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Python reptiles introductory tutorialA simple introduction to how to use Python related modules such as urllib2 to achieve the basic course of web crawler.
[C++ Visual] game developmentAbout C++, about DirectX, about Windows game development, on the game engine development, here, is the place where dreams begin......
Microsoft interview 100 question seriesMicrosoft Interview 100 questions series, covering data structure, algorithm, data processing three major themes, the original title highlights, download the answer, maintenance posts is programming for beginners, and programmers looking for a job interview necessary materials.
[OpenCV] introductory tutorialShallow ink on their official documents and written in English original OpenCV tutorial blog, based on the new version of the original OpenCV2.X. Promotion of the new version of OpenCV, from my start:)

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JavaSE entry learning 15:Java object-oriented inheritance

Today we look at the inheritance of the three object oriented properties in Java. Java inheritance Java inheritance is a cornerstone of the object oriented programming technology, because it allows the creation of hierarchical level classes. Inheritance can be understood as an object from another Object to obtain the properties of the process. If class A is a parent class B, and B is the parent class of class C, we also known as C is a subclass of class C is from class a succession of. In Java, the class of the following Commitment is a single inheritance, that is to say, a subclass can only have one parent...

Minimum Window Substring LeetCode

Given two strings S and T, the requirements in the O (n) time to find all the characters in the T contains all the characters in the S shortest child string. ...
U013291394 special columnPython LeetCode 46 minutes ago Reading (61)

Longest Increasing Path in a [LeetCode] Matrix

Given an integer matrix, find the length of the longest increasing path.From of each cell, you can either move to four directions: left, right, up, or down. You may not move diagonally or move outside of t...
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Scramble String LeetCode

A string can be split into two can not be empty substrings, and substring (length greater than equal to 2) can continue this split down can now be any exchange of the split position of the two parts to change the order of the characters in the string. Determine whether the two characters can be converted to each other in this way. ...
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Pdf file to add anti fake watermark logo (attached to the project source code download)

Pdf add watermark logo the demand scenario is indeed very small, sometimes some sales documents to generate PDF add a watermark logo, do a simple anti-counterfeiting effect, although in fact and not too big effect, but the product manager to say, Bala Bala... Omit ten thousand words. The following source code to share to the friends of the apes, useful on the looklook, no use on the transfer of the line of sight. Results show no watermarked PDF: add watermark PDF: here the effects shots may not be obvious, have need of ape friends can directly download the following source compressed package, there are watermarked PDF file. ...

The 16 bit mode /32 bit mode PUSH instructions to explore - "x86 assembly language: from the real model to the protection mode" reading notes 16

One, Intel 32 processor mode as shown above, Intel 32 bit processor has 3 modes of operation. (1) the real mode: work quite a 8086 (2) protected mode: to provide support multi task environment, establish protection mechanism (3) virtual 8086 mode: this way can use users to run the 8086 programs in protected mode (such as CMD to open the console window is working in a virtual 8086 mode) have some special needs that: (1) protection mode can be divided into 16...

Four GCC built-in bit operation function

__builtin_ffs int (int x unsigned) The last 1 of the return x is from the forward after the first few, such as 7368 (1110011001000) to return 4. __builtin_clz int (int x unsigned) Returns the number of leading 0. __builtin_ctz int (int x unsigned) Returns the number of 0, and __builtin_clz relative. __built int...

Patching Array [LeetCode]

Given a sorted positive integer array nums and an integer n, add/patch elements to the array such that any number in the range [1, N inclusive can be formed by the sum of some elements in the array. Retur...
U011331383 special columnLeetCode Enjoy 4 hours ago Reading (189)

Java multi threading (a) Condition Race phenomenon and the causes of the phenomenon

Reproduced please indicate the source What is the race condition first, what is a race condition, the race condition Chinese translation is competitive conditions, refers to multiple processes or threads concurrent access and operate on the same data and the implementation of results with access specific sequences of related phenomena. In other words, it is the order of the data between the thread or process that determines the data modification...
Xingjiarong special columnJava multi thread 5 hours ago Reading (2031)

