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[R & D management] New system project leader experience summed up the need to grasp

Our new system. Finally, phase of the first edition is finally over, when the project manager said this is a very positive, because we are a whole a to education for theme based on cloud platform of multi tenancy system, we divided into five subsystems, and I is the positive significance of meet the new system. Introduction to the background, is my personal experience, as a small time only done in the class leader I, this was finally able to exhibit my ambition the, but I didn't bring project experience but I have three years to see the others with project experience, finally Aodao I do project leader...

[programming language] Three layer login - c#

Study of the three layer, there is a login form small practice, is our first contact with the three layer of the first. Now just a simple understanding of some of the need to learn a lot, the following is a brief discussion of their own understanding. We say that the three layer is layered display layer, business logic layer and data access layer, wherein the display layer is interact directly with clients, is displayed in the user interface; and the business logic layer is business processing, is in the middle of the bridge, contact with the display layer and data access layer, carried on the analysis to the user's request, to the data source is written in; then the data access layer is what to do? The main manipulation of the database, the database...

[programming language] OpenCV learning records: filter: Line & Sketch

Line filter filter is the main line outline line of the picture, the process is: Image gray wave filtering edge detection Binarization complete code is as follows: #include Namespace CV #includeusing; Namespace STD using; xianTiaoFilter void (&srcImage Mat); main int () { SrcI Mat...


[programming language] OpenCV learning records: filter: woodcut & nostalgia

Woodcut woodcut is actually the image filter filter binarization processing. Image processing is the image of the binarization RGB component value of each pixel value is set to 0 or 255. Before the image of binarization, the first image to do the grayscale processing, gray is the RGB component value of each pixel value is set as large. There are three ways to deal with the gray image of the image: the maximum value method, the average method or the weight method. Maximum value method: as the name suggests is to take the maximum value of the three components of the RGB as the gray value, that is: gray=max (R, G, B), this method of conversion of grayscale brightness is very high. Average method: is to take the RGB three components...


[programming language] OpenCV filter: comic book records:

Elementary school read many times seven dragon ball small comic book, is next to the school by Bookstore borrowed that bound the Big Ben. At that time, the author was thought to be a Chinese, and it was very strange why someone named Akira Toriyama was so strange. I know the truth of my tears fall. The main thought of the algorithm: 1 COMIC filters with the following formula to calculate the new RGB value: R = (|2*g-b+r|*r) >>8; G = (|2*b-g+r|*r) >>8; B = (|2*b-g+r|*r) >>8; 8 divided by 256 is equivalent to the right....


[architecture design] Advanced SSH (1): Struts interceptor landing restrictions

The interceptor is restricted from the literal meaning, restrict user access to certain web pages. In the Action request before the interceptor to do to meet the user permissions, jumped into the corresponding interface in. Recently a mall project used the interceptors, realize a simple session judge, landing success, success is not jump into the portal.   [principle] interceptor Struts2 interceptor is in a way to access a Action or Action, or after the field before the implementation of the interception,...

Struts SSH Interceptor

[Web front end [CSS] the first selector (1)

CSS selector To use the HTML on the CSS page of the elements to achieve one to one, one to many or many to one of the control, which requires the use of CSS selector. The elements in the HTML page are controlled by the CSS selector. Basic selector Note: in order to solve the browser compatibility issues, generally write CSS first to write *{margin:0; padding:0} example 1, category selector An example of Class selector .r...

[programming language] (two) Java --Hashtable set from the shallower to the deeper

When to use Hashtable? Hashtable is thread safe of, if multiple threads access the same instance can choose to use a hashtable, conversely, if non thread safe data structure can lead to better performance, a HashMap be more flexible. Use of Hashtable Code see: Hashtable data structure? The data structure and HashMap Hashtable...

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[architecture design] [calling a method of Struts2 Action Struts2 based collection]

Before new Java project, use is SSH framework, the two projects are the SSH framework, but action inside a method call is not the same, in fact, more than this is not the same, different project called SSH framework, but the realization of way, then back to the boss to learning, only to find that not one thing only a way to achieve, there are many ways to achieve. The following describes the Action contains a number of methods how to call, the three call mode. 1 method of dynamic call: Acti...

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[programming language] Hdoj 1398 Coins Square [mother function]

Coins Square Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission (s): 10267 Accepted Submission (s): 7019 Description Problem In Si People...

