At the end of the ceremony to light your heart CSDN 2015 blog star

There is a group of admirable people, quietly insisted on the CSDN blog to share knowledge and share their valuable experience. They use their thin strength together with the positive energy, we have to point praise for them, had to do something for them. In order to thank everyone's selfless dedication, but also in order to encourage more people to share, the star of the annual selection of CSDN 2015 blog also scheduled to. ...
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The cloud server uses the early experience of blogger's announcement

Topic: this essay collection post 2 (set award 20, tears ran in...) By some users to understand. We also analyzed the the activities reflect the cold, bluemix current or a small minority of the cloud platform, access instability also give you cause trouble. However, at least IBM cloud services with Azure, AWS, an order of magnitude, coupled with a few days before IBM announced the largest neutral IDC...
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[notice] winning prize probation growth hackers

[notice] winning prize probation growth hackers...
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Blogger: cloud server using early experience

Hi, everybody! Now based on the development of cloud platform has become increasingly common, I do not know if we have the idea: to rent a server to engage in something small, such as: to do an application? Write an interface? A website? Or do a test and so on? Now have a free, stable server provides for everyone: IBM cloud platform bluemix now free to use, whereby we held this essay activities, welcome everyone to actively participate in! Bluemix IBM is the only use of the Watson PaaS technology IBM, allowing developers to use such as Wats...
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Award it! Second blog essay "sail from HelloWorld -- talk about those years together we wrote the code list" Award Announced

Just a few days ago, a participant could not wait to run to ask me the results as a blogger, I am very happy that someone has been thinking about this activity. Sorry to have kept you waiting, following the promulgation of the second phase of the blog essay "from HelloWorld set sail -- talk about those years we wrote together code" award winning guests as well as a list of blog address: ranking Title Article address One From World Hello to defmacro, the code that makes me surprised! Http://
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7-8 month Bole recommended articles

7-8 ffmpeg with super Bole recommended articles comprehensive tutorial - live camera Detailed swift fifteen - NSThread thread synchronization lock AutoLayout Masonry Introductory tutorial of the Android foundation -- Fragment 5.2.1 case -- the realization of the bottom navigation bar (method 1) App guide page (background image switch plus the effect of each page animation) Automatic hiding of page Jump and virtual keyboard Analysis of automatic packing and automatic unpacking Java learning source code Andro...
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Bole August contribution

Bole Others Reveal their own When you post the article in CSDN Whether or not to refresh the page Looking forward to the changes in the number of reading When you're well written by Bo Wen By the time of the comments and praise of Daniel Will be a little excited about it? ...
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The first phase of my blog essay "efficient programming tips" winners announced

Let your friends waiting! The first phase of the blog essay "my efficient programming tips" finally falls next heavy curtain below with everybody share technology dry, come together and see it! ranking Title Article address One IOS_ efficient development of the road Http:// Two The violent way of high efficiency programmers Http://ink.csdn.n...
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Write blog, easy to win the prize! Blog essay second period: those years together we wrote the code

Set sail from HelloWorld -- talk about the program we wrote in the first year of the year. A lot of people say that every time you look at the code written before, you will feel that the code is very bad - X, this is what I write code? How can I write this code?! Do you have the habit of looking back on your own? Would you have summed up their mental habits? Today let us slow down the rhythm, recall those years we wrote "HelloWorld""! Can you write the first program entry to write (or is the most memory is a new program), can talk about self...
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[C] Bole coins in your pocket

Double Seventh Festival has passed, there is no younger sister paper gentle accompanied apes and monkeys, you have a harvest full of wood C coins do? Activity continues, C currency is still here waiting for you ~. Bole (CSDN point I know more) default editor BLOG @ bole, figure: Markdown blog editor @ bole, fig.: Bole comments, as shown in fig.: Comments after the article, such as: After the review of the article, CSDN home & blog page display, such as:...
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[C] made headlines geek money everyone is editor! (phase first)

Buddies, you know CSDN geek headlines? Do you pay attention to IT industry information and technology trends every day? No matter Yes or No, we're looking for you! Love to share, love technology, and always keep a good student curiosity! So, hurry to Geek headlines delivery you find interesting and fresh IT industry information, technical dynamic to the geek headlines, winning C coins! Our main collection of delivery content type: Fresh industry information, technology dynamics (such as the Linux kernel version 4 release, the official version of the PHP 7 release, GitHub and the wall it...... For example, not...
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[community oriented] experience using geek headlines (end) essay

Geeks headlines on-line version has been a month, during which everyone on the new geek headline gives many suggestions and opinions, specially thanks! In order to more in-depth understanding of community members to use personal feeling, for future geek headline product improvement provides an important reference and held for geeks headlines of all members of the community experience essay contest. I hope you enjoy the community members tell us you use geek feeling with the blog headlines. Event details are as follows. The process of Created and the time with Rapha e l 2.1.0 I would like to contribute entry stage: August 3rd - August 14...
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Write blog, easy to win the prize! The first phase of my essay blog: efficient programming tips.

Hi, Hello everyone, this period we explore the secret of efficient programming. For example, when a piece of code is used for a long time, we can make code encapsulation, use some tools to locate the error quickly, and so on. What is the key to improving the efficiency of your coding? Don't hide, come and share it with you! Now do not start on LOL, we have prepared a generous gift for you, and so you participate in the oh! By the way, blog essay contest is a long-term activity, welcome everyone to provide other exciting topics, accepted can get $100 gift cards and 1...
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[] for expert experience writing headlines geek (end)

Geeks headlines on-line version of nearly a month, we also shortly before the opening of the direct * * expert blog geeks headlines, experts and students are very active actively support geek headlines, specially thanks. In order to understand you blog expert Daniel personal sentiment, for our future geek headline product improvement provides an important reference, held the oriented "expert" Geek's headlines using essay activities experience. I hope that the experts tell us your students to use geek feeling with the blog headlines. Of course, the benefits are many, the details are as follows. The process of Created and the time with Rapha e l 2.1...
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Hearsay: CSDN community products major update

Hi, small partners: quietly give us a message: CSDN community will have a major update. What do you have? Are new geek headlines, Ink, Bole Before two is not behind? Don't worry, that's our priority among priorities, let me give you one by one...... To say we have on-line: new geek headlines in the past, only a few "editor in chief" can direct content is published in the Geek's headlines. But, good clues may come from anyone. Now, whether it can be published directly, will be determined by all members together - as long as the contribution value, everyone can exercise the right to the editor...
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