Odd Even Linked List [LeetCode]

Given a singly linked list and group all odd nodes together followed by the event nodes. Please note that here we are talking about the node number and not the value in the nodes.You should try to do it in plac...
U011331383 special columnLeetCode Enjoy 5 hours ago Reading (149)

On the regular, those years have been the existence of the doubts answer (regular rookie can not be missed)

Because Andy pigeon regular expressions used, generally also online JS verify that the phone number, email, QQ, identity card number of regular expressions, then use it. Those regular expressions, Sidongfeidong looking appearance, there is always some doubt, some want to systematic study of a regular expression, but those doubts like Xiuxian Avenue knot, let my regular expression level there is no deposit. Recently there is just such a time to understand these problems, and the introduction of regular expressions to understand. (1) why many JavaScript regular expression strings begin with "/" and end with "/"...

HDU 1024 Sum Plus Plus Max (dynamic programming +m sub segment and maximum value)

Title Link: pid=1024? Http:// Sum Plus Plus Max Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission (s): 22262 Accepted S...
Qiqi_skystar special columnBelieve I can I 8 hours ago Reading (232)

Using Python to generate verification code.

introduce Basically everyone to use every kind of network services will encounter verification code, is generally the site in order to prevent malicious registration, posting and set the means of verification. The generation principle is to generate a series of random numbers or symbols, to generate a picture, a picture of some interference pixels (to prevent OCR). The following is a detailed explanation on how to generate verification code. Required environment In addition to the configuration of the python environment, but also need to be equipped with PIL in the python library, which is specifically designed to deal with the python image library. Using the traditional install PIP method or download the source code p...
Pwiling special columnSo I use Python 9 hours ago Reading (406)

Text Justification LeetCode

To a set of words in each line L character storage, insufficient in between words add spaces, each line to ends are aligned (i.e. at both ends if words), if spaces are not uniformly distributed in the interval for all, then left spaces to more than the right of space, the last line is aligned on the left, each word a spaces. ...
U013291394 special columnPython LeetCode 11 hours ago Reading (270)

3, JavaScript function

Definition of function function call Transfer parameters Return value of a function Variable scope Anonymous function Callback function Self tuning function Embedded function Recursive call...
Jaune161 special columnJavaScript entry 12 hours ago Reading (320)

JavaScript variable type

The Number type Number type represents a numeric type, including integer and floating-point types. JS in the long plastic, short integer, single precision, double precision. ...
Jaune161 special columnJavaScript entry 12 hours ago Reading (242)

JavaScript variables

Variable using the VaR keyword definition. Variable names with numbers, letters, underscores, $combinations. The variable name cannot start with a number, to $_, beginning Name named variable is a string type variable, no matter how to modify its value is a string. The name of the variable should have its meaning, can not be named The first letter of the first word of the variable,...
Jaune161 special columnJavaScript entry 12 hours ago Reading (284)

Single leetcode Number II

Source: Number II Single   Problem Description: given an array of integers, in addition to an integer appear once, and the rest of each integer appears three times, please find the integer.   Everyone may very familiar with another title SingleNumber: in addition to a number of a, the rest were twice, find a few. This problem is very simple, you must know the solution: the number of XOR all, the final result is a number. The knowledge used is A^A=0,...

C talk chestnuts bar (114th back: C language instance - thread synchronization of the signal volume two)

Kanguan, everybody is good, the last time we said are examples of thread synchronization signal, this time we continue the example. Digression, get to the point. Let's C talk chestnuts! ...
Talk_8 special columnTogether C Talk chestnuts bar Yesterday 23:10 Reading (342)

JavaSE entry learning 14:Java object-oriented internal class

An internal class overview (Inner Class) in the category is defined in another class inside the class. In correspondence, the class that contains the inner class is called the external class. The following main function internal class: Inside a class provides a better package, can the internal class behind the outer class within, does not allow a package with other types of access to the class. All data B inner class can access the external class directly, including private data. The C internal class function use...

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