPN name
    Here's a picture description
  5. Account number and password, enter the account and password, consistent with the setting of step 9, the domain can not be filled. Because no protocol is set, click skip after connection, and then close
    Here's a picture description
  6. Back to the network sharing center, choose to change the adapter settings, find the VPN you just set up, right click to select the property
    Here's a picture description
  7. In the security option, change the VPN type to PPTP, and the point is saved
    Here's a picture description
  8. The menu bar network chooses to connect the VPN you create, enter the account password, wait for the connection
    Here's a picture description
    9. when the connection is successful, Google search can be used normally
    Here's a picture description

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