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It is hard to imagine that people who learn computer technology have not seen this book, if only on the Internet to see the technology, so that the knowledge is absolutely discrete, not the system. But to really learn a knowledge (such as a computer language or a technology), the role of a good book is self-evident. Many people complain the people in terms of technology books copied to copy, content with superficial understanding, although published a book is very numerous, but eventually become a boutique is rare. As a result, more readers are keen on the version of the book. But it is clear that not all Chinese people's foreign language proficiency is enough to read the original books without obstacles. So back to seek the next, to seek the translation version is a seemingly no choice.

       Unfortunately, the Internet for the translation of books in the Tucao can say never stop. I have also seen that the translation of the poor people, the so-called insipid. I even in the past, also cited examples of such examples, today is not afraid to mention once again. I am here for two books, for example, can be said that this is the original classic version, but the translation I really flattered.

       The first is the "Eckel C++" of the "Bruce programming" (two volumes), the English name "in C++ Thinking".

       This book is the name ruleiguaner. Eckel Bruce is also the author of "In Java Thinking", and his two works are popular all over the world. "In C++ Thinking" the first edition was the United States "software development" magazine named the 1996 book shock Awards (Award Jolt), an important award on the technical work, is the top recognition of the contents of the book. But the book version is Chinese especially easy to mislead the reader too horrible to look at. For example, the following is about the users of the message and comments, you should be able to easily understand the meaning of the message.

1) the translation of people go to * bar!!! Look at the way you've ruined a good book:

S' even better to avoid writing code that It uses the = forInitialization; instead, use the explicit constructor form always.

For initialization, use "=" to avoid writing code. Do not always use the display of the form of the function. (Chinese version of 288 pages)
The original meaning of the text is: it is best to avoid the use of "=" initialization code, but the use of explicit form of the constructor.
After you idiot a translation, the meaning is completely reversed!

(2) for example, the Chinese version of the 278th page: only changes to the left side of the parameter values of the assignment (such as "+", "=") and operator =,...
The text is clearly ("=").
You idiot, English did not learn, don't copy these characters are not?
For example:... It is.Because allocated in one big chunk and the size of the whole chunk is stashed somewhere by the allocation routine.
Because they are allocated in a block of memory, the entire memory block size is interrupted by a program somewhere.
Because they are allocated in a block of memory, and the size of the block is stored in a place where the program is stored.
Stash: storage; hide.
Translated into "the size of the block of memory is allocated program disruption of somewhere in" absolutely is trash, "the size of" how "interrupt". This is where the Chinese?

Another is by Feng Boqin (the feeling is nominal) presided over the translation of the, Louden, K.C. "compiler principles and practice", Mechanical Industry Press published
Originally compiled so complicated, not easy to understand, the translation and mumbo-jumbo it that is mere trash. This is not only my say so, I just picked up some comments online, we see at a glance:
1) translation is in suck, a lot of places statement simply unreasonable, the people see foggy, despise the titular head of the Ph. D., this year, Ph.D. is also not cherish their reputation, find a few students by flipping a translation software, do not proofreading, dare to nominal, harm the I want to read
2) in many places, the translation of this book is really too hard. Sometimes it even feels like people who don't understand the principles of compilation. For example, in the ninety-seventh surface of the program list BNF TINY in the grammar of the 3-1 corresponding to the original 133rd Figure 3.6 Grammar of thr language TINY BNF in, this translation is really difficult to read.
3) I to all readers is strongly recommended that you do not buy the book, or buy before must find a paper-based or electronic version read two chapters, and then make a decision
I am very respectful to the translator in China, but I am very angry with the translator of this book. The translator translated the book you read? If you read how dare you come out and publish it?
Inside the translation is not Chinese people can understand two or three times, there are a lot of mistakes (some of the wrong is too naive)
I read the 1-4 chapter, it is not help but want to complain
The chapters 1-5 translated by Feng LAN, did not see in the following chapters, however, is responsible for Feng Boqin, proofreading Ye Sheng, Feng LAN, Dan Jun Zhu (the three at the same time, it is the translator) bears unshirkable responsibility, for the personnel mentioned in the translator's preface, only to Zhang Xianfeng reservations (he and Ye Sheng he translated Chapter 8. I haven't seen)
I would like to say to some translators: please cherish your reputation.
Finally, I want to scold a sentence: garbage!
It is too irritating
Feng Boqin is a contractor, he put the translation of this single next, handed over to subordinate the, in addition, did not do anything.
Translation team, only 2 cases, either sucks, how hard was in vain; either has no sense of responsibility, a lot of places statements impassability, if to a list of errata, that is to.
Louden also considered unlucky, originally good a book to China, became shit!

