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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

Mahout test Naive Bayesian classification example

Mahout test Naive Bayesian classification example...

Mahout installation and configuration under Centos

Mahout installation and configuration under Centos...

Hadoop basic operation instructions

Hadoop basic operation instructions...

MongoDB create / update / delete document operation expert

Polyphonic polyphonic, insert \ document is created when the insertion of a document that does not exist, will automatically create a document [root@racdb ~]# mongoMongoDB shell: 2.4.14connecting to test> show collections> db.cols.insert ({bar: "Baz"}) > db.cols.find () {"Id": objectid ("56aac1df4e61b6...

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NameNode processing reported block block logic analysis expert

Objective in a Hadoop cluster, a datanode execution start-up operation, in the namenode node registration, then the namenode will and register the new datanodes by heart, the transmission of information, on the one hand datanode will report its block of, on the other hand then the namenode to accept these blocks, a analysis, and then return the datanode corresponding feedback command. At the same time, the operation is used to judge, and whether the node is a dead state. But the...

Hadoop Block Namenode

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TiDB (1): server test setup expert

See a news written about TiDB. Feel pretty good, so download and install to see. Http:// The project code is on the GitHub. Https:// Was developed by the Chinese people. Inspired by F1's Google, RDMS and NoSQL are supported by two. Server simulation MySQL agreement, but not mysql. ...

Tidb Mysql

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Kicked off the big change (bottom): the framework of distributed computing and big data expert

Because of large data processing needs, making our continuous expansion of computing capacity and cluster computing requirements lead to birth in the framework of distributed computing, cheap cluster computing resources within a short period of time to complete the past few weeks or even months of operation to wait, have said who mastered the huge data, who is leading the demand. Although in the past 10 years, through the accumulation of the past few decades, the birth of the MapReduce, the birth of the distributed file system, the birth of the dominant level spark, do not know this is not distributed computing framework, which is the end of, if there's a next generation framework that must come from larger scale data, I think...

Distributed computing Spark

NUMA mongodb problem expert

In mongodb log log shows as follows: [loguser@32_180 180 ~]$Mongo - U root - xxxxx --authenticationDatabase adminMongoDB shell: 2.6.4connecting to testServer has startup warnings: 2015-07-16T04:35:34.694+0800 [...

ML series of learning to share (1) _ kinds of computational advertising [up] expert

Looking back to the history of the development of advertising, even though complex, but the fundamental, it is the advertisers, the media and the user after the game to reach the equilibrium state. In traditional advertising entered the Internet gate after, to maximize the benefits of the drive, media through the audience orientation technology leading advertising into contracts Advertising Age; in the contradiction between the fine running errands and online distribution, media selection auction will calculate advertising push the development of the fast lane; in advertisement advocate personalized delivery requirements, real-time bidding greeted, and derived more campaign participants; in the tide of mobile Internet, user experience is revered as the starting point of all the products...

Computational advertising machine learning Recommendation system Flow distribution User portrait

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