Automated Deployment Based on fabric and Hg

Automated deployment of fabric is a very good use of automated deployment tools, although the function than puppet, saltstack and the like to be weak, but the use of python, but also to avoid the installation server. ...
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Several bottle plugins

Preceding the bottle plug and view decorator conflict ", said the problem is I met in writing the plug-in. To facilitate the use of bottle to write a set of plug-ins. When you first use all the features are written in a plug-in, feeling a little cumbersome, not suitable for a flexible combination, so spin off to rewrite the way it is now. Include beaker.BeakerPluginparams.ParamsPluginlogin.LoginPluginbeaker.BeakerPluginBeaker...
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Bottle plug-in and view decorative conflict issues

In fact, this problem has existed for a long time, early in 2012 is in the bottle that reported, but because of the inspec database Python itself, it wraps function cannot be retained is packaged as a function of parameter information, it has not completely resolved. The question is roughly like this: @app.get ("/") @view ("index") Get_index def (): Dict return (a= "a") above is a typical use of decorator view request response function. ...
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Sqlalchemy related sub query

SQLAlchemy has been used for several years, but has been using a relatively simple part of the recent program encountered a problem, need to make a related sub query, tried a long time to solve. ...
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VIBE Jun, let MOTO bar

(should be invited to a friend, a little more than nonsense, the kidney into) the mobile phone market in the past two years, there is no peace, but more and more is not peace. These two days first Luo released the legend of small hammer, nuts U1 mobile phone, followed by 360 also released and cool to launch our phone market a piece of hot, especially for low-priced machine market. Although Luo and Lao Zhou said their mobile phone is designed for young people is actually the cock wire Market), but there are comments that this low-cost machine is simply not to prepare called cock wire, but located in a mistress machine -- because even cock wire, to buy milk machine will first consider the apple.
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Building App update and feedback platform with Wordpress (next)

User feedback said above, the app user feedback function trouble is googleplay at home can not be used, but this is only on the one hand, on the other hand users are not willing in found that the problem of to open googleplay to find your application to comment, in the application of direct feedback, of course, is the best. Of course this function to do a not very troublesome thing, nothing but is in the backend system plus a table, API and a function of things, but if each application to front end do a return or annoyed, better able to have a unified channel. So I think of the use of Wor...
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Cubieboard2 in the installation of the pptpd to deal with the problem of dependence

A burst of home before the power of the ATOM server is broken (7X24 ran for 4 years, has been very good), and other parts of the time to buy a piece of cubieboard2 do standby server. The goods with a SATA port is indeed in the arm board big kill device, performance and functionality than raspberry pie mostly strong the, the price is also not much expensive. At present, my configuration is with a 1T of 2.5 inch hard disk, steady state power consumption is only 2.7W - only about 1/10 of the D525 ATOM host. Originally want to install FREEBSD, but too much trouble, and takes a TF card...
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Building App update and feedback platform with Wordpress (on)

Demand in the domestic this wonderful ecological environment, for the Android platform for mobile applications, one of the necessary functions is to bring their own version of the update feature - this thing can be done with GooglePlay very good...... Of course it does not bother to do this, the development of a back-end interface is, or as I used before the method: through the RSS to achieve. The other is to provide a user feedback channels to quickly find problems and to improve, this feature GooglePlay also have, but you know in the country. As for the domestic application of the market, it is too much too messy, but...
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You pay the event

My estimate of this is "the big dipper". ...
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A simple Redis application (Revised Edition)

Demand has long heard of the name of the Redis, but has not been to study. Because a burst of friends need to use, to ask me about the general look, just recently met their needs, on the study. I here is actually very simple: in a VPS to run an application, providing a short link function, the original implementation is directly on the web server do a reverse proxy. UrlRewrite mapping to the backend server through. Such a use of course is no problem, the function is fully realized, but later found that when the short link to share the social network...
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Over SSH over socks Rsync

The reason to do so, first of all need to strongly condemn those who have contributed to a wall of the programmer, you will be after the liberation of the liquidation. Demand demand this is such, I have several foreign VPS to run themselves and their friends, the blog, to be on the safe side, I got a backup system: on the home server opened a ZFS remote VPS backup, backup method is day and night through Rsync over SSH synchronization and local server to generate snapshots do version control. The implementation is very simple, can also meet the needs: if the remote VPS data is lost (so...
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Secure remote backup scheme based on ZFS and GnuPG

With ZFS to provide backup storage, and then create a snapshot encrypted transmission to remote backup server. Another, with the ZFS snapshot can guard against CryptoLocker virus. ...
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Implementation of home video surveillance with motion

Demand? Of course not for pornographic! You wretched man! After all, there will always be no one at home, go out and go to forget the gas stove is not closed, but also have to go back and see. In this era of people-oriented science and technology, of course, should come up with a smart phone to see it. If there is a break in. What, also can have a timely warning of what. Motion what is it? Motion is an open source software to provide video monitoring solutions, support Linux/FreeBSD/MacOS and other platforms, this paper takes Linux as an example, the test platform is LinuxMin...
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The Big Dipper, Microsoft open source

In short, Microsoft announced the.NET development environment is a good source of open source, but the future remains to be seen...... ...
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Migrate Wordpress sites to PostgreSQL/Nginx

As a MySQL does not like the PG party, recently moved to a PostgreSQL on the WordPress, by the way to make a note to prepare from time to time without the need for it. Of course, server Apache also changed from Nginx to web, so this configuration should also be changed. Nginx WordPress configuration of this is relatively simple, because the.Htaccess does not support the Nginx configuration can only be changed in conf (using php-fpm): location / { Tr...
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