Azure and Foundry Cloud for the first handshake

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Foundry Cloud recently released a message on its official blog, said Microsoft's developer conference Build announced in the Azure platform to support Foundry Cloud, which is a major advance in the new CEO after Microsoft's office continues to embrace open source community. Believe that the original C# open source when we are also impressed. Believe Foundry Cloud will also provide more support for Microsoft technologies

Here is a brief introduction to Foundry Cloud:

Foundry CloudVMware is the industry's first open source PaaS cloud platform, which supports a variety of frameworks, languages, runtime environment, cloud platform and application services, so that developers can be deployed in a few seconds and expand the application, without having to worry about any infrastructure issues. At the same time, it itself is a distributed system based on on Rails Ruby by a number of relatively independent subsystems through the message mechanism, so that the platform can be horizontally extended at all levels, both in large data centers can run in a desktop computer, the two use the same code library. [1]
As a new generation of cloud application platform, Foundry Cloud designed for private cloud computing environment, enterprise data centers and public cloud service providers to create. Foundry Cloud cloud platform can simplify the development, delivery and operation process of modern applications, in the face of a variety of public and private cloud options, in accordance with the industry's standard of efficient development framework and application infrastructure services, can significantly improve the ability of developers in the cloud environment in the central office and running applications.

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In fact, as early as in Microsoft have been revealed for Cloud Foundry support, but this time go one step closer, released the public preview of Cloud Foundry for Azure. This time no matter for small and medium enterprises or individual developers are good news, we finally see the industry's two platform. The following is an excerpt from Cloud Foundry's official blog a few words. Commitment to bring more PaaS services to users.

Are strongly committed to offering customers the most choice and flexibility on the Azure platform and with this wide range PaaS of offerings whether, Microsoft or Partner delivered I, believe we can meet all your needs in development We, and, management. deployment"

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Azure as a leading enterprise in the field of commercial cloud computing, is constantly developing and improving, especially for those who use stack Microsoft technology, but also a huge positive. And from the user inside the Microsoft system, there is also a constant support for Foundry Cloud's voice to mention. This time the release is also the voice of the people. Developers are also on the Foundry Cloud for.Net, Windows support, while also including Azure. Foundry Cloud open source community to meet these needs through the development of Garden and buildpack.NET projects.

At the same time Microsoft's team also actively carry out the support for BOSH-CPI.

But these are the two major community groups have just begun to touch a small spark, the future of good things worth looking forward to.

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