Fortinet with Microsoft and CISCO to protect cloud computing and SDN security

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The world's leading high-performance network security service provider Fortinet again to expand its cloud computing and security products in the field of SDN services. The first is a new virtualization security service - for Azure FortiGate-VM. Through this service, Fortinet will be the next generation of firewall security capabilities to expand to the world's leading public cloud service platform Azure Microsoft, to provide users with high performance security solutions for the use of this platform to protect users based on cloud services. Forinet's flagship security gateway FortiGate-VM is in the Azure virtual network through the implementation of strict network security management and control, including two-way static firewall, intrusion detection, application control, VPN and other security policy implementation to help users better eliminate potential security blind spots. NGFW FortiGate-VM Fortinet extended cloud platform security services, security solutions for the global Azure Microsoft users to provide high performance, protect the user's cloud based business.

Integrated with FortiGate Cisco and ACI SDN to provide Fortinet security

In SDN, NGFW's Fortinet platform and ACI's Cisco (Centric Infrastructure Application) integration, to run the Cisco network architecture of a variety of cloud and data center dynamic scene to provide firewall, IPS, threat management and other security features. Enhanced the flexibility of business and service providers to cloud and data center network architecture management to maintain the highest level of security and data compliance.

By expanding to ACI Cisco, the industry's demand for the most robust SDN platform, Fortinet in the data center security strategy is a very important step.

ACI Cisco open architecture enables Fortinet such an ecosystem partners seamless integration. After integration, Fortinet network security solutions can be based on the specific application of the strategy to provide an automatic way to protect the security of data center applications and can be used as a flexible extension. For example, in the cloud and management services environment, as a storage, server and other infrastructure will automatically set up to provide a new application, security seamless deployment, the application provides appropriate security guarantees, not only is the service of rental customers, and the business team, all have privacy and compliance assurance.

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