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See below, feel weak burst, to re take the "love of programming" 95 years, my high school classmates Guo Jun bought a handbook of Borland C + +, the two of us for the next two years didn't get a chance to touch the computer I, haven't seen Tubro C had not seen the Borland C + +, living to see this book, read two years, never tire. Can not do, do not easily say, I love programming, love to learn. 97 years, parents in the college entrance examination three days ago to buy a computer for me, the whole holiday, all in front of the computer, all the documents read VB, he learned VB, eating Delphi...
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Sogou Blog description

Welcome to comment on the article, I will be patient to answer. This blog will be updated frequently, all original articles are written in person. Mainly on the programming of some knowledge, to help students like programming, students. Art is endless, share with you. Welcome to provide meaningful comments. And we hope that common progress....
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Elegant project configuration - Common Library and version management

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. Recently some people always ask me, how to manage gradle version of, I to unify these tips to explain. With the Android development mature, module more and more, in order to develop a stable, import libraries also increases, how to ensure all use the same compiled version of the he library version?? of course, Gradle parameter configuration of the can help us achieve these. (1) display and configuration of common libraries. (2) the unified management of the project and library version. (3...
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Cache network data --Rx and database

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. RxJava is responsive programming, in the asynchronous processing of network data, the use of a wide range. We can also using the characteristics of some Rx, gracefully network data buffer. Caching mode: read the database, display, requesting data, stored in the database, and then update the page. Using a combination of Dagger2+Retrofit+Rx standard, I to explain about how to use.GitHub address 1. Framework of conventional projects, jump caching and non caching page contains, in order to...
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Android development Tips (2)

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. I will introduce about Android some interesting little knowledge points. An article. Dagger2 sequential development module - > component - > Application First module (module) create a need to provide an instance of the class, then the module is added to a component and provide needed to inject the class. Finally, the components are added to the application (application) and provide an interface.// module.
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Reliable functional testing for --Espresso and Dagger2

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. A reliable functional test means that at any time, to obtain the test results are the same, which you need to simulate (mock) data. The test framework can use the Android recommended Espresso. simulation data can be Dagger2, a dependency injection framework. Dagger2 has become an essential tool for many Android developers, is a fast dependency injection framework, developed by Square, and to do a special optimization for Android...
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Application of --DroidPlugin in the use of plug-ins

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. With the application of the volume is more and more big, the plugin has attracted more and more attention and reference. The use of plug-ins to complete decoupling of modules, download the updated, extended application, is platform of application of the inevitable choice. Many domestic companies to achieve the various methods, the 360 DroidPlugin is more interesting a, using a pre accounted for a registered four components, the hot update, reference, and can also be directly reading the source code to understand the logic implementation.Talk is cheap.
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An analysis of the concept of attribute animation -- to realize the star control

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. In Android, attribute animation is a very interesting feature, and the control parameters transformation animation effect. Use the animation control, and Gif pictures, to save space and increase the response to the.Github download address: (1) use PercentLayout to set the size of a custom control. (2) the two important functions of the animation, the median and the mapping. (3) erase brush (PorterDuff.Mode.CLEAR) to make...
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FragmentTabHost use method

FragmentTabHost as a Android4.0 version of the control, has been widely used by the project, the 5 version and the introduction of TabLayout+ViewPager display multiple pages. I come to explain how to use the FragmentTabHost.Github download address mainly includes: (1) custom Tab image resources and remove the line. (2) cache Fragment layout, reduce fill. Switch page...
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Android development Tips (1)

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. Some, in the Android developers will often use the small knowledge point. Download folder absolute path /storage/emulated/0/Download/xxx traversal file file = Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory (Environment.DIRECTORY_DOW dow...
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Update the App version in application

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. In the application, in order to improve the user experience, will provide an updated version of the function. So how to achieve this? I wrote a simple demo, explain, need to pay attention to the following details. Using the Retrofit and Rx processing network request.Github download address 1. Logical access server, according to whether or not to include a new version, judge whether it needs to update. Download Apk, after the completion of the download, automatic installation, high version will cover the low version. Logic: C public...
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Dagger2 use method

