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We all know that IBM is a Cloud Foundry Bluemix based on the Open Cloud Architecture implementation, Foundry Cloud is an open source platform that services (PaaS). This is where Foundry CF CLI Cloud CF command line () interface (CLI) is one of the important tools in the deployment and management of the platform.

To use this tool, we first need to download, download the addressHttps://
Write the picture here.

Friends who are interested can also download the source code to study, see the source code is always the fastest way to learn

But it should be noted here is: Foundry CLI Cloud is not supported by Cygwin, so users can not use the command line Cygwin environment, the use of other currently has not found the problem.

Want to install the latest version, you must first uninstall the previous version. For example, if you have already installed V5 Ruby gem CLI, you need to uninstall before you can install the latest version of V6

Uninstall CF gem

Windows version of the installation:
1 now and extract the zip file
2 double clickCFExecutable file, in window8.1, may need to mail admin installation
3 click Install and close

Installation of OSX and Linux
1 open.Pkg file
2 click on wizard installerContinue
3 Click to install the path, continue to clickContinue
4 when the pop-up dialog box, clickinstall

In order to verify the installation, you can open your termianl inputCF, CF help file will be displayed

Use the following command to change the settings of the language

CF Config --Locale YOUR_LANGUAGE

Among them Chinese is: Chinese (Simplified): zh_Hans

Then you can start configuring and using the:

1.. Download code starter
Write the picture here.

2.. To download the sample code to extract into your development environment.
3.. Modify folder directory


4 connection Bluemix

API https://api

5.. Login Bluemix service

Login CF-uUser_name-oOrg_name-sSpace_name

6.. Deploy your app to Bluemix cloud platform


7.. Through the command to access your cloud platform applications

Write the picture here.

Here we talk about the specific push this function to upload your app

Input from your work environment push app to upload CF, while ensuring the uniqueness of the app name

CFPushAppName -M Five hundred and twelveM

Bluemix supports built-in buildpack, but even for this buildpack you also need to use the -c command line to start the implementation.

CFPush-c start_command appName

At the same time for the app app, Node.js which must include a package.json file

All other buildpack will need to use -b

Push appName -b buildpack_URL CF

In the next two articles we will give you a brief introduction to CLI and DB and other tools with the use of

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