Sogou Enterprise DevOps discussion: "who build, who run" the principle of the theoretical basis

"Who builds, who runs" -- Werner Vogel Such a scene, we must not strange: we are spending a good time with their families, the phone rang suddenly ringing phone ringing, our attention is also to attract. The handset scream to inform our applications -- that is, those regularly by memory leakage infestation, but after the restart and restore normal friends, now finally completely uprising, server resources within a few minutes is completely dry. At present, the application has been unable to work, and the operation and maintenance team in addition to trying to restart and roll back can not be thought - and the latest...
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Sogou Enterprise DevOps: the key points to be concerned in the implementation process

Author: AWS market strategy director Stephen Orban "Experience is not created out of thin air, but rather by the accumulation of a bit" - Albert Camus In this enterprise DevOps exploration journey series articles, I will take you to explore the enterprise with some DevOps experience and how to deal with the situation after the next step may be faced. Of course, these are just my personal contact automation, customer service oriented IT system, as well as those who build, who run the business while the accumulation of some of the experience...
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Sogou Customer service in the enterprise DevOps system has a key role in the two major reasons

Author: AWS market strategy director Stephen Orban "Customers don't care about how much we know, and how much we care." -- Damon Richards As I said in the last article in this series of articles, customer service is one of the three basic principles that enterprises must pay attention to in the process of realizing the DevOps culture. Today, the world is full of all kinds of technical solutions. No matter what our needs, we are able to find a large number of options in the market to take effect. For those responsible for the delivery of technical solutions...
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Sogou Thoughts on the incorporation of DevOps into the enterprise environment

Author: AWS market strategy director Stephen Orban "Development is a continuous behavior that is based on progressive improvement" -- Inda Waed Although DevOps can be regarded as a relatively new concept, but in my opinion, the essence of the idea has been a very long time ago. From this angle, at present a lot of enterprises has been widely accepted the concept and as a cultural product of view, specifically is a large number of originally isolated from the team together, in order to achieve speed is quicker, and the frequency is higher and more reliable work. I personally very lucky...
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Sogou A binary classification model is established by using Machine Learning Amazon and Redshift Amazon

In the daily life, most of the decisions are in binary form, in particular, this kind of question can be answered with yes or no. And in business activities, to be able to answer a lot of questions in binary way. For example: "is this a case of fraud?" "Whether the customer will buy the product?" Or "does the user have a risk of losing?" wait In machine learning, we refer to this as a binary classification problem. Many business decisions can be enhanced by accurately predicting the answer to the binary problem. Michine Learning Amazon (...
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Sogou Using Mobile Analytics Amazon and R to explore the application mode of mobile applications

Author: Atluri Sandeep Amazon data scientist To really encourage users to use our mobile applications, the most important premise is to understand the user's behavior patterns, and then make the experience to optimize. But through the application event data to identify meaningful patterns often very challenging, and KPI standard such as monthly active users (MAU) and daily active users (dau) is not enough to draw the outline of a complete picture. For example, the number of users that are released in the last thirty days will be able to help...
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Sogou AWS use experience: I had missed those valuable experience

In today's article. I sorted out the lots had missed, and still will I regret the Amazon Web services (AWS) experience. In a few years of practice, I have accumulated to the experience of building and deploying all kinds of applications on top of AWS. Although the content of a bit messy, but I believe you can still give you a little inspiration. From the physical server to the cloud environment transfer process is not just a technical task, but also means that we need to make a change in the way of thinking. Overall, we are in the physical environment...
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Amazon China launched in Beijing District, high performance computing C4 and input and output enhanced I2 instance

Good news, Amazon AWS cloud computing has launched C4 and I2 two virtual machine instances in Beijing District Chinese. C4 is for computing intensive applications; I2 The instance uses the high speed solid state disk (SSD), only needs the very low cost to be able to obtain the high IOPS capacity, is specially designed for the high load random I/O environment to carry on the optimization. C4 using Intel custom V3 E5-2666 (Haswell) processor, clocked at 2.9GHz, can be accelerated to 3.5GHz core frequency. Each C4 instance is optimized by default, does not increase the additional cost, and provides enhanced network EBS. C4...
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Machine Learning Amazon - let the data-driven decision-making mechanism to scale

