Ali society's face-to-face business (offered)


I interviewed Ali recently and have offered to share my experience.

There are a lot of questions, and many interview questions are related to personal projects. Project related questions have little reference significance, so here are some questions that have no absolute relationship with the project. Welcome to watch ~

PS: the review route / method of this job hopping will be sorted out later. Welcome to continue to pay attention

written examination

  1. N ladder problem (tail recursive optimization [function last call itself can reduce intermediate variables, turn recursion to loop optimization] / memo optimization)

  2. Implementation of throttling and anti chattering (ask when analyzing the written test answers, summarize the differences and tell the application scenarios)

  3. Deep copy (type consideration / symbol / date construction / circular optimization / common reference optimization, etc.), here are 2 articles for your reference, , )

  4. Encapsulates a react component that can only input numbers

Question and answer

  1. What happens after entering the URL(Interviewer: what happens after the browser enters the URL?

  2. Let's talk about the event cycle(Interview question: talk about the event cycle mechanism (Full Score answer)

  3. JS has several basic types. What are they and the difference between JS and objects

  4. How to save the context during JS execution (it is recommended to see the working principle of browser of geek time)

  5. What do you think is the front end

  6. Why do you want to come to Ali

  7. What books are you reading recently

  8. Micro front end understand

  9. What kind of person do you want to be (personal growth plan)

  10. What are the biggest challenges encountered in the project and how to solve them

  11. How to handle a large number of node logs (buffer queue / reduced sampling rate, etc.)

  12. Characteristics of http2("Knowledge collection" & nbsp; http2 / http3 summary

  13. What are the differences between node and other languages, and what are their advantages and disadvantages

  14. The core principle of CSRF( )

  15. Node event loop

  16. How are FCP / FMP / FP defined and counted

  17. MySQL title. The ID is unique, and the name can be repeated. Find all the duplicate data in name

  18. Have you pushed anything

  19. Whether a future development is the whole stack and how to plan it

  20. Principle of link screen recording(Research summary of Web screen recording (frame recording)

  21. How to solve the legal problem of link screen recording

  22. FMP definition and statistics, W3C draft, do you know

  23. How to embody the sustainability of react project

  24. Have you used react hooks? Why

  25. What is the difference between H5 and applet

  26. HTTPS encryption principle, man in the middle attack, you know("Knowledge collection" what you should know & nbsp; HTTPS

  27. Ng what are the ways of load balancing

  28. What is the role of CDN

  29. Immutable in immutable data, delete the list in the array( , )

  30. In garbage collection, how are the objects returned to the upper layer by internal functions managed

  31. Es static analysis principle( )

  32. There is a very large file. How to count the most repeated lines in the file (refer to git record storage)


In fact, only looking at the questions, the reference is still relatively small. After all, the interviewer will mainly ask questions according to the resume. One feeling here is that the biggest challenge encountered in the project is really hard to answer. I didn't answer well enough at that time. Later, I went back to summarize a wave of projects. I suggest everyone to sum up the problems they usually encounter and find out the bottom.

This part of the questions will be synchronized to my weekly n questions. Welcome to exchange answers. Those who want to brush questions can also come. The address is as follows:

PS: Click to read the original text to directly brush the title address


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