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Charles petzold's masterpiece "code, hidden in behind the software and hardware of the computer language" (Code: the hidden language of computer hardware and software) is now hot, listed a week had already boarded the Beijing Xinhua Bookstore program design books week best-selling list of the top ten.

This book is a book written by the legendary Charles Petzold, has received rave reviews, the following are excerpts from parties to comment:

Comments 1:

Personal feeling, like astronomers introduced the origin of the universe, like, the author of the book through the introduction and analysis of coding and coding of application and straightaway to the computer science formation and evolution, computer system internal structure and operation - a perfect present for us, as if through the ultra cool interstellar travel.
For readers of patience, the tenth, the 11 chapter is about two "difficult", do not worry, this book is actually very fun! You can learn real knowledge. Do not think that he is in the work, I work harder, you can see the diamond.

Comments 2:

Can only say "code" and I have the reason, the era of university very boring the final exam cramming period, I met this book, in 15 "CRT an unmanageable read the whole, my mind many didn't even on the circuit are easy even up.
If you are interested in the magic of the computer world,
If you hate all kinds of boring full of preaching and formatting of computer textbooks.
You can begin to read the book,
Although it technology changes with each passing day,
But this classic does not of date out,
Like reading a story book.

Comments 3:

Flexor calculation, the past few years have seen a lot of computer books, according to the marginal benefit of economics principle of diminishing, increase reading brings knowledge and intellectual pleasure began to decrease, so naturally formed the reading several principles. A book that is difficult to understand. The time of life is so precious that it is not worth the waste of time in the book of the study of difficult to understand or wrong. Einstein once said that with complex theory to explain the fact that the chance of success is zero. Writing is obscure. The authors also estimate not understood, so the reader is that mountain fog sea. I like to read easy to read books. There are new ideas or new technologies in the book, which can bring intellectual pleasure. Books to explain the profound things in a simple way to tell, from the past to the present, the ins and outs of mining technology. Only in this way can we truly understand technology or theory. Engineering and practical books should be very detailed and specific, so that people can easily get started practice. This is why the secret of encoding attracts me. I was so lucky as a child, I found the secret passage of this vast and mysterious building, found the foundation, found footprints in it, unveiled the mystery.
Do you want to know how the computer works and works? Do you want to know how the computer was created in a step by step? If you want to understand the computer knowledge of the sequence of events? Do you want to know the history of the computer? Do you want to create your own computer? Do you want to know the difference between the hardware and the software? Do you want to know the principle of the telegraph and the electricity? Do you want to create your own programming language? If you want to know the concept and significance of computer instructions you buy that frequency, memory, display, pixel memory? Do you want to know the origin of the decimal system we used? Have you been confused with the understanding of the binary? If you want to know the history and development of the IT company with a great reputation? If you want to inquire about the genius is how to think and invented? Do you imagine a scientist to think about it? This book will be one one for you to uncover the mystery. The contents of this book involve mathematical logic, Boolean algebra, combinatorial mathematics, set, physics, chemistry and electronics and so on. The author clearly explains so much and deep knowledge with a simple, easy to understand, and smooth vocabulary! In the author's pen, the original knowledge can be so charming.
A year ago had the books in the bookstore climbed over, see the writing flashlight principle and logic circuit, yawn, who knows now that made a big mistake. Recently, I always find a book about the basic theory of the computer, so I read the first three chapters of the book, I did not expect, a look on the fascinated, and immediately bought a book. This book addresses the confusion my years of some of the problems, previously confused, a smattering of knowledge theory all of a sudden be solved. In the process of reading, from time to time to marvel at, "just so", mutter, restless, fought back to sky chosho impulse, really feel manjuan Shi Shuxi freaks is really stirring as martial arts novels in Wulin through Ren and Du Meridian like. This is the best computer book I've ever seen. This is the book I've been dreaming about for years.
This book makes me really understand the operation principle of the computer, understand the difference between software and hardware. Through this book, I can finally put the original study of computer knowledge with a main line in series, the knowledge of one one in my past. Previously hard bite "design model", learning "C++ programming language", far from the book to bring me the knowledge and intelligence to improve the fun. If, "design pattern" is in recent ten years, the most important in the field of design books, then I think the book is the next 20 years the most important computer entry and unmasked book.
