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New "C language Shenwu journey" have been in March 2010 grand debut, the book by fly off, Li Zhaoheng jointly edited, China Railway Publishing House published issue.

Origin of this book

Welcome to learn C language. As the most widely used one of the most widely used computer language, C language from its birth has been the majority of programmers and professional developers of all kinds of. C language is not only the science and engineering students a compulsory course, and compulsory subjects is also the National Computer Rank examination. Today, there are still a lot of software systems using C as a development language. Asked about the secret of C language focused, you have to think that it's powerful and efficient. C language with syntaxSimple, flexible and convenient; to support the bottom of the operation, the development of a large degree of freedom; portability, high efficiency, and many other advantages. Learn from good examplesCLanguage can not only for the program design itself to open a window, can help beginners achieve replicability, analogy of desire. withCCan continue to learn the basic knowledge of the data structure and the direction of the algorithm, horizontal can also continue to learn the object orientedC++orJavaLanguage lay the foundation. SoC language can be regarded as the first choice of computer programming language.
Although learning C language is exciting things, but many beginners in the wake of the in-depth study and often feel powerless. On the one hand, they are easily the concept of new feel strange, understand thoroughly enough; on the other hand, face the complicated grammar rules is often after learning, the impression is not deep, write code and feel at a loss, not knowing where to start. In order to help the readers a comprehensive and systematic grasp the essentials of C program design, to help those in the doorway wandering is slowly was unable to enter the state of readers to clear away the obstacles, washed off breakage, we prepared the C language Shenwu journey ". In this book the author summarizes the experience of previous study and practice of C program design, leading the reader step by step further using the relaxed tone and interesting examples and quest C language to the depths of the amazing spectacle.
Characteristics of this book
The current market is visible on the C language book is a superb collection of beautiful things, emerge in an endless stream. The lack of classic, but the passage of time, many written in the last century in the eighties and nineties of the C language books like has become some senile with not the pace of rapid transformation of the. In order for a new batch of C programming enthusiasts demand, we regained C language which seemed a little old topic. Hope to be able to write a little exciting.
C language experienced decades of clouds, rain, timeless. As a living language, it is also constantly enrich and progress, we also hope that our book can adapt to the changing times, to adapt to the needs of readers. This book tries to make progress in the following aspects:
The popularity of concept interpretation.In order to let all readers are able to in the initial contact with a foreign language to do accurately and profoundly understand a concept without as to leave what sequela ", this book not only equipped with a wealth of illustrations to help readers to understand, for most of the key concept design the image of analogy or daily life reference, in order to help the reader from the side of life practical understanding of these key concepts.
Emphasize the pilot of the programming practice.The paper come Zhongjue shallow, aware of the matter to practice. Learning programming is definitely not an armchair strategist, rich experience in the practice of programming can not only help readers improve their combat capability, and can help the readers to deepen understanding and mastery of relevant knowledge. This book in the design of programming examples on selected examples after batted, right. Different from other C language books, these examples are the epitome of some practical engineering problems, on the one hand, it has a strong practical significance and reference value. And the instance of the background is vivid and rich, easy to guide readers to enter the scene, resulting in reading pleasure.
Emphasize the importance of advanced ideas.This book is written in both the case of the setting, or the description of the concept, and strive to help readers to establish a correct, advanced programming ideas. This mainly includes the structure of the program design ideas, good encoding style and the correct procedures for writing specifications, but also includes a number of structured data types of organization and algorithm design ideas. These thoughts can set up a full range of readers to improve the level of programming, to achieve the effect of quantitative change to qualitative change.
Emphasis on further study of the follow-up.Learning C language is merely a programming button to open the door to the world, the future is still a long way to go. In order to enable readers to continue to in-depth study, continuous progress. This book in the data structure and algorithm design to do a lot of bedding, the relevant knowledge into the C language learning. To facilitate the reader in the completion of the C language related content after learning to continue to learn the knowledge of data structure. To realize smooth transition through, escort for the reader.
About this book
The book is divided into 11 chapters system detailed introduced the basic method of C language program design, including an overview of the C language and its development environment, C language data said, expressions, operators, and statements, the formatted input / output, the control flow of the program and the use of function, array, pointer and custom data types, document processing and dynamic data structure content. The book is rich in content, clear structure, code examples detailed, introduces the classical algorithm and integrity of the C language implementation of dozens of, classic problem and sample programs on a hundred, with illustrations of nearly 300 pieces, total amount of code nearly million lines, with a strong reference value. This book can be used as a beginner C language teaching materials, especially suitable for self-study. Can also be used as a reference book for teachers and students in college and university teachers and students engaged in the development of the C language reference manual.
This book by Zuo Fei, edited by Li Zhaoheng. Eight leading industry experts recommended, the China aviation industry of Xi'an aeronautical Computing Technology Research Institute, chief engineer, Shaanxi Province, Software Industry Association executive director, Northwestern Polytechnical University doctoral tutor Guang Mao Wu researcher is pleased to write the preface of the book recommendation, thanks!
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