       It can be said that the previous feeling of being disgusted by this garbage, belongs to absolute hate. And I also translated some books, just direct Kingsoft such things I do not come out. One hundred readers will have one hundred Hamlett. Whether it is translated or published, always leave a regret. I can hardly guarantee to cater for all tastes, but I can still have a clear conscience.

       Today visited the watercress, accidentally saw a netizen comments contrast a translation of my past posts (or address:Http://, that already is five years ago that the (I also know the queen mother sleep), there are many netizens gentie discussion. I would also like to express my meaning accordingly. First statement, this is definitely not an ad posted, the viewer from the! I just want to explain as a reader, but also a translator's point of view. Of course Discretion is Advised Viewer!!

       Charles petzold's "code hidden in the name of hardware and software behind the language", a book can be said like the thunder. Since advertising is not posted, I in this also don't want to say how he famous, went straight to the theme.

       Because the code hidden in the hardware and software behind the language of the book early mechanical industry press has been a, so the differences on mechanic and electrician edition online has never stopped. Because this is such a book as a great reputation, electric version of the translator, I dare to regard as unimportant. Just that users really want to have a heart, he did not in the English original, the case, the difference between the two versions of the manual comparison. Although I personally believe that this does not refer to the original reference to the English original is not much significance. But still thanks to the enthusiasm of the users. I added the missing English version today, and I hope everyone to participate in the review.

       First of all, as a translator of technical books, my first principle isThe original meaning of the original.. The book is not a novel technology after all, truly restore the author meaning I think is the first prerequisite.

For example, the title: "The Hidden Code: Language of Computer Hardware and Software"
Encoding: hidden in the language behind the software and hardware
The old version of the translation is: encoding the mystery
(title, each one according to his lights.)

Look at some examples of the first chapter (excerpt from Douban posts I added English original content)

1) Best Friends Chapter1:
My translation: the first chapter is the most intimate friends
The old version of the translation is: the first chapter is the torch collogue
(this is where I really don't know why the original Best was translated into Friends flashlight collogue. I can only say best friends is the original author's meaning, the translation must should respect the original, because your secondary processing is undoubtedly let readers in eat you chewed bread. This would be a violation of my first principle. As translation, I am not responsible for creating new words and expressions, I just as the transporter of the original work

'You' years' re 10 old. Your best friend lives across the street.
You are l0 years old, and your best friend lives in the street.
The old version of the translation is: if you are only 10 years old, your good friends with you and live in the street.
(please note that the author does not use the virtual voice! I don't know why the old version is given a "what if" and lives across the street, this is absolutely not the street and the mean across should a)

3) as you watch your friend 's Flashlight making swoops and lines in the air, you find that it' s too hard; convergency the multiple strokes together in your head. These swirls and slashes of light are not precise enough.

My translation: when you see a friend with a flashlight in the little circle in the air, will find difficult in the minds of the combination of so many complex strokes. The rotating and tilting light is too inaccurate.

The old version of the mechanic is: when you look in to and fro flying column, you will find in the mind will them together is not easy, these light delimit circle leverage was not accurate.

       This example I do not want to continue to go on, although these places do not affect the reader's understanding of the text, but it is clear that the old version of the translation is very casual, casual to any distortion of the original meaning of the place. I want to emphasize again the first principles of translation:Accurate, do not arbitrarily introduce too much of their own meaning.

