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In the cloud computing platform of OpenStack networkThrough the interface, the command line mode of operation openstack inside the network neutron, through the use of different network plug-in, configuration of different network types, fun openstack network Neutron.
Distributed search ElasticsearchElasticsearch is an open source distributed search engine, has its characteristics: distributed, zero configuration, automatic discovery, indexing automatic slice, index replication, restful style interface, multiple data sources, automatic search load.
Hardworking HiveHive study notes, the use of experience
OpenStack source analysisAnalysis of the popular cloud management platform system OpenStack source code of each module, and we learn together;

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Design and implementation of OpenStack (three) KVM and QEMU analysis

A summary of KVM   KVM is Kernel-based Machine Virtual acronym, that is based on the Linux kernel of the virtual machine, is a kind of full virtualization solution, which means that the ordinary operating system can not be modified on the KVM to run. It uses the Linux's own management, so compared to Xen, the core source code rarely. KVM virtualization requires hardware support (such as Intel VT technology or V AMD technology, is based on the end of the hardware...

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