410C Dragonboard to build IOT Windows10

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410C Dragonboard to build IOT Windows10

410C DragonBoard supports IOT win10 operating system, the system package can be downloaded in the Microsoft official website. Link:Http://ms-iot.github.io/content/en-US/Downloads.htm

        Open the link page to findWindows Download 10 Core lot for Dragonboard 410CClick to enter the red box as shown in the figure below.


After download the complete system package is as follows:


In the Windows system under the direct installation of the system of the system package, the system package contains the necessary drive, the default can be installed directly. Default installation directory in Files\Windows IoT C:\Program.

Install IOT Update Tool for dragonboard Windows10. In the QDN site can find related tools, such as the following figure shows, according to the computer host system to select the appropriate version of the tool,

Tool link:Https://developer.qualcomm.com/hardware/dragonboard-410c/tools.


In the Windows system environment directly to install the tool, the success will be installed on the desktop to generate the corresponding shortcut:



Double click to open the tool directly, as shown in the figure below:


clickBrowseButton to select the default path: Files\Microsoft IoT\FFU\QCDB410C\flash.ffu C:\Program file.


Connect the 410C Micro USB Dragonboard to the host computer, the 410C Dragonboard start switch is set to "1000", the BOOT USB switch to the arrow direction, as shown below.


Insert the Adapter power adapter, power system, interface connection status lights turned green, can start burning system.


Click the tool interfaceProgramButton, a few minutes after the installation of the system is completed, and the successful installation of the pop-up dialog box.


At this point you can pull out the power Adapter, the switch is set to "0000", that is, the default state. Connect the 410C Dragonboard and the external display with the HDMI line, connect the USB mouse, the keyboard.

Insert power Adapter, start IOT Windows10.


Above is the default interface after entering the IOT Windows10 system, Enjoy

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