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Linux kernel driver &NetfilterThis column focuses on the Linux kernel driver development, as well as the Netfilter/iptables mechanism analysis and Practice
Committed to the web front-end technical writingLove the front-end development, to become a front-end expert. This column is intended to share html/css/html5/css3/JavaScript/Jquery/bootstrap/angularJS and other learning experiences, as well as problems encountered in the development and practice, hope and all committed to the end of the development of a friend to grow and progress together.
Linux entry and advancedMainly Linux knowledge, from the basis of a step by step learning, progress...
Awesome MatlabMatlab techniques and interesting things to achieve with MATLAB
Big data open source frameworkIntroduction big data commonly used in the open source framework, zookeeper, Kafka, storm, Hadoop, the follow-up will add spark related knowledge.
Android App Application Development NotesMajor users themselves in the development of the problem of knowledge sharing andorid
Linux commonly used command finishingThe reader of this column is Linux for beginners. I will contact Linux in the column to learn and use the first half of the year to learn and use the basic, commonly used commands to do a summary and finishing. I believe that the new Linux will be helpful for beginners.
Maven study notesThis column is my study and use of Maven in the process of Maven knowledge to sort out and summarize. The coordinate mechanism, warehouse, life cycle, plug-in and plug-in binding, testing and other knowledge points of Maven are introduced. After reading this column, there will be a system of maven master. (continuous update... )
Linux basis and shell programmingIntroduction to the Linux system management procedures and the basic knowledge of commonly used commands, as well as the basic knowledge of shell programming.
26 design patternsA comprehensive introduction of 26 design patterns, for everyone to learn to sum up the use of
Principle of FPGA video stitching deviceThis is my spare time to do the product. Share with you.
GIS gas stationSpread GIS dynamic, share the experience of GIS, so that more people understand GIS, love GIS.
Hadoop essentials of interpretationInterpretation of the Hadoop authoritative guide, combined with the underlying characteristics of Java and data statistics to introduce the core idea of Hadoop
software engineeringSoftware engineering is a subject that studies engineering methods to construct and maintain effective, practical and high quality software. It involves programming language, database, software development tools, system platform, standard, design mode and so on.
Android version of the new featuresThis is mainly to introduce some of the characteristics of the new version of Android, including L Android, M Android and so on.
Java developmentLearning, the development process of a bit record, share exchange.
Android developmentRecord the usual development experience, share exchange.
Framework Android architecture analysisFramework Android architecture source code analysis is the development of each of the advanced Android must have the skills.
Experience in the development of front-end development experienceRecord some of the front-end development process and the development process of the experience, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, etc..
Mobile developmentMobile development technology documents, suitable for beginners reference.