GPU asynchronous V-Sync technology program

In 2014, I submitted an internal Intel called "asynchronous Timing" (also known as "asynchronous V-Sync") innovative solutions for the use of GPU to solve the problem caused by the use of V-Sync. But it is a pity that the Intel innovation audit committee did not pass my program, only polite back to a thank you email. This thing was settled, I do not want to think. But a lot of IT news recently introduced AMD in this year's CES on the display of a FreeSync technology, a lot of surprises. I found FreeSyn's AMD technology to solve the problem and take the strategy, and my "asynchronous Timing" design is very similar. I am writing this article to introduce the basic concept of V-Sync...
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Thinking about Windows security software

Recently, I re read the several of the windows system security books, at the same time the Internet access to information, quite unexpectedly found that popular a few years ago the great technology, although still books and web page vividly, but most have been unable to in the new system used. I've also had some personal thoughts. Always because of the existence of security risks, there is the attack action, and because there are a lot of attacks, only then have the demand for security protection. So be sure to study the source of security risks. Overall classification, security issues can be divided into local and distributed two, so the method of security attacks can also be divided into local attacks and distributed network attacks. Look at the security problems existing on the local machine, that is, in a installed Windows...
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More of a star"

National Day holiday, I see the WDK 8.1 sample project, pole interesting problems encountered, and basic pointer using relevant, write a composition in this. Look at the following is a section of the msplot WDK8.1 project code (after I have simplified), three lines only, as a subtraction. The value of the note in the note, which is expected to be 0x10, but an unexpected large value. ...
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The proliferation of fake Taobao cancer

In fact, every customer is anti fake force. Even those who sell fake sellers, when they become buyers, as well as to fake hate. So the buyers report evidence to , is a direct and effective. Moreover, compared with the active down, also more economic cost. No fake coverage reached 100%, or even 50%. If a shop selling 10 fake, and was hit two times, then the shop will not continue to sell all 8 of the rest of the fake, and may take the initiative to withdraw from the risk of a large number of. So fake efficiency is great, the fight and destroy the two or three, it is possible to. But Taobao does not use fake buyers ability. On the one hand, he worried that vicious down, have a negative impact on the seller business; on the other hand, is a huge China...
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Death cycle in Win32K

To the new company for the first time debug, found the Microsoft Win32K Windows module of a Bug. Do you want to know what's going on? Please look carefully. ...
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Win8 start menu program N+1

Software on the market has a lot of win8 start menu solutions, either to replace the native desktop shell method, from the global solution, either to a software in the form of pin on the taskbar, click show similar start menu interface. All sorts of software and gadgets, this is not the only one, I do not know how many, collectively, there are as many as N! Today I want to introduce this program, is the first N+1 species. Simple but not simple XD. ...
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Wonderful system performance issues (2)

This document is a supplement to the last "fantastic system performance". I experienced the performance of steep drop in the process of trouble, but also met a BSOD. When the blue screen, I was even excited. Because before that, I always thought that the problem was caused by a system or a software module. And blue is just the starting point of the analysis. So when the analysis of this dump, I immediately turned the direction of the judge: it is indeed a bad disk. This conclusion is correct, but not complete. Because the last result is that the disk is not bad, but is subject to the external environment of the interference. This dump file is precious, because under normal circumstances, this hard drive experiment we will not take the initiative to do. So this dump file is completely in the...
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Wonderful system performance issues

In the previous company, I borrowed a test board for development and testing. The board is in normal operation for a period of time, suddenly encountered sustained system performance issues. The problem comes very suddenly, is one day in the morning to work when suddenly. Like the horse in the movie, the horse is complaining, eating hot pot is also singing, it suddenly encountered a robbery. It's all too sudden. The feature of the problem is very obvious, that is, the system performance is infinite. Login to the system login interface, often ten minutes. Metro 8.1 UI Win out, but also a few minutes. So normal to see the interface, that is, UI Metro above a magnetic stickers only border, the icon is completely out of the contents of the. ...
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Worm fun: when the NV graphics driver hit Verifier

Today when I open the computer, just to complete the user login, they encountered a blue screen. The desktop is not in yet. While the system is in the process of grabbing dump files, quickly took a photo, to stay as a souvenir. Cause a blue screen is not others, but is responsible for graphics rendering and display graphics driver: Nvidia graphics driver. ...
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Happy year of the horse

The horse arrived, I wish you a happy new year, happy immediately! In the new year, the programming and the technology are not important, the blog is not important, the article is not important. What is important? Hope the natural environment is getting better and better, more and more fresh air; the people more and more civilized, fewer and fewer violent society; politics is more and more clear and bright motherland reunification at an early date!! Best all right now! ...
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IOCTL assistant V1.1

I wrote in 2010, "bamboo" this book, wrote an analysis of the IOCTL value of the tool, has been thinking about the interface can be improved, the function is more perfect. It's just a little bit of time today, and it's done. Users can use this tool to view, define the value of IOCTL. If you have an IOCTL, you want to see the specific definition of it. Just put it in the IOCTL value (Hex) edit box input to the value () edit box, and then click analysis button. The value of the analysis is presented in three forms: A numerical form, respectively, by the device, buffer, permissions, functions of these four edit box (combo box) display. One is the picture form, the picture will be IOCTL 32 Bits for the composition of the partition, and display the value of each part. ...
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VS2012 drive project time stamp authentication failed

A few days ago, a morning, about 5 o'clock on the wake up, and then can not sleep. Think of a driver also need debug, it is up to continue coding. Up to open the computer, run VS2012 and open the project. Carefully read the code logic again, think about it, there is a small discovery, changed a few lines of code. Press F7 to start compiling. Very surprised, found an error. By creating a visual ide project driven one always contains two projects: one is driven engineering, used to compile and generate the driver files (. Sys file); a is package engineering, for programming success driven integrated file to a mounted drive package. I looked at the error, the first project has been compiled...
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Win8 driver compatibility issues

Recently I found that the driver for the Win8 development, some can be installed on the Win7 (including earlier systems), and some can not. Those who cannot install terrible: once installed and load the driver, the system will immediately screen. In view of this question, has made the investigation and study. Found a simple rule: If you are using the WDM driver framework, there is this problem; if you use the KMDF driver framework, the. This is why? Let's look at it. ...
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Pool Large error

References marked "[the author: Zhang Pei] [original:] before me a few months have analyzed a bad pool caller problem (link), today received the dump file, the system is win7 x64, and finally found the problem and the former is very similar, but the analysis process of the two are very different. Open the dump file after the introduction, the first automatic analysis. Blue screen number is 0x4E. ********************************************...
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Programmers encounter 30 kinds of reactions Bug

Original: English HONGKIAT Chinese Translation: CSDN development application is a stressful thing, especially when the write his code, suddenly a bug, this is really let a person all sorts of feelings and pain. So, how to solve every Bug calmly, each programmer must practice place. Below this article will share the programmer to meet Bug, the most often say 30 words, don't know you in the gun? 1 I don't know how to delete or rewrite. 2 before the start of the project, I should first look at the Github on the right frame 3 why this script will need to...
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