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We have learned the basic principle of the dark channel image to the fog algorithm, we have to program to achieve, and then do some of the results of the discussion.

The code calls the function, space is limited here given only the dark channel processing function, the remainder of the function readers can try to write to see, of course, which the key is dark channel processing function, this is the algorithm for the core content.

In addition, we use the code of the guide filter function, guide filtering code from Dr. He Kaiming, the reader can access his web page to get source code, has been the text of the paper, the link is as follows:


In addition, below this blog has some of the more popular on the filter of the discussion, can be used as the original text of the reading of the auxiliary materials:


Finally a discussion, we adopt the method of English called the dark channel prior and confuses a lot of people prior to the how to translate, title I used give top priority to the names, this is a relatively common names, I also with the world vulgar, because prior in English does have this meaning. But this is usually called a "best is defective, a priori". In the article, we discussed the principle of the algorithm, in fact, the algorithm is the conclusion about the dark channel as a prior condition to use, like we used to do mathematical proofs, there will be some conclusions or theorem even in the title did not give us can also directly, those conclusions or theorem is a priori conditions, can also be used without the need for a given directly.

Complete code has been released, no longer need toIn other forms to me for,Thank you for your support!

Digital image processing books Bo Wen see other recommended reference

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