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This is a book that anyone who wants to enter the field of programming is necessary to read a book!
The culmination of several generations of cultivation, software development and design staff.
When you are reading this book, you will look like a novel as love. I can determine, a technical book also can let you see it!

This is the Charles Petzold classic: "Encoding: hidden in the computer software and hardware behind the language"

Author introduction:

Petzold Windows is a master of the Charles programming world, the world's top technology writer. In May 1994, petzold as only seven one (and the only writer) was awarded the window magazine and Microsoft Windows Pioneer Award, in recognition of contribution made by the success of Microsoft Windows. Petzold Charles from 1984 began to write personal computer program, starting in 1985 to prepare the Windows Microsoft program. He published the first magazine article on Windows programming in the December 1986 issue of the Systems Joumal Microsoft. From 1986 to 1995, he wrote "Environments" for "Magazine PC", which gives readers a lot of aspects of Windows and OS / 2 program design. Until today he is still maintaining the status of the GDI Windows program design chief technology writer. The big: "windows programming" is a well-known Win32 API programming classic, also known as "petzold book", learning Win32 API programming, almost all from the book of.

After a year of hard work, the book Chinese version finally reborn! Follow my space and home page will serialize the book related information, welcomed the attention.

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