Author: Jeff Barr Today, the observation and collection of a large number of specific systems, products or processes related to the operation of the data is relatively simple, its cost has become more easy to accept. Unsurprisingly, the huge amount of information is submerged in the hundreds of GB of customers purchasing data, website navigation path and even e-mail response types of data. But the good news is that all of the above data can be properly analyzed on the premise of good statistical results, and then be used to make more efficient business decisions. The bad news, however, is the same: we need to find our own...
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Boto: uses Python to introduce automation mechanism into AWS service

Boto allows you to write part of the script, so as to automate the way to achieve EC2 AWS instance startup and other common operations. Boto is a set of Python software package, designed to be programmed into the Web Services Amazon. Amazon cloud provide a series of service scheme of dynamic scaling of server resources, including core computing services, Elastic Compute Cloud (i.e. elastic cloud computing, (EC2), a variety of storage mechanism, load balancing tool and DNS.
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Secure SSH security on the EC2 Linux Amazon host

Once worked in the start-up companies which friends must be very clear, the establishment of customer trust is a key step in the development of business. Today, the user's understanding of technology and security is getting deeper and deeper, they hope that the supplier can provide strict protection for the data, while ensuring that the service is solid and reliable. In addition, the customer's mind is often volatile, and often in the presence of security risks found in existing programs do not hesitate to invest in the arms of competitors. In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, we take the first initiative should be based on the AWS business process to start, lock point EC2 Amazon-...
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On AWS to achieve personalized mobile applications for users of mobile applications

This article for the Active AWS cloud innovation program official blog and Jain Ankit (Quettra founder and CEO) on the common problems of the exchange. Quettra is a set of mobile intelligent platform, from all over the world developers can use it to make their products more personalized, more attractive and user is turned on for the first time the application showed high intelligent level. Q: each founder has an interesting experience. Can you tell me about the birth of Quettra? A: first of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share Que...
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In the cloud environment using Teraproc cluster that services to achieve GPU code R acceleration

To analyze the statistical algorithm, the workload may need to run for several hours or even several days on a single computer. In order to solve this problem, many statisticians and data scientists using R statistical computing environment to compile the complex simulation and statistical analysis method. However, these results usually need to go through a long period of time. In order to save the valuable time that the R language programmers spend waiting for the result of the operation, making full use of the parallelism of the computer system and the hardware performance has become a very practical significance. In a previous article, we have discussed the long time processing in parallel...
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Five tips to help you step on an even highway continuous delivery

CTO company Florian Motlik Codeship guest article For any start-up company, the action is flexible, rapid iteration and the early user and customer feedback for product adjustment can be said to be a necessary prerequisite for its successful development and the core means. AWS community hero and Netflix successfully migrate to the AWS cloud infrastructure behind the scenes hero of Adrian Cockcroft has stressed the need to "speed to win the market" the idea. Today, startups face competition from all aspects of the pressure, and this pressure is also forced...
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Beijing District launched a large-scale distributed data stream services Kinesis Amazon

Good news, AWS China Beijing area Limited Preview customers can start using AmazonKinesis services. AmazonKinesis is a fully managed cloud services for real-time data processing of large distributed data streams. The introduction of the service provides an efficient tool for the needs of real-time data flow analysis of large customers. Below we will give you an overview of the main advantages of Kinesis Amazon and the use of the scene.   Kinesis Amazon can continuously capture and store data from hundreds of thousands of sources per hour, TB...
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BJS implementation of RDS Amazon more available regional deployment

Good news, no need to wait, AWS China Beijing area Limited Preview client can start in the Beijing area to achieve AmazonRDS Amazon hosted relational database deployment of multi available areas. Previously, since the end of 5 in 2015, these customers in the Beijing area has been available for EC2 deployment of second available areas. So far AWS China's customers can take full advantage of AWS's unique multi usable area of the architecture to deploy high availability system applications. RDS Amazon deployment for the database (DB) instance provides enhanced usability and durability, making it a number of production...
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