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Summary: recently I had the honor to participate in the Microsoft build conference Beijing Railway Station, following the scene of some experience and experience to share with you.

June 6th, Beijing, Microsoft build conference. Although before the Internet to see Microsoft's global build conference, but be able to participate in Beijing's general meeting is still exciting. Tall buildings in the CBD, China World Trade Center's hotel is really more. Asked a bunch of security aunt finally know that in the three period in China World Trade Center. Microsoft is really tall on the ah, actually in Beijing, the first high-rise office build conference, it seems that this specification is not low.

Into the third floor, attendance, T-Shirts, lunch vouchers, admission card, the moment is a blue ocean (T - shirt is blue), a lot of people. I quickly ran into the venue to occupy a seat, the original which has a lot of people.
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China World Trade Center three conference room is really beautiful decoration ah, let me wait code but open eye
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9 o'clock ceremony officially began, first Indian boss made a start, and then Shen chauhan (didn't know the name of this foreigner is not the people of Hong Kong) Microsoft's senior product manager for everyone introduced many build global conference of dry, especially the elder brothers in the demo was also prepared by the two different hats. The foreigner programmer is more than we can play, but the thing is very real. Including the introduction of new features win10, expansion platform functions, development and so on. Specific does not introduce, believe that the video should be back out of the.

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I most concerned about the Azure in more than 10 on time debut, a section of the newspaper Bai Haishi teacher's atmosphere into a climax. Honestly, I think he should be reported to the dishes most cloud computing circles, or reported Caiming circle will cloud. Information is also shot, and interested friends to pay attention to the white teacher.

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Cloud computing topic so much, to the white teacher's 45 minutes is really too short. But there is no way, this is just a test of ability. He first introduced the gathered three concepts, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. hope MERS will not be added in the future. :)
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Then he added a note to each service.
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Of course, the most cattle Azure had to mention,
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But Azure in terms of cloud capabilities and for the developer to consider the aspect is indeed very good. It seems that the boss to do the cloud when the CEO is quite important, especially for the support of the platform collapse. Several demo white teachers are in the Mac Book do, quite awesome.

At the same time a few free choice development language, scale auto is also really done in place, Microsoft is indeed a lot of force. Interested friends can have a look at Microsoft's Azure blog specific introduction, I will study the study, to share with you my feelings.
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Of course, in the end it certainly will not be the star of the Azure products, measured the value of the yen, huh, huh
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One day the content is very much, the conference room is outside the Demo display, including a variety of models on the treadmill running win 10 Surface and Pro Surface. The current product is really rich ah

In the evening also participated in the Geek conference, but do not know a lot of people are not directed at the opening of the girls to go. Ha ha, in short, this is a burn of the brain ah naive ah.
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