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Quest world search data structure algorithm, the way;

Brings together the classic problem, enjoy the fun of programming techniques;

Coaching job hot, opened the door knocking at the world famous enterprises.

Brief introduction: the book around the issue of algorithm and data structure, step by step, and to explain the profound things in a simple introduced in the modern computer technology commonly used more than 40 classic algorithm, and backtracking, divide and conquer, greedy method and dynamic programming algorithm design ideas. In this process, the book also systematically explained list, including one-way linked list, one-way circulation list and double circular linked list, stack, queue, including common queue and priority queue), trees (including the binary tree, Huffman tree, heap, red black tree, AVL tree and dictionary tree), the graph, the set (including disjoint sets) and dictionary and other commonly used data structures. At the same time, through to twenty two classical problems (including Josephus problem, tower of Hanoi problem, eight queens problem and the knight tour problem) to explain, gradually uncover hidden in the data structure behind the algorithm principle, in a bid to help readers to reinforce the knowledge reserve, activate thinking skills, and eventually breaks the block programming to enhance the ability of many barriers.

(first gifts: attached to the book value of 100 gold 51CTO college course card.)

45 algorithms involved in this book:

BF algorithm, MPAlgorithm,KMP algorithm,BM algorithm, BMHAlgorithm,Needleman-Wunsch algorithm, Smith-WatermanAlgorithm, N-gramAlgorithm,Soundex algorithm, PhonixAlgorithm,Two search algorithm, EuclidAlgorithm,Two binary tree traversal algorithm and HuffmanAlgorithm,Breadth first traversal algorithm, depth first traversalAlgorithm, DijkstraAlgorithm,Floyd algorithm, the shortest path dynamic planningAlgorithm, KRuskal algorithm,Prim algorithm, AVL tree rotationAlgorithm, red black operationAlgorithm, direct addressingIn addition, leaving the remainderMethod, squareMethod, than by roundingMethod, foldingMethod, BKDR hashAlgorithm, RS hashAlgorithm, FNV hashAlgorithm, linear explorationMethod, two explorationDouble hashingMethod, and check the path of the compression setAlgorithm, direct insertion sortAlgorithm,Two point insertion sortAlgorithm, HillsortAlgorithm, cocktailsortBubble algorithmsortAlgorithm, fastsortAlgorithm and mergingsortAlgorithm,Heap sortAlgorithm, countingsortAlgorithm,sortAlgorithm.

And 22 classic questions:

Encryption zigzag arrangement, large integer multiplication problem, Sudoku problem, Josephus problem, the magician licensing issues, Latin square, Virginia, parentheses matching problem, parking field simulation, partner, Pascal's triangle, mazeQuestion,Eight queens problem, knight tourProblem, infectious diseaseThe problem, HanoiQuestion,Word games, run length encodingQuestion,Tourism traffic route problem, road constructionQuestion,Spelling problem,Criminal gangs problem.

Online bookstore (because it is still in the pre-sale period, the other electricity suppliers have not yet arrived)

Jingdong link:


China-pub China interactive publishing network:

Electronic Industry Publishing House: bookid=44441? Http://

Home Jun will from time to time in the blog to publish relevant learning materials (such as the Leetcode on the analysis of similar topics, etc.),(the first double good manners)Readers can also join the algorithm of the United States to study the exchange groupFour hundred and ninety-five million five hundred and seventy-three thousand eight hundred and sixty-five(the group is only limited to the exchange of readers, I will not regularly in which to analyze the information, the same data contains information on the algorithm and data). At the same time in order to help the book to be reprinted when improving, constantly optimize the improvement of the book was carried out(third gifts) prize insect activity, who found the book in the wrong readers, please leave a message in this blog post. If the problem has not yet been found in other people, you can receive any of the following books, sent up. A total of about 30 books, it should be in the book does not have so many errors, so it should be enough to send.

1, encoding - hidden in the computer hardware and software behind the language, the electronics industry press.(a classic book on computer science that never fades)

2, code reading, electronic industry press.(American Jolt Book Shock prize winning entries)

3, code quality, electronic industry press.(American Jolt Book Shock prize winning entries

4, digital image processing theory and Practice (Matlab version), electronic industry press.

5, digital image processing technology and the practice of C++ Visual:, electronic industry press.

6, improve the performance of C++ programming technology, electronic industry press.

7, easy to learn through the C language, China Railway Publishing house.

Reference answers to the written interview questions in the appendix of this book

Algorithm of the United States a book in the appendix written interview questions reference answers


Corrigendum (Updated)

1, P62, Figure 3-1 in the end of the string should be "\0", the book was written in the "\n", the text is correct.

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