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New "C language Shenwu Tour" will be in January 2010 grand debut, the book by the fly off, Li Zhaoheng jointly edited, China Railway Publishing House published issue. The author will provide students at CSDN headquarters for the latest information and a serial, please pay attention.

The book consists of a number of industry renowned experts recommended, in the process of writing, the author strives to link theory with practice, and strive to highlight the new practical features. Therefore invited circle a number of experts on the first draft of the book of probation checks, adopted by the absorption of various views, of the ideas and examples of lists are carried out in various ways to adjust and optimize, will the Shenwu tour finalized, the first given to some industry experts reading book reviews.

Daxiang Wuxing, no generous corner -- it's hard to believe that the author of the book actually write such a book, C language entry books. The thought that perhaps they will write something more advanced out of it, but when I see the manuscript, was aware of this shrunken grammar described so lively and popular, perhaps this is the book value, perhaps this is the direction they are striving for. Author will their rich experience in the development of cohesion in the confusion between to easy, simple style will portray C of the world so colorful. So let me have reason to believe that no matter what the reader is in this book is in the stage, it is bound to be harvested from the. More sincerely look forward to have more readers through the book C language opened the door to the world, and find pleasure in programming.
Meng Kun
Digital China Software Limited architect
Very glad to see the author completed the creation of this book, the authors believe that the efforts of the authors will not make you disappointed. In my opinion, this book from the style settings, or description methods have certain originality. These characteristics and brightness on the one hand based on the author's long-term practice and accumulated valuable experience, on the one hand, they are rigorous and realistic attitude. Now, they will learn to self teach, that will benefit the people.
Hou Shichao
Yap Beijing Blue Technology Development Co. Ltd. architect
The author in his unique way of writing such an easy to understand C programming books, that they are with work. This serious attitude in the same book with the novel and practical style of the same value."
Lei Zhiguo
Digital China Software Limited Engineer
"This book is not particularly gorgeous words, there is no special profound knowledge, but very useful, like his author, chastity, but always silently give me provide great help. I think, his book also can let you benefit a lot."
Wang Jiangpeng
United States application material (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
"The recent work is mainly on the database and network applications, for the C language, has been a bit strange. Although initially only in his spare time he browses the manuscript, but have to say that this than I devoted to learning C language in the harvest more. "
Li Yu
Teradata Beijing R & D Center Engineer
"The outstanding personal abilities and his writing excellence attitude, and his concept of each accurate understanding and unique insights, let me believe in his heart to do things certainly can do, this book just that this point."
Chen Shanxin
SunGard China area Engineer
"This is a simple and not simple book, saying it was simple, because it will be the number of C language in complex concept expressions so easy to understand, easy to understand; say it is not simple, it is precisely because of the complex things become so simple, but a gasp in admiration."
Zhang Zongyao
Software (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.


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