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Eleven point one Dark channel priority image to fog algorithm

There is a certain intersection between image enhancement and image restoration, in spite of their emphasis on the objective criteria, an emphasis on subjective criteria, but after all, the final results have improved the quality of the image. Image to fog is the most typical representative of these two technologies in one another. If the haze is regarded as a noise, then remove the haze standard is clearly very objective, that is, to restore the image to the situation without the haze. However, if the fog in the fog and haze environment is taken as a picture of the original image, then the fog is obviously people in order to improve the subjective visual quality of the image of an enhanced. Early image to fog research has not been given due attention. Many people think it is of little practical significance, or even think that the so-called defogging algorithm is some fancy Huaquanxiutui, lack of academic value. However, passing of night, Shiyishibian. On the one hand, with the increasingly serious air pollution, trying to improve the image quality of the automatic acquisition of its significance is self-evident. On the other hand, with the popularity of digital devices, the market of consumer electronic products also gave birth to many new demands, among which the correction and optimization of the quality of the pictures is an obvious need. When it comes to the fog, we have to mention the image de fog algorithm based on dark channel proposed by Dr. He Kaiming et al. Because of its novel ideas and ideal results, the algorithm has been widely concerned.Two thousand and nineWon the yearCVPRBest paper award, but also since the award was awarded for the first time, the award by Asian scholars.

Now the results have been more delicate, but it is clear that some dark image. Dr Ho in the paper also mentioned that the results of the direct dark channel algorithm will be relatively dark. Under article, we will are implemented in the matlab source code, and the dark images increased exposure and auto color gradation, in order to get the perfect to the mist image.

To be continued...

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