This book from the most basic problem of in layman's language and explain the various principles, after explaining a problem and put forward a question, to guide readers to ponder, and then give detailed and clear answer, so the cycle, the readers easily enter the author's ideas, along with the author together inquire into computer Mysteries. This way of thinking may be more important than a single point of knowledge, it can cultivate the scientific way of thinking, scientific methodology. During the famous economist Zhang Wuchang in increasing the master, the habit is never absent from class to learn the teacher's way of thinking. All want to take an examination of the test, and then to sit in the teacher's class. Once, Hirshleifer in after-school asked Cheung: "you sit in my six semester, economics do I know you haven't learned?" Zhang Wuchang replied: "I learned from your economics, I learned that you have nothing to do with economics. I want to learn how you think." Finally he found himself able to think like a teacher, to understand what is important and what is not important, how to put forward a good question. Ordinary people do not have such an opportunity to meet such a good teacher, but by reading a good book, followed by the author's thinking, can make up for this. In addition, the book also has a lot of concise and clear diagrams, can be very good to help readers understand the profound theory.
The book also introduced such as Bell Labs, Xerox laboratory germinated in the laboratory, as well as the origin and development of IBM, Microsoft, apple and other companies. These companies and laboratories can not plan, but spontaneous evolution (here to borrow the theory of Hayek) and, as the book written by "fortunately, it requires very vague can include all things, smart people can do anything he is interested in the". In such a relaxed environment, dozens of genius mind in a collision, whimsical thought in the exchange, and finally produced so many incredible invention. Can be imagined, if these talents need to use paper to comment on the title, the creation and invention will produce.
Author Charles petzold but dingdingdaming, in the writing of computer programming for up to 15 years old, is the author of windows programming Bible "programming windows", the book influenced a generation of programming personnel, as long as you in the windows platform development, the book is must read the book.
After reading this book, I feel oneself also can explain the principle and application of computer to others, before his scanty, touch fuzzy paste, so when told to others total explained unclear, now much clearer. His girlfriend is liberal arts background, know nothing about computer principle, I try to explain to her, she was soon able to understand the simple theory.
For online debate with many such as "language" and "mathematics is important in programming competition", "general CPU", "their operating system", "software industry of the future" and so on, after reading this book, there will be their better understanding and awareness, and not in the lost during, we from their own of efforts to improve themselves and the information industry in China will develop naturally.
In addition, the translation of this book is very smooth, I did not feel the hard translation of traces in the reading. Author like van Loon's book, a fantastic temperament, dry and tasteless scientific knowledge and principle, described by the author, literary technique, brought in to tell the story of science, so that people who read his book, feel tirelessly forget tired.
Hail to the author, thanks to the translator for their hard work, thanks to the press for introducing such a good book. I hope become book the trumpeter, recommend this book to all of computer professionals, to all science students, all of the computer sense of interest strongly recommend this book. In the future, I will recommend this book to my children and guide them into the fascinating field of information technology.
If you are a non computer professional IT staff, then this book is the most suitable for you. Because this book is written for non computer professionals, there are your dream of knowledge. If you are a computer professional, then this book will give you icing on the cake, make your knowledge of computers had an overall understanding. As long as you want to know the knowledge of the computer, this book will be the choice you will never regret.
Today, I have a dream. I have a dream that one day, we can make according to book your computer; I have a dream that one day, this book not only to become a computer professional textbooks, but also for other professional reference books; I have a dream that one day, according to the book published a set of experiments supporting the book, reading refers to the practice. DIY computer; I have a dream that one day, high school teachers can use secret book to the students about the computer; I have a dream that one day, government officials can read the book, common sense and understanding the principle of information technology; I have a dream that one day, remember to read the book, write a more professional report; I have a dream that one day, Chinese technical strength can stand in the world.
Wen Chao Xi, no death. I finally understood.
Please forgive me for using so many words with strong emotional color, it is because I like this book too much.

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