       Secondly, in terms of a serious attitude,No lack of leakage, do not make a lower error is also necessary. In fact, this is not the relationship with the ability to see the professional ethics.

The old version of the fourth chapter: "they used wood and amber phase static friction we said today. Rub the wood on the amber to get the wood from the amber.The number of electrons in the amber is smaller than the number of electrons in the number of protons."
If you still remember the physics of the middle school, then you see the problem of translation in it?
Text: wool on amber Rubbing causes the wool to pick up electrons from the amber.Wool winds up with The more electrons than protons and the amber endsWith fewer electrons than protons. up
Yes: the old version of the translator, the understanding of the wool error has become wood. He made a mistake of wool and wood! If you don't look at the text, you're likely to sweep the place. This ability should have nothing to do with the relationship, but the wood and wool wrong, I can only "ha ha".

For example, the following is also the content of the message:

Electrician version: "since Lewis Braille invented Braille, its application has been extended to various fields. The Braille system most commonly used in English publications called grade two Braille (Grade 2 Braille). Grade two Braille used a lot of abbreviations, in order to save the tree structure and improve reading speed. For example, if a word of the letter appears alone, they represent a common word. The following three rows of patterns (including the "full" third rows) show us the words of these words."

This paragraph, the old version of the no "for example, if the letters of the word appear separately, they will represent a common word."This sentence(pay attention toSome of the original!).But this sentence is very important, I have also been puzzled that the small letters and ordinary words are the same as encoding, the blind is how to distinguish? And there are no switching symbols like numbers and letters. I don't know how the translator makes such a mistake. I have read several books on the translation of computer before, so many translation errors lead to difficulties in understanding.

LastAfter all, there are cultural differences between China and foreign countries, even if the original literal translation of the original model is a word for word translation, for American readers are very familiar with the things, for Chinese readers is still very difficult to understand,At this time, my strategy is to add some of the necessary knowledge in the way of a footnote.. for example

The version of the ninth chapter, the first paragraph is as follows:
"In 1973, when Anthony Orlando wrote a song for his beloved people" tie a yellow ribbon.When the tree, he did not ask his wife to carry out the tedious explanation or lengthy discussion, only asked her to give him a simpleResult He does not care about the cause and effect, even if the complex emotional and emotional history of the song repeats itself in real life.What people really want to know is just a simple one or not. He wanted to bring a yellow silk to the tree, and said, "yes," he said.And even if you made a big mistake, and was sentenced to imprisonment for three years, I still want you back and I spend time together." He hopesThere is no yellow silk on the tree. "You don't even want to stop here.""

We do not even need to move out of the original text, I would like to ask you to determine if you read the author's meaning? If you feel confused, then it is natural, because you do not understand the "Anthony Orlando", do not know the meaning of "yellow ribbon".

So I added the following footnote to the new version of the electrician:
"Anthony Orlando is a famous American country singer. The "yellow ribbon" the old oak tree is his music, once popular in the United States, popular. The song tells the story of an imminentAfter the release of the young family fear cannot accept yourself, thenOn the eve of his release from prison, wrote a letter to his wife eager to get the forgiveness of his family. He also said in the letter, ifHis wife still love him, still waiting for him to go home, then in the entrance to the village of old oak tie a yellow ribbon; if he in tree on unseen yellow ribbon, he also learned that his wife's mind, will continue to drive away.On the way back on the car, the young manHas been uneasy, come home, even did not dare open his eyes, begged the driver and train the people help old oak is a yellow ribbon. When he heard the cheers of the all the passengers on the bus, he opened his eyes and saw in the village of old oak, hundreds of yellow ribbons are dancing in the wind. Then a yellow ribbon is a custom in the United States, said to meet the long-awaited family home.
I personally feel that the lack of such a cultural background, the Chinese readers are in fact very difficult to understand the meaning of the original author.
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