Sogou Android development summary record

1.Ko and.So file path System\lib\modules----.ko file System\ file...
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Sogou Development resource repository (repositiory)

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Sogou MTK6577+Android environment variable

$project = hsimobile77_ics2 $platform=mt6577 $(PRODUCT_)...
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Sogou MTK platform abbreviation

Mode:Mobile Engineering Test Architecture META, mobile engineer test architecture Factory mode:automatic test environment ATE, automatic test environment System RAM ISRAM:internal, internal system RAM...
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Sogou Linux common command summary

1 file operation 1.1 modify the file name Rm...
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Analysis of the reporting process of the bottom insertion of USB OTG Android4.0.3 (1)

The following two macros are MMP11 PM8058 (R15), MMP12 (P15) pins. #define ext CHG valid MPP 10#define ext CHG valid MPP 2 11static struct Pm8xxx_mpp_init_info MPP init info ISL Isl_mpp[] = {PM8058_MPP_INIT MPP init (EXT CHG valid MPP, the D input, P...
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OTG USB insertion detection recognition

Reprint please indicate the source address: Http:// Http:// of a USB pin general four wire, defined as follows: to support OTG function, mini/micro USB interface extended the a ID pin (4 feet) a device end ID feet ground, the initial state for the host, such as PC and support OTG device shots Equipment B side of the device ID feet dangling, default pull high level, the initial state to the device, such as U disk and support o...
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SD card driver - based on Qualcomm platform

Click to open the link to the content from the following blog: Linux device driver subsystem of the second bomb - SD card (introduced the http://bl SD card hardware) linux2.6 kernel SD card driver with an analysis of the...
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Android security research experience

Security research do what from the angle of attack, for example, may be: a module of vulnerability mining method, to a loophole for the use of technology, through reverse engineering program to and decrypt data, infection, hijacking, undermine the safety of the attack technology, etc. the system or application. The defense is: killing malicious application method, detection and prevention to exploit, for security enhancement system and the third party applications to provide solutions and other. Of course, in general, the concept of attack and defense is relatively vague, a security technology is often used at both ends of the offense and defense, and perhaps more worthy of attention is a technology behind the ideas and awareness. Research...
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2015 summary and outlook 2016

Summary in 2015 and 2016 prospect blink of an eye, and a year later today, under a drizzle, and decided to today, the summary of 2015. Until October of this year is mainly engaged in C5000 3G project (WINCE6.0+i.mx515 scheme), due to the high requirements of customers, testing in particular detail. After 5 rounds of testing, they found that many of the products we did not find the problem, these problems through our efforts, the vast majority have been resolved. Through this project deeply familiar with the fly Si Carle i.mx515 processor, of course, continue to learn WINC...
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Note on the use of BQ24296 charge management chip

BQ24296 encountered a little problem: TI is produced with a narrow range of VDC control, BQ24296 based on the I2C communication of the maximum support 3A charging current switching mode power supply path management. Can easily achieve more than 2A of high current charging, energy conversion efficiency of 90%, while supporting the OTG function, you can use the device as a mobile power. The disadvantage is that the charging time is relatively large, there is still no reasonable solution. This paper describes the application of the project in the process of using the chip to meet some of the problems encountered. 1 off state access to USB (connected to the computer)...
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0 profile: file used to inform the Build NDK system on the Source information. will be part of the Makefile GNU, and will be parsed by System Build one or more times. Therefore, please try to declare variables in the, and do not assume that anything is not defined in the parsing process. file syntax allows us to package Source into a "modules". Modul...
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MSM8909+Android5---DC unable to wake up the system, can not be charged and the charging indicator is not a normal problem

DC charger: only 5V and GND two lines, that is, access to DC, USB detection of D+ and D- is suspended. Shows access DC charger charging icon, but there is no lightning identification problem /frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/ sendIntentLocked () function to //intent.putExtra (BatteryManag...
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Android to modify the resources under the document after framework how to compile

Resource files are added to the framework/base/core/res/res need to compile resource and then compile the framework to normal reference into the root directory of the project CD frameworks/base/core/res/ mm (primary or high pass) command execution, compiler framework-res.apk or mm./mk frameworks/ base/core/res (MTK according to the platform compiler command has different) com.a after the compiler.
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Port USB how to identify different Charger types

Based on Qualcom 8960/8921 platform for a software analysis 1. USB charger types & power supply TypesUSB_INVALID_CHARGER invalid charger invalid USB Charger.USB_SDP_CHARGER SDP charger standard downstream port refers to a do...
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The use of Android performance analysis tool dumpsys (part of its own added in the back)

Android provides dumpsys tools can be used to view the sense of interest system service information and status, the phone is connected to the computer can directly on the command line to perform ADB shell dumpsys view all support service but the outputs of such too much, can through the dumpsys grep | "the dump of service" only shows the main service information first, the list of dumpsys all support command? 12> ADB shell $dumpsys | grep to "...
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BSP MSM8909+Android5.1.1 development - battery management

MSM8909+Android5.1.1 bsp development, battery management first borrow MTK of battery management framework diagram in Figure 1 by telephone test instructions: *#*#4636#*#* can pop-up interface testing 2 battery information, enter: Figure 3 we access USB or DC charging, power plug are presented to show the unknown that the underlying judgment to the unknown type. This problem to find out...
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Research on high throughput BMS for high throughput

Click to open the link Qualcomm 8064 8974 8926 etc. PM chip are integrated electricity meter, it is estimated that subsequent chip will always be there, now many projects UI battery bar are showing the percentage of, so it is necessary to in-depth analysis of the BMS is helpful to solve the bug of consumption. : SOC (bearing power on) terms of computational methods: FCC Full-charge capacity UC remaining capacityCC Coulumb counter UUC...
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Analysis of autosleep mechanism based on Linux in wakeup_source kernel 3.4

Click to open the link: introduction to wakeup source: Linux 3.4 kernel PM used wakeup source to remain awake, is to keep awake. Before Android has been based on Linux joined the wake lock mechanism to prevent the system from dormancy, later 3.4 Linux kernel joined the wakeup source to manage, Android 4.4 follow a kernel upgrade also abandoned their bloated wake lock mechanism, in the upper interface doesn't change,...
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Bootloader--- UART0 to modify the MSM8909+Android5.1.1 clock frequency caused by the problem can not be downloaded to solve

MSM8909+Android5.1.1 bootloader--- modify UART0 clock frequency leads to download download program with Qualcomm's QFIL normal download interface display as follows: Figure 1 shows the QDLoader, said is download mode, I not carefully modified the download the corresponding serial BLSP1 UART0 clock frequency, to burn has been to indicate failure, and above the display is not QDLoader, specifically what forgot. Should be QFIL and serial part of the interaction fails, can not enter the download mode. The into force...
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