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 New works "digital image processing theory and practice: Based onC++ Visual"Development" has been published by the publishing house of electronic industry publishing house.


ISBNNumberNine trillion and seven hundred and eighty-seven billion one hundred and twenty-one million one hundred and twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-two

Page number:Six hundred and fifty-two

Publishing House of electronics industry

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Http:// Bookcode=TP127760&booktype=main?


   This book comprehensively and systematically describes theC++ VisualTechniques and methods of digital image processing programming in the environment. The whole book is divided intoFourteenChapter, aiming at the core topic in the field of digital image processing, such as color space, image file format, the image of the point of computing, image geometric transformation, image enhancement processing, edge detection and contour tracing, image morphology, image segmentation, image encryption, are introduced in detail. In addition, forC++ Visual 2005Under the digital image processing development, the book also on the device independent bitmap, graphics device interface,OpenCVandImageMagickAnd so on in the actual development of the specific techniques used to explain, supplemented by a large number of examples of code, with a strong reference value.

Readership: this book content and practical, novel style, not only can be used as a hope of digital image processing beginners to study and research the self-study materials, also can be used as a reference book for College of computer and related professional teachers and students or engineering and technical personnel.


Wonderful illustration:


(image segmentation based on the shape of the water ridge)

(linear detection based on Hough transform)

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