410C Windows10 based on Dragonboard development of the answer game

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410C Windows10 based on Dragonboard development of the answer game

        410C Dragonboard can be friendly to support the win10 operating system, the following details of how to build the Windows10 development of the answer game.

Hardware environment construction

  • 410C Dragonboard external hardware wiring as shown below, the red line is 410C 5V Dragonboard power, three white lines are GPIO port lead outlet, black line is GND.
  • The default voltage of the GPIO port is 1.8V, so the external button as long as the corresponding GPIO port can trigger the low level, which is connected to the GND.


  • The key part of the external hardware, the need to pay attention to is, red, green and blue three color LED lights is optional, convenient for indicating the selection buttons, directly from the Dragonboard 410C pulled out a 5V power are connected in series with the three LED lights can be.
  • Wire Jumper

    Conn pin Expansion


    W/ Black 2 pins

    Pins 1 & 2 (ground)


    W/ Red 2 pins

    Pins 36 & 38 (power)

    Important to Very ensure this is correct connecting this wrong could damage the DB 410C

    #1 White (the port labelled G "to")

    Pin 33 (C GPIO)

    1.8V active, 0V ie, connect via GND port Default

    #2 White (the port labelled R "to")

    Pin 26 (D GPIO)

     1.8V active, 0V ie, connect via GND port Default

    #3 White (the port labelled B "to")

    Pin 27 (E GPIO)

     1.8V active, 0V ie, connect via GND port Default

  • When all the external hardware circuit is completed, you can start debugging software part, it is worth noting that, also need to be equipped with win10 system, and WiFi connection function is normal.

Software environment construction

  • First download the related tools and install the package, link:Installation package;
  • According to Bo WenDragonboard 410C to build IOT Windows10After building a good win10 environment, you can connect the HDMI cable to the monitor, connect the USB mouse and keyboard, and then insert the power adapter Adapter, waiting to enter the system;
  • After entering the system, the system main interface can be found in the system IP address, such as:, need to record, to facilitate the next need to enter;
  • Set WiFi hotspot, open the phone, directly set a WiFi hot spots, in order to facilitate the next step, do not set the Wifi password, you can not connect the mobile network;
  • In the main interface to find the configuration options, click to enter, began to configure the Wifi, the connection has just been set up a good mobile phone Wifi hot spots, automatic connection point;
  • Open has been installed a Windows 10 operating system of the computer, just set the phone WiFi hotspot connection, and checked the WiFi network sharing, is the need to pay attention to, the distance can't phone WiFi hotspot and dragonboard 410C too far, lest because the signal is too weak and unable to communicate.
  • Open Windows10 browser Edge Microsoft, in the browser's address input, enter, enter the interface:
  • Enter user name: administrator, password: p@ssw0rd, click OK, enter the configuration interface:

  • As shown in the interface, you can configure the login user name and password. Click on the Apps option on the left sidebar, enter the software installation interface:

  • In this interface can be installed just download a good installation package, under the AppX, click browse, select the QuizGame_xxxx.appxbundle file;
  • Under Certificate, click browse, select the QuizGame_xxxx.0_arm file;
  • Under Dependencies, click browse, select the Add-AppDevPackage.resources folder in the file corresponding to the platform;
  • Finally click Go to complete the installation, and then you can select the apps Installed drop-down menu contains the QuizGame option, click Start, you can enter the answer game interactive.

Reference documentation:"DB410c_QuizDemo_SetupInstructions"

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