2016 for Mac Office depth understanding of customization, configuration and security  activation

Write in front With Microsoft released a version of office 2016, there have been more and more users to migrate to the version of the 2016, Microsoft in the 2011 version of middle school to more out of office for the lessons and experiences in the Mac to optimization and more close to the actual Mac user's habits. This paper mainly comes from Beilisen. Clayton (Clayton Burlison) English version Bowen (office Demystify 2016 for MAC). This paper is also effective in Microsoft's apex team...
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Mac laptop lid to keep the sound output?

Recently, it was needed to perform this function by testing the following two methods: The simplest way is to buy a display adapter, before the box cover through the conversion head a start of an external monitor is connected, the box can pull out the external display, but do not unplug the conversion head. Another way is to simulate an external display. In front of the box cover, in other machines or even support the handheld devices were used to screen sharing remote connections (such as: vnc:// a kind of method), See the screen after a successful connection, you can  lid...
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QuickLook OSX: quick preview does not work?

If the QuickLook fast preview work,  steps into the terminal can try the following. ...
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X OS each version of the original system image check value index

X OS all versions of the original factory system image calibration value index catalog X OS each version of the original system image check value index preface Document collection method Check the calibration value method on Mac Calculated on Windows Calculated on Linux Check if it is consistent How to use this index InstallESDdmg Problems and Solutions Objective improvement with OS X system version has been introduced. This page will update upgrade or install OSX, you may encounter a variety of problems, such as network downloaded slow pause, such as...
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Leave the back door of the IRC source program, who can understand the hacker potential

It is said that the following code to use this program to the hacker left the back door, this is on the Github lucky7coin open source project source code. Who can read and talk about it, how to use the back door...
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OSX third party software management software

OSX third party software management listed on this page can be found at the present: MacPorts Instructions and related links: search method: here, enter the command search. Fink Instructions and related links: Homebrew Description and related links: search method: enter the Homebrew home page, press the T key, so that after the direct input to find the command. Pkgsrc Instructions and related links: Rudix Instructions and related links: Perlbrew Instructions and related links: RubyGems Instructions and related links: [...
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<OS X system management and deployment > donation activity started, you will have a chance

to update Feng.com also has (Sun 13 Dec 2015 00:43:15 MST) Chinaunix.net also already has (11:26AM MST 2015-12-12) Macx.cn post audit passed In consultation with the press, temporary decided to free book donation activity rules are as follows: 1 participation: reply to ZhuTie, and enter your account name in the replies (this is mainly for recording). 2 each participant in the lottery will be added to the lottery pool. One account, one vote, opportunity...
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Hard knock (la la Ke may cause ing)

Hard disk noise (it's possible nibbling nibbling). The following are some of the main reasons: Head impact Connection problem: hard disk cable or power cord connection problem Some graphics cards The hard drive is not on the level. Normal hard disk sound Particularly confusing data Can be upgraded to solve the firmware program Power issues, such as hard disk and graphics cards and other shared power Power protection problem The hard disk is the motherboard problem problem Reference: http://harddriveclicking.net...
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Prohibit spotlight index external hard disk or network hard disk

A new method to disable spotlight index external hard disk or network hard disk We often use the method to disable the spotlight index an external hard drive or network drive, is in system preferences to manually add to spotlight the privacy (blacklist), another is to establish a metadata never index file in the disk. For example, use the following command: $.Metadata_never_index touch This method is actually used in practice is very convenient, but for the administrator...
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"OSX system management and deployment" is about to be listed

Press for new shelves, online three online booksellers also can order. Their activities are being raised in. The contents of the book is divided into 10 chapters: Preparation work, shell script, user management, management X OS, file system management, client control, printing and fax, software distribution, security, system deployment For more in-depth understanding of the OSX system to master the internal structure of the Mac users, especially enterprises and institutions, system administrators and technical personnel, etc., in terms of OSX batch installation and deployment can have a lot of reference. For example: A...
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Mac enterprise applications, apple ready, and you?

In order to understand why firms are now adopting the Mac, we first need to know why there is a perception that this is not desirable, then determine what reason caused this change because traditionally, apple and enterprises, this two word has traditionally not been combined together using. Below I will discuss some of the commercial applications of the Mac with the legend, and explain the truth behind this. Error 1:Mac operating system is not compatible with the enterprise network is true, the early version of Apple's operating system is compatible with the Windows server solution compatibility is poor, but this has changed. OSX from the first version of 2000...
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Management Acrobat Adobe update prompt

Manages Acrobat Adobe update tips, user options and administrators in a possible way...
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Online upgrade FlashPlayer and Bash GoogleChrome script

OSX based system updates the real-time requirements, it may be at any time to prohibit the operation of such expired version Player Flash. In an enterprise environment, the timely update of the general user's Player Flash is sometimes a headache problem. This script can download the latest version of Player Flash online and install. Scope of use, you can use the internal mechanism to deal with, such as Casper or self internal service munki function, or ARD remote push, or Puppet and other background push and so on. At the same time, this script is good...
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Relationship between IBM and JAMF

In August 5th, IBM announced on its website in the enterprise integration in the comprehensive support for Mac computer's new cloud based management tools, this tool is the result of cooperation with JAMF company. As we all know, Casper Mac tool is the world's renowned JAMF management tool system, and IBM also has its own cloud based MDM management software MaaS360. The article wrote "new services feature the Casper Suite The from JAMF Software,...
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OSX: open TRIM SSD function may not be a good idea

A long time ago, since the people began to SSD loading machines Mac and OSX start initially support trim, people began to pay attention to open OSX trim function to optimize SSD performance, especially when the SSD in more and more junk data, and the SSD needs maneuvers the garbage to the number of useful according to Tang, which is the SSD run the slowest operation. Once upon a time, there has been no thought to open the TRIM on the system will have any side effects, so the Apple in the OSX10.10 only support their own SSD OEM approach is not understand. Since I read a blog post...
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