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The weekend weather, people and the same mixed IT circle daughter-in-law joined the Microsoft cloud game developers salon. To tell the truth, this is the first time I walked into the Microsoft building. Sincere enough style. Thanks to Microsoft security brother arranged a car, don't run too far.

Overall, the salon was a very good success, but also the author has participated in the only one dedicated to the development of cloud computing platform and game circles linked to the developer salon. Still hope that after CSDN for everyone to bring more. The following is a simple over a field, back to have time to write about their own experience in the deployment of the azure game to everyone.

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This theme, there is not asked us to stop the pace of the ah, oh, but this of the circle, especially game, all kill red eye, who if walking forward, it was tragic.

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Because of the fear of traffic jam early, the scene is not a lot of people. But Tory teacher has been there to debug, it seems that the weekend out of the activities have become accustomed to. Found a more close to the location, easy to learn. When you go to school like the back, and later found that the class would like to sleep, and after graduation forced to do everything in front of the sitting. More and more slowly, the huge conference room are all filled with. Actually there is a doll to attend. Looks like the cloud computing and the game to grab from the baby ah.

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This male hormone is too high, the meeting must be beautiful to start. Zhang teacher gave us a few recent Microsoft developer activities. Build general assembly and the hacker site, the author also went, and finally to catch up with the time to leave the office of the. Overall feeling, more than half of this year, Azure landing activities in the country more and more, the popularity is also getting higher and higher. The key is the recent new technology, more and more new resources, to facilitate our work in the first line of labor force is also more and more, for us to release the hands of independent walking is very helpful. :)

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Next is your teacher's dry cargo, an overview of Microsoft cloud scheme is first teacher xu.
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Mainly through the Windows10, Azure, development tools, Studio Visual and so on, if the Game and cloud computing will be combined. This includes some of the basic concepts of cloud computing itself, Game popular solutions, and Unity, Cocos integration, the industry's latest trends and so on.
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The next is a categorized list out said, including such as load balancing, cloud computing services, cloud storage, cloud database, CDN, virtual network, and so on. Here is not specific to write, and each one back alone to do a topic and learn to share with everyone.

Then some of the more popular case to share, including a Korean game: Story Horse - Doctor Healing
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South Korea game is very pragmatic, the structure is relatively simple, but the use of the technology is very mature, unlike the fashion we are so. But their skill is still very deep, which is worth learning. And South Korea's network infrastructure is much better than us, the real download speed of dozens of million do play games do not have to consider too many network restrictions. So for our own game developers, to go deep into your user market to understand the hard software situation is still very necessary.
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After Azure and Gamming Xu, Wang teachers say ".NET open source game backend more awesome assistant". It is true that the recent.Net open source so that we can really see the progress of Microsoft in the field of open source. Did a good start, not only led to the open source community, but the most important thing is to change the open too much. Cross platform, cross hardware, the recent change is really more and more.

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Because of my old fruit machine is really suck, forgot to charge it took so much. After the lecturers focus on the characteristics of the windows 10 platform, has developed tools to support. Believe that a lot of people can not wait to join the ranks of the trial. Winodows 10 is indeed a very clean and function of the system, the virtual machine has been running the, feeling very clean and fresh, interested you try it. Including a variety of integrated cross platform development tools, and cloud platform integration, are quite awesome.

Lunch at noon is relatively simple, this is not as good as the build general assembly, and finally to the salad did not. May: (the village weekends only eat these lunch, haha

Afternoon's content is more close to the game. A lot of people will say, you can not see the light of Microsoft itself, let us look at the example. So in the afternoon, Sharon arranged a lot of friends to give you a brief introduction to their development experience. It is true that people have learned a lot.

The first is from the swim family network of Lee share the experience of the family travel. Including the current status of the company's travel, product, organizational structure and the current problems encountered in the development of the game. Including the current structure of the design of the tour group, and so on, secretly cut a small screen for everyone.
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Then Wu Zhangfa Cocos-SCUT founder of for everyone to explain Cocos-SCUT of open source engine, is a variety of architecture example shows up, and sure enough his eyes. Including an example demonstration:
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Wu Zong's lecture made me feel the urge to fight the landlord on the Azure.
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Behind the AE mobile technology director Li wing teacher "practice sharing: cloud azure PAAS power AE mobile development of mobile games back-end - azure. Net SDK + redis cache + SQL azure and egret technology R & D Manager Zhangchen teacher" HTML5 game development scheme egret embrace the Microsoft ecosystem - H5 performance promotion, windows 10 generic application, game released. Due to the length of the restrictions are not much to write, and look back to see if you can find the corresponding courseware to send you a little, but this is the people's rights, or have to go through the teacher's consent.

Mobile AE
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