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Hi, everybody! Now based on the development of cloud platform has become increasingly common, I do not know if we have the idea: to rent a server to engage in something small, such as: to do an application? Write an interface? A website? Or do a test and so on?

Now have a free, stable server provides for everyone: IBM cloud platform bluemix now free to use, whereby we held this essay activities, welcome everyone to actively participate in!

IBM bluemix is only using the IBM Watson technology PAAS, allowing developers to build applications using such as Watson AI API, such as advanced features, analysis of the Watson API currently in the world has more than 8 million developers in the call. In Chinese is expected to soon have large-scale use, now ready to practice a wage!

Quote a period of our community of users: "bluemix a good use of the East, for the test provides a free network IP. A mailbox, you can free play a period of time, is simply the need for external network IP developer testing of the gospel. "

Activity time

Submission stage:November 3rd - November 15th
Selection stage:November 16th - November 20th
Prize issue:November 23rd - November 27th

Activity rule

Entries to be published in the CSDN blog channel, and will be sent to the link and Title: zhangshuai#PROG3.COM mailbox
Articles need to be original works, style is not limited, such as reported plagiarism is disqualified
The current topic of each ID only one article entries, the number of words not less than 500 words
- blog posts need to include: deployment details, development process, the use of experience, bluemix characteristics of the platform, the more the merrier!

Entry process

  1. Registered Bluemix cloud server,Registration stamp here
  2. Landing Bluemix platform, deployment / development,Login stamp here
  3. Write a blog and submit it to:

Selection and award

Blog articles will be developed from the deployment process, the use of the depth of experience, the article readability and other aspects of the appraisal
Top 3 received 500, 400, 300 gift Awards
4-20 get a 100 gift card Award (almost sunny oh)

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