Selenium browser automation test usage (2)

Selenium - environment installation settings In order to develop RC Selenium or webdriver scripts, the user must make sure that they have an initial configuration complete. There are many steps to build an environment. This will be explained in detail. Download and install Java Download and configure Eclipse Configure Firebug and FirePath Configure RC Selenium Configure webdriver Selenium Download and install Java ...
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Linux using WGet

WGet is a Linux command-line utility for retrieving files From the web, via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. When you are using WGet to Download a file at a particular HTTP URL WGet sends an approp...
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Security Web Spring application entry environment to build

Before using the Security Spring configuration Web application, first of all to prepare a Maven based Spring framework to create the Web application (MVC Spring is not necessary), the content of this article is based on the premise of the. Pom.xml add dependency In addition to some of the Spring framework itself, the package also need to add Security Spring dependency package: Twelve billion three hundred and forty-five million six hundred and seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and ten Dependency...
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Selenium browser automation test usage (1)

Selenium - Introduction Selenium is an open source and portable automated software testing tool for testing Web applications that have the ability to run in different browsers and operating systems. Selenium is really not a single tool, but a set of tools that help testers more effectively automate Web based applications. Now let's get to know the selenium suite and use these tools. We will focus on the following tools: tool describe IDE Selenium Se...
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In Action2.2- mahout clustering introduction -K-means clustering algorithm

Clustering introduction This chapter includes 1 combat operations to understand the cluster 2 to understand the concepts of similarity 3 use mahout to run a simple clustering example 4 for distance calculation method of various clustering As human beings, we tend to cooperate with like-minded people - "birds of a feather together. We are able to discover the patterns of repetition through which we see, hear, ask, and taste the East in our memory. West. For example, compared to us more salt, sugar...
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In Action2.2- mahout to the user recommended books (3) - Evaluation of the recommended system

Recommendation system engine is a tool, a means of answering questions, "what is the best recommendation for users?" , study the question before you answer it. What is the exact meaning of a good recommendation? How do I know how to generate a recommendation system? The following section will explore the evaluation of the recommender system, which will be a useful tool in the search for a specific recommendation system. The best recommendation system is in the field of psychology, it is known that you know exactly what you haven't read before you do something, or that you don't have any of the things you like about item, and what you're doing with those item...
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Javascript picture pre loaded Xiangjie

Pre loading images is a good way to improve the user experience. The picture is pre loaded into the browser, so that visitors can surf on your web site and enjoy fast loading speed. This picture gallery and a large proportion of the site is very favorable, it ensures that the picture quickly and seamlessly released, but also can help users to browse your site content to get a better user experience. This paper will share three different pre loading techniques to enhance the performance and usability of the website. Method 1: using CSS and JavaScript to achieve pre loading There are many ways to achieve pre loaded images,...
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Build a free, unlimited flow of Pages Blog----github and Jekyll entry

People who like to write Blog, will experience three stages. In the first phase, just contact Blog, feel very fresh, try to choose a free space to write. In the second phase, it is found that the free space is too limited to purchase the domain name and space, and build the independent blog. The third stage, I think the management of independent blog too much trouble, it is best to keep the control of the premise, let others to manage, they only responsible for writing the article. Most of the blog author remained in the first and second stage, as the third stage not so easy to reach: do you find it hard to obey...
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JavaScript parsing XML returns Ajax and JSON format data

Write an example for later use A, JavaScript analysis of the return of the XML format data: 1, JavaScript version of the Ajax to send a request (1) to create a XMLHttpRequest object, the object is the core of the Ajax request, is the Ajax request and response of the information carrier, is different from the browser to create a different way (2) request path (3) send a request using the open method (4) send a request using the send () method ...
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RPC Hadoop

Procedure Call Remote remote method call. Without the need to know the details of the network, a program can use the protocol to request a service from another and its programs within the network. It is a Client/Server structure that provides services to a party called Server, a party called the consumer service called Client. The bottom of the Hadoop interaction is carried out through the rpc. Such as: datanode and namenode, tasktracker and jobtracker...
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MapReduce in-depth understanding of input and output formats (2) - complete summary of input and output

MapReduce is too high, the performance is also worth considering, we are interested in or look at spark is better. FileInputFormat class All using the file as data source inputformat implementation of the base class is FileInputFormat. It provides two functions: a definition which files contained in the input of a job; a as input file generated piecewise implementation, the slice cut into recording is completed by its subclasses. The following figure is the level of the InputFormat class...
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MapReduce in-depth understanding of input and output formats (1) - input and recording

Input a input slice in put split is that it can be a single map operation. Each map operation only processing an input patch, and deal with the records of each one by one, also is a key / value pairs. Input and recording are logical, and it is not necessary to correspond to the file (although this is generally the case). In the database. An input patch can be a table of a number of rows, and a record is the number of lines in the line (in fact DBlnputFormat is so It is a...
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Overview of Hadoop architecture

Hadoop is an open source software framework, which is a software that uses commercial hardware to process and store large data. There are mainly five main components from below: Cluster, is a set of hosts (nodes) composed of. Node can be divided by rack. This is the architecture of the hardware level. Yarn structure (now also a resource manager) is a responsible for providing meter application execution time of the computational resources needed to frame (that is, CPU, memory, etc.). Two important parts are as follows: A resource manager (each cluster a)...
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Http Basic Spring (basic) and Digest (Abstract) verification

Basic (basic) and Digest (Abstract) validation is a very popular alternative mechanism for web applications. Basic authentication is generally used to deal with stateless clients, which are attached to their certificates at each request. The common usage is to use it with a form based validation, where the application uses a browser based user interface and a web service. However, basic authentication uses the original text to send a password, so it should only be sent through the encrypted transmission, such as HTTPS. 9.1. BasicAuthentic...
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MapReduce graphical process to solve the detailed (2) - [map phase]

Connect to an explanation: How many reduce tasks do you have? A number of job ReduceTasks is through the mapreduce.job.reduces configuration parameter settings An output tuple of the segmentation index is how much? The partition index of the output tuple refers to the partition index. In Map...
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