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[programming language] C++ study of the polymorphism in the study of a number of characteristics (polymorphism)

1. Virtual function characteristics can be inherited, function and father of wavelets defined in the class declaration of virtual functions are the same (of the same name the same parameters with return value), the function is virtual function; point to a subclass object with a pointer to the parent class, using the pointer to call the same function, to call the function which is called polymorphism. 2 in order to avoid the use of virtual destructor is the superclass subclass object pointer release caused by memory leaks; 3 the realization of the polymorphism in c++ is realized through the virtual function table; 4 each class has only one virtual function table, and all the objects of the class share the same virtual function table; Two 5...

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[mobile development] Java - exception handling

The inheritance relationship between exception hierarchy we first see a Java common exception classes: Java to all non normal situation is divided into two: error (error) and abnormal (exception). They are inherited parent throwable class. Where Java will be divided into two kinds of anomalies, Checked anomalies and Runtime anomalies. 1.ErrorError error, generally refers to the problems associated with the virtual machine, such as system crashes, virtual machine errors, dynamic link failure, etc., this error can not be recovered or can not be captured, will cause the application to interrupt. Pass...

Java Exception

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[mobile development] Read PNG color index data

In some applications, the PNG picture may be needed for each pixel color index value. As in the target detection, VOC2012 database for each target class was divided tagging, different categories were different color index values. Such as 0, said the background, 1 aircraft, etc.. Opencv in the imread function can be directly read out the RGB PNG color information, but can not read out the color index values of each pixel. Therefore, this paper gives a read PNG image of each pixel color index function. The function relies on the libpng library, and the combination of OpenCV and the use of...

Ubuntu PNG Opencv Color index Libpng

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[architecture design] Using blocking queue to process large data

In our daily development, we often have to face hundreds of thousands or even millions of levels of data import and export issues, such as reading a TXT, CSV, EXCEL file containing 500 thousand rows. At that time, we often think of a question is to use multiple threads to solve the problem of data processing efficiency, if you are faced with two different database files to the guide, the multi thread to read / writing will not be a problem, as you how to play can be, the key lies in for a contains large amount of data file how to use multiple threads to read / write will become the nightmare of the general program staff. ...

[Internet] Theory and practice of machine learning algorithms (six), perceptron algorithm

Perception machine Perceptron model Learning strategies of perceptron The original form of perception Pseudo code Implementation code Linear separable data sets For linear non separable data sets Dual form of perceptron Pseudo code code Training process Classification effect Training error [original] Liu_LongPo Reproduced please indicate the source [CSDN] perceptron perceptron is the two classification of linear classification model, the input as an example of the feature vector, the output for the instance of the category (take +1 and -1). The perceptual machine corresponds to the input space...

machine learning algorithm data

[programming language] Hdoj 1527 stones [Wei] game zuof game

Take a stone game Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission (s): 5353 Accepted Submission (s): 2792 Description Problem There are two stones, the number of arbitrary, can be different. Game start...

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[Internet] How to effectively distinguish between small companies and Venture Company (one): the characteristics of small companies

Why write this article now there are a lot of "small company" disguised as "Venture Company". Because we have always had a false perception of the Venture Company is a small company, so it is easy to be deceived by such a disguise company. Wait until after such a small company found that the TM which is a Venture Company, is clearly a small company. The main purpose of this paper is to share with you some of my views on small companies and Venture Company. Hope to see this article friends can take some detours. ...

Venture Company Administration Small company

[architecture design] Observer Pattern Practice in design patterns

Composition of the observer pattern 1: abstract theme (Subject) role: the subject role of all the viewer's reference to the object in a list; each subject can have any number of observers. Topic provides an interface can be added or revocation of observer objects; thematic roles also called abstraction was observed (observable) role; abstract role, sometimes called abstraction is to observe the role, with an abstract class or interface can be achieved; in the specific case does not rule out using specific class implements the. 2: Abstract observer (Observer) role: for all of the specific concept...

Design pattern object Class

[Web front end Realization of the web version of the calculator (JS to achieve the calculation function)

Today, with everyone to do a web page version of the calculator, the use of JS page to complete the calculation, the results are as follows: 1:...

HTML Calculator Javascript