Linux_DNS server

Directory DNS Server DNS ServerSite DNS Server Master Domain Forward Resolution Reverse DNS Server Slave Lookup Forward Lookup Reverse DNS ServerDNSDNS Split (Name System Domain, the domain name system), the Internet as a domain name and IP address mapping...
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Linux_FTP server

Directory FTP Server FTP Configuration FTP Config Global User FTP Config Anonymous User FTP Virtual User FTPFTPFTP Local (Transfer Protocol File file transfer protocol), the control file for the Internet two-way transmission. At the same time, it is also a Application. Based on different operating systems have different...
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Relay Linux_DHCP&DHCP

Directory DHCP Relay DHCP DHCPServer Setup ClientPort Setup DHCPDHCPRelay DHCPRelay serviceDHCPDHCP Setup (Host Configuration Protocol Dynamic, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a LAN network protocol (computer network application layer protocol), the use of UDP protocol. There are two main uses: to the internal network or ISP (...
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Powershell instruction set _1

Directory Program progress bar Write-Progress Execution expression Invoke-Expression Tabular print information Format-Table Get system service Get-WmiObject Loop ForEach-Object Acquisition system time Get-Date Create an object New-Object ObjectPopup pop up window procedure cmdlet Write-ProgressWrite-Progress...
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Directory Preface Ldap LDAPNFSautofs ServerPost LDAP+NFS+Autofs is also a kind of network user centralized management solution, which is more reliable and secure than NIS+NFS+Autofs. LdapLDAP (Directory Access Protocol Lightweight) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is based on the X.500 standard, and X.500 different, LDAP supports TCP/IP, which is the access to Intern...
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Directory Preface NIS NFS Autofs Build NISNFSAutofs NNA environment Setup ServerSite Setup Client Setup NIS+NFS+Autofs can be realized, centralized management of network users. NISNIS (Network Information Service): management of user account information, is a centralized control of several system management database network supplies. NIS simplifies the management of UNIX and LINUX desktop clients to use it can be used in...
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Linux_ file system and disk partition

Directory Preface File system Directory structure File file identifier File system repair instruction Two disk format MBR format GPT format Disk partition View partition Type of partition Partition minimum memory cell Check the size of the current partition block GPT partition steps Swap partition Create Swap partition steps Swap is not recommended by file Modify the priority of the swap partition Boot automatically mount UUID and XFS format Mount mount instructions Command line temporary mount Mount the permanent RHEL...
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Powershell&TFS_Part 1

Directory Preface TFS Object model Powershell Powershell object-oriented Powershell defaults to the PC settings to execute script permissions Debug script Breakpoint Step Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Power 2012 Tools Microsoft Assembly Connect to TFS Get TPCList Get team project TPC Get workspace Obtain
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Linux_ISCSI server

Directory Network storage ISCSI To setup ISCSI server How Commands SCSI Side Server Side Client The ISCSI configuration file Edit ServerSide The ClientPort network storage network (network storage) is based on data storage a and network storage structure divided into three types: direct storage (DAS:Direct...
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Python_ exception handling

Directory Abnormal Exception type Exception handling Trigger exception raise Transfer exception Assert statement triggers exception Capture exception tryexceptelse Capture multiple exceptions Tryfinally statement Custom exception Withas triggers an exception to automatically shut down resources As to obtain exception information Exception parameter Traceback tracking exception Sysexc_info to obtain exception information Finally, the abnormal abnormal is abnormal, and the abnormal object is used to express the exception in Python. If the program is compiled or run in the process of the wrong...
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Directory RAID RAID Create RAIDinfo and syncSchedule Check Disk member from RAID Remove RAID device Add RAID Stopdelete The hot spare to RAIDRAIDDescription: Lots of disk combination become a more Bi Re-add...
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Python_ file to read and write detailed object types and their function

Directory Software environment File file object Open file operation Read file Read reads all the files ReadLine to get a line of content Readlines reads all the files The difference between readreadlinereadlines Write file Write Writelines write multiple lines The difference between writelines and write Writes the standard output redirection to the specified file File pointer Tell to get the current file pointer position Truncate truncated file Se...
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Directory Quota Disk To enable the disk quota How Disk Partition LVM Create Extend LVM ReduceDisk QuotaCharacteristic LVM: 1 specialty user For 2 user and baseGroup Limit 3 of DiskSize Limit (Volume),...
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Python_ programming features

Directory Preface Software environment List deduction The default value of a dictionary Forelse statement Values for the exchange of two variables Chain comparison True test Sequence type element inversion Connection string and list Arithmetic To create value for the use of zip Finally, the introduction of Python has a number of very interesting grammar and processing methods which are different from other advanced languages. These special techniques can achieve less code, more clear syntax structure and higher efficiency. Software environment System UbuntuKylin 14.04 Software Python 2...
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Python _Python script file structure

Directory Preface Software environment Script Python file structure Finally, this chapter mainly records the contents of the Python file structure, logical operators, arithmetic operators, control flow statements, input and output statements, functions, objects, classes, and so on. After understanding the data type of Python, combine the key points to continue to learn. Software environment System UbuntuKylin 14.04 Software Python-2.7.6 IPython-4.0.0 Pyth...
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