Welcome to GitHub my Follow, pay attention to my CSDN. Dagger have been added to Google I / O is square development of dependency injection storage, release of the 2.0 version. Dagger said to acyclic graph (directed acyclic graph, DAGger). Benefits and have a lot of advantages, reference, all outstanding open source library, essentially are to make the program more clarity and easier to write. Let us take a look at how to use?
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RxAndroid use method

RxAndroid is an extension of RxJava, you can gracefully handle asynchronous requests. Previous articles about some, this time to add some content, familiar with the use of RxAndroid methods. Key points include: (1) the use of chain expressions. (2) the application of Lambda. (3) Rx processing network requests. (4) automatic thread management to prevent memory leaks. GitHub download the address of the.1. foundation, of course, from a new HelloWorld project to start...
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Using SVG picture format

SVG format, to adapt to the screen, the picture is small, there are many advantages, reference. This article explains how to use the SVG format.
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Override MPAndroidChart display markers

MPAndroidChart is to achieve excellent control function diagram, can be completed most rendering requirement. To modify the third-party libraries for, the outstanding architecture is inheritance and development, rather than the source split out. MP in the display control tag (markview), abnormal leads to sign at the edge of the chart display, the need to override control to solve the problem. Inheritance LineChart, extraction highlight position coordinates getHighLightPos, heavy painted marker drawMarkers./** * chart of data centers...
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reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering (Reverse Engineering) analytical APK, property verification, replacing a resource. In mass production applications, through the server script modification APK, save manpower and time. I'm going to tell you about some reverse engineering of common tools and methods. Apkapk said application PacKage, is a zip file, modify the suffix name. Apk. Zip, extract obtained APK information. The application of information: AndroidManifest.xml: binary manifest file...
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Accelerate the construction of Gradle project

In Gradle build large projects, time-consuming more serious, the following points can be to accelerate the project construction. The escalation of the gradle to enter the project folder, using the latest gradle. modified $project/gradle/wrapper/ replacement for the new.DistributionUrl=https\: / /
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 splash screen (Splash)

Haven't get RN for a long time, and write how to realize the Splash (flash screen) of the article it: (1) how to switch the page. (2) how to use the timer TimerMixin. (3) how to use the animation effect. (4) how to load the Android project resources (pictures).1. for the new project, add the main module of* @flow. / * * * test * wangchenlong @author * / S'use...
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Face and face critical point detection control

Face detection. In the application has many uses, can provide a better interaction, and some for advice. Face detection is the key information, more convenient processing some micro expression content. Google launched the official face detection function, unfortunately relies on Google service requires version 8.1 above. The mobile phone is basically not the default configuration Download address. This version of adaptation phone system 4.4+. official API I explain about usage, wrote a simple display control, detailed notes....
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Page link triggers native Intent

People to visit a lot of mobile web every day, if the mobile web (WEB) and application (APP) closely linked, you can increase the amount of access users, also has other application scenarios and payment links, such as page call, press start inquiry interface, and provide high-quality native function and so on. How in the web page (WEB), via intent directly start the application (APP) activity?? this paper mainly has the following several points: (1) how to send native Intent messages in Web. (1) how to load the local HTM...
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Send a physical identity request for a mobile phone

As an important indicator of application - activation, you need to upload the phone's physical identity to the server every time you start, I'll give you a brief account of the need to upload the information.1. to get the activation information mainly contains: 1 AppId: company has a variety of applications, marking the type of application. 2 Platform: platform Android or iOS. 3 SystemVersion: in Android, on behalf of the Android version number. 4 Version: version of the application. 5....
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Upload Apk to test server

Through the server, synchronous testing and development. APK upload to server, test in the server download the test package, immediate feedback immediate modifications, simultaneously, in the corporate intranet. Configured SSH in. SSH folder, add is Ras file upload upload as key, all use same keys, upload information.-----BEGIN RSA private KEY----- ... RSA PRIVATE KEY----- -----END to add a key after the need to mention...
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