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1, C++ Visual digital image processing development introduction and programming practice in March 2008, the publishing house of electronic industry

In the summer of 2007, I whim to write yourself a image processing tools, used to as a digital image processing algorithm of the experimental platform. After the software basically formed, and eventually I named it House Magic". Later thanks to publishing house of electronics industry intends to publishing a to C / C + + program design for the theme of the series (C / C + + development experts). Then I will jointly Shenzhen Tencent Liuhang and Netease Entertainment million inorganic, on the basis of the original magic house was re optimization, and thus is modeled wrote this "visual Introduction to C++ digital image processing development and programming practice. I think we are most proud of is we did not differ from other types in the Central Plains book letter real copy, it should be said that every endeavour to write their own characteristics. After the book was published, the response was good. Even some people out of the same type of books, there has been a large segment of the phenomenon of copying our book. For example, Harbin Engineering University Liu Haibo teacher published in "Visual C + + digital image disposal technology explain" big space plagiarism the contents of the book, they even put us to prepare the magic house program intact, swaggering into their new CD. We, of course, it was not on the matter do any pursuit, on the one hand with the entanglement, usually outweigh the benefits, after all, academic corruption in Universities in China has be incurably sick the, but many chaos in a corner of the bale. On the other hand, some people began to imitate us, we do not copy is also in a disguised form for us to be sure? Due to the first edition of the book has already sold out, the electronic industry press contact with me, in view of the first edition of the repercussions good, so I hope I can in the original basis to publish the book. After some amendments and additions, the three of us completed the second edition of the book. For professional considerations, we will book changed its name to "digital image processing theory and practice: VC + + to achieve" and decided will write mode from the original "edited" instead of "", so the essential difference with the Jiminggoudao generation said. The new book is currently in the process of editing and typesetting, is expected to be fully listed by the end of 2010 to early 2011.

2, in July 2009 VC++ Electronics Industry Publishing Press

By Dr. Chinese academy senior engineer Baiqiao jointly compiled with me. This book is a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the VC++ context of the book. It changed the market on the VC books of the wind, boldly used a new approach to the reader VC. To say that this book has been a large part of the head, full of nearly 700 pages of space. But VC development of the design of the content is too much, to really say that we feel or not enough. Instead of saying "VC++" pulse is a comprehensive introduction to VC programming book, not that he is in fact a map". Through the clues in the book inside, readers can systematically and comprehensively the inhabitants of VC context, development ideas, clear more clearly a more thorough understanding of VC. The book publishers have reacted strongly. Taiwan fancy Gold Book press piercing eye, then bought the copyright. At present, the book has been officially published in the Taiwan area of China in the form of traditional publishing. I am pleased and Baiqiao mr..

3, C language of the enlightenment in March 2010 China Railway Publishing House

For a long time, I have been hoping to write a book about C language. Because the reality tells me that C is really important, I have repeatedly in my article to remind readers to pay attention to this point. Many students in their message to me that he has passed the two level, and for this full of pride. And I just think they're too superficial. If as a computer and related professional students, you can only have a C level of two, then it is too sad. Finally, I combined with Xi'an Fiberhome technology teacher Li Zhaoheng jointly write the C language books were published, the C language Shenwu journey ", to the reader's level of this book requires more relaxed, for beginners and certain C-based readers can get improved from the book. The book several times to temper, in the finalization of the industry eight famous experts recommended, which China Aviation Industry Xi'an Aero Computing Technology Research Institute, chief engineer, Shaanxi Province, Software Industry Association executive director, Northwestern Polytechnical University doctoral tutor Guang Mao Wu researcher is pleased to write the preface of the book recommendation. I believe that this book can be a very good reference book for students to learn C language.

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