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Neutron:OpenStack network technology to explain profound theories in simple language Expert

"Layman neutron:OpenStack network technology," a book today on the market and are interested in children's shoes can buy, remember from remember forwarding ah. Thanks in advance:) Keyword=%E6%B7%B1%E5%85%A5%E6%B5%85%E5%87%BANeutron&enc=utf-8&wq=%E6%B7%B1%E5%85%A5%E6%B5%85%E5%87%BANeutr...

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"HBase authority guide" reading notes 11: eleventh chapter performance optimization Expert

Garbage collection and optimization of the basic will not encounter the problem of garbage collection master. Since the memstore brush mechanism is not continuous, so the memory of the Java virtual machine will appear holes. Brush to quickly write disk data will be divided to Cenozoic. This space will be preferentially recovery data retention time is too long, will be divided into the old generation or even a lifetime generation. And old generation and the lifetime generation generally occupies the number of G, and Cenozoic general on hundreds of m only new generation space thus obtained new generation of space distribution of -XX:MaxNewSize=128m -XX:NewS...

HBase Hadoop

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Spark practice of the road (Advanced) - Spark source code reading: tenth Standalone running mode analysis Expert

Message transfer between Driver and Executor DriverEndpoint class (Val rpcEnv: RpcEnv sparkProperties:, Seq[override (String, String)]) ThreadSafeRpcEndpoint with Logging extends { Omit / / non critical code Def rece override...

Spark Source code analysis

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Open the big change (in): Docker scene Expert

Make standard containers available everywhereHAProxy HAProxy this is the official runCto architecture chart. Here is an exploration of using HAProxy. Install /usr/local/src HAProxy:#cd Http:// #wget...

Cloud computing

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A solution for creating virtual machine errors in libvirt/qemu Expert

.. Said in a statement: this blog is a welcome forwarding, but please keep the original author information. Blog address: Sina Weibo: looking for signs content my learning, research and summary, any similarity, it is honored! ==================================== recent libvirt/qemu creates a virtual machine, and QEMU has been reported such a mistake: [root@localhost ce...

Libvirt QEMU Virtual machine Error

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The new version of Azure CDN Windows management portal formally launched

After the product team's tireless efforts, the new version of the Azure CDN Windows management portal has been formally launched and open to all users after a limited open preview. New Azure CDN Windows management portal after a new design, in addition to the use of ease of use, visual display effect and other aspects of the upgrade, but also to increase the number of users is a high demand for functional modules. This article briefly introduces these new features, more details, please log in to the new version of Azure CDN Windows management portal experience. Overview Here is...

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Develop Thinking New: OpenIdea + OpenSource Expert

Encourage myself to propose a new develop thinking: I OpenIdea + OpenSource...

Mahout random forest algorithm - Classification of unlabeled data Expert

Development environment: Intellij IDEA14, Maven3.2, JDK1.7, Hadoop2.6, mahout0.10 source code download and run reference: Https:// classify design ideas: mahout random forest algorithm (random forest) using established good model (BuildForest output results) and describe the file (the output).

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Today, the market is not good, the Chinese GAOKE had risen, and came back... Expert

Today, the market is not good, the Chinese GAOKE had risen, and came back... ...

"HBase authority guide" reading notes 10: tenth chapter cluster monitoring Expert

Monitoring framework HBase using Hadoop monitoring framework, based on the MetricsContext interface to handle the generation of monitoring data points...

HBase Hadoop

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