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[mobile development] IOS UIView animation (Objective-C). expert

I before in a blog the IOS uiview animation Xiangjie (Swift), "explained using the swift to realize the uiview class below provides a variety of animation effects, such as positions of the animation, animated rotation, zoom animation, color animation, transparency, animation and so on. In order to complete this topic today, I use Objective-C to completely rewrite all of the above animation. The project case has been uploaded to

IOS development animation Uiview Objective-C

[mobile development] IOS development - implementation, use and architecture of one case expert

One case in our development is the most commonly used design patterns in the iOS is also the case. A single case can ensure that any instance of a class is only in the program, to facilitate the sharing of resources and data. The use of design principles is a single responsibility principle. We see in IOS comes with its own classes or methods which use the singleton pattern: (1) UIAccelerometer and sharedAccelerometer method generally if a method name in have shared this word, think this is a can be shared by the entire application with variable, is generally used in...

IOS Single case design pattern

[mobile development] IOS development using Charles HTTPS network capture. expert

I in front two blog "network capture tools, Charles introduction and the use of" the IOS development - Charles of HTTP network capture detailed "of Charles HTTP packet capture makes a detailed explanation. Today we realize some of the HTTPS capture, HTTP caught a little trouble. (1) HTTPS primary configuration please refer to "Charles network capture tool is introduced and the use of" HTTPS in the configuration section. (2) due to the current iOS9 to change the security mechanism for the HTTPS network, so it is necessary to...

IOS network Charles Capture

[mobile development] IOS development using Charles HTTP network capture. expert

I was in before a blog of the network capture tools, Charles, introduction and briefly introduces the Charles install the , and simple Charles capture configuration is introduced. Today we introduced in detail to use Charles ethereal HTTP, HTTPS capture on, I will be in another blog is introduced. (1) http capture configuration, please refer to "packetcapture tools Charles introduction and use of this blog". (2) in order to capture the clear, easy to debug, I wrote a simple network request, by clicking...

IOS development network Charles Capture

[mobile development] IOS development - the use of ActionSheet and pop-up selection dialog box expert

In our iOS development, we often see the following interface requirements:. Also is to click on the button, select the prompt box we use today two ActionSheet AlertController to realize the function. [using ActionSheet implementation] (1) to achieve the following code: ViewController.h "#import" ViewController @interface () @end ViewCon @implementation...

IOS ActionSheet AlertController

[mobile development] IOS debugging techniques - compiler predefined macros expert

As we all know, Objective-C is a superset of the C language, it retains some features of the C language. Today we use these compiler predefined macros to output some information, in order to achieve the purpose of the program debugging. These macros include: (1) function:// gets the name of the current method; (2) func:// gets the name of the current method; (3) pretty function:// gets the name of the current method; access a (4) line:// current line where; (5).

IOS Compiler macro

[mobile development] The development of iOS - TabBar code generation and detailed view switching expert

I before many blog to explain the storyboard when not in use and use the nib file, use the code to generate the navigation bar and jump, concrete can reference the IOS Development -- the interface jump and return and view types explain "the pure IOS code interface set up, jump, navigation bar (no storyboard, NIB) (Objective-C)". Today I will explain in the interface using nib, generate TabBar code, and the interface between the jump. Code sample has been uploaded to: https://g...

IOS development TabBar

[mobile development] The introduction and use of network capture tools Charles expert

In the development process of the App complex, we will involve a variety of complex network operations, a variety of API calls and data receiving. If we only through the console to view the network's input and output, it will be very troublesome. There is a very good network capture tools -- Charles in Mac, is often used in iOS development. Today we will introduce how to install and use Charles. About the Charles installation package, the package to break and the certificate I have uploaded to the network disk: ...

IOS development network Capture Charles

[mobile development] IOS development - the use of delegate for message passing expert

IOS development, interface between transfer information or data is a most basic demand, we can use a number of methods to achieve this demand, such as in the header files exposed a attributes, such as the use of notification, and so on. Today we are going to introduce another way: to deliver messages using delegate. Delegate known as the principal, but also a proxy design pattern. The use of delegation to avoid the class and class coupling degree is too high. The delegate assignment more safe and controllable, delegate assignment is not exposed to the premise of their class attribute will be on their own.

Objective-C Delegate IOS

[mobile development] IOS Development -- the realization of remote message push expert

In the process we use App, always receive many push messages, today we're going to achieve this function. The first push message is divided into local and remote message push message push, which is most commonly used in remote message. But there are two prerequisites before push remote message, you need to buy Apple Developer account, is an annual $99; and a IOS prototype (simulator test cannot push). In fact, remote push to a server, but our own temporarily without a server. When the time comes, the background using the parse of a push. Implementation steps are as follows: (1) to enter the apple...

Remote push APNS Parse

[mobile development] Analysis of Notification in iOS expert

In iOS development, there is a "Center Notification" concept. This is a singleton object that allows you to notify a number of objects when the event occurs. It allows us in a low coupling, meet the object controller and an arbitrary to communicate. For a notification, multiple objects can respond, namely many ways to achieve a simple. The steps to implement a Notification are as follows: (1) registration notice: addObserver:selector:name:object...

Objective-C IOS Notification message passing

[mobile development] IOS multi thread development - NSOperation/NSOperationQueue analysis expert

Multithreading is the problem that we have to face in the development of the program. IOS development mainly has three kinds of multi thread mechanism: nsthread, NSOperationQueue GCD, abstraction levels were increased, abstraction layer is high, use more. I in front of five blog the Communist practice serial queue / concurrent queue and IOS multi thread Xiangjie "explained how to use the GCD, today we to learn about NSOperationQueue the use of. In OS X10.6 and iOS 4, NSOp...

multithreading IOS Objective-C NSOpertionQueue NSOperation

[mobile development] IOS development - the use of MBProgressHUD to increase the user experience (two) expert

I in a blog on the IOS Development -- the use of MBProgressHUD to increase user experience "is mainly to achieve the use of others have been encapsulated MBProgressHUD to prompt loading of, can be said to be quite convenient. Today we use GitHub native of MBProgressHUD third-party libraries for prompt loading, will than others have the trouble of packing a little bit. Code has been uploaded to: Realization

user experience IOS Objective-C MBProgressHUD

[mobile development] IOS development - the use of MBProgressHUD to increase the user experience expert

For the mobile client application itself is very pay attention to the user experience, such as a long time loading caused by interface card dead, MBProgressHUD can help you solve the problem. MBProgressHUD can be loaded on the page, download and other time-consuming operation to give users a prompt. HUD's original intention is to show the function. Today we're trying to use this powerful third party Library (thanks to MBProgressHUD). MBProgressHUD at Github address:

MBProgressHUD IOS Objective-C user experience

[mobile development] Solutions and recommendations on the use of AFNetworking3.0.0 error expert

Recently, AFNetworking ushered in a major update, from before the upgrade to 2.6.3 3.0.0. The following is the version of AFNetworking: . From above can see, which contains the serialization, security, Reachability, nsurlsession, UIKit5 part, from Cocoapods after installation and 3.0.0 directory structure as follows: . But use 3...

IOS development Objective-C AFnetworking

[mobile development] IOS development encoding recommendation (Objective-C) (Continued) expert

In the development process, we not only want to look at other people's code, but also to let others see our code. Well, there's a good encoding habit will be very important. The following will be listed on the use of Objective-C to develop iOS's encoding recommendations. [1] The length of any function shall not exceed 50 lines. (in fact, it is easy to do more than 50 lines, which should be considered code extraction. [2] Arbitrary line code can not be more than 80 characters. (in fact, is also very easy to exceed 80 characters, can consider multiple lines, for example, there are multiple parameters, each parameter on line. Can in...

IOS Objective-C Code

[mobile development] IOS development efficiency of the article - Xcode outstanding plug-ins to use (continuous updates) expert

I in a blog on the IOS Development -- the use of Alcatraz management Xcode plugins "introduced how to install Alcatraz to management plugin for Xcode, and explain a ColorSense plugin for color settings, is indeed can facilitate our programming. Xunzi said: "the gentleman is not different, also good at things. We should not only be good at encoding, but also good at using tools. Nonsense do not say, I put more good plug-in here to do an introduction. [StringSense] When we often input strings in the code...

Xcode Plug-in unit IOS

[mobile development] IOS development - the use of Xcode management Alcatraz plug-ins expert

Xcode is a very good IDE, if coupled with some plugins, it is a tiger with wings added. Today we will use the Alcatraz tool to manage  Xcode plug-in, to improve our programming efficiency. Similar to the use of cocoapods to manage a large number of third party Library in iOS. Today, I was the first to introduce the plugin is: ColorSense. The use of ColorSense can easily set the color. First to install Alcatraz, the steps are as follows: (1) first proposed the best over the wall...

IOS Xcode Plug-in unit

[mobile development] IOS development - Custom round head and the use of camera Gallery expert

Now App is very popular round head, such as QQ in the upper right corner of the picture, the picture and so on today's headlines. This has become a trend in App design. Today we are going to simple realization about the function, I will take from cell phone camera or gallery removed as head of the photos are stored into the application sandbox. The next time you enter the application will display the picture. ...

Objective-C IOS Round head

[mobile development] IOS development - network connection to judge expert

IOS development will relates to network operation, as a first step to optimize the user experience, before requesting network, are often the first to determine if the client connection network, and to prompt the user. Then the user will go to open the network or connect to WiFi and other operations. Next I will use the Reachability file provided by apple to the judgment of the network connection. Code has been uploaded: Https:// A total of two cases, the following were real...

Objective-C IOS